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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 278 cheats in our list, which includes 44 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 34 unlockables, 36 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 143 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Catching fish allie's way

by rosiegirl1127 Jun 29, 2009

Catching more fish:
1. get headphones or turn the volume on ur DS up all the way
2. find a fish
3. when you cast ur line out and the fish starts nibbling at the bobber you dont look at the fish. look at ur character or the sky or a tree or close ur eyes, just dont look at the fish.
4. while ur not looking at the fish, listen for the plop sound. when u hear this sound press A or tap ur screen really fast. and u have a fish! tada

question: why do you do this
when the fish is bitting the bait while u are looking at it ur kinda eager to catch the fish and a lot of times you pull ur line back up and u were too early and the fish swims away..='(
when you do this your eyes will not trick u. because u r listening

hope i helped ur fishing skills,

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Easter Egg - Trap An Animal

by jencheats1024 May 18, 2009

To trap an animal in a certain place, you will need a shovel. So, corner an animal against the wall or keep him/her against the pond or lake. Once cornered, dig holes around him/her. Don't let the animal escape! After making holes, the animal will be trapped! It'll be funnier if you surround them with pitfall seeds! They will fall and get really mad at you for a short time. Note that the holes disapper when you quit the game.

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Secret - Awsome maze game

by Unregistered Apr 22, 2009

This isn't really a secret but it's what my brother and I made up (mostly me). What you do is if someone's in your town make a maze and the walls are holes in the ground. Place money collectables throughout the maze or a prize at the end of the maze to make it more fun. The person doing the maze has to want to or they can easily brake through it. The person making the maze has to understand that waiting for the maze can get omega boring. It's best that the person waiting for the maze goes off not playing the DS until the maze is ready.Also you can put a big square somewhere and there could be a challenge for the person to do before they go on in the maze. For instance catch a sea bass.
I hope you use this secret (kinda a secret).

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Unlockable - Making your animals mad or sad

by rosiegirl1127 Jan 07, 2009

to make the animals in ur town mad u have to first find one(duh)
then while he/she is walking,start walking right aginst him/her then keep walking and then the animal should yell at you or get sad.

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Glitch - 3 hits on teh back, 2 on the front...

by omgitsrae2 Jul 21, 2008

I'm pretty sure that when I hit Tom Nook's shop with the Golden Shovel that that is what made him say that they are expanding!!
So I read that when you hit the shop 3 times on the back, and 2 times in teh front, that it will make him wear PJ's, but when I did it, I hit the front first, twice, and the back second, three times.
That day I only bought one thing, but after that I left the store, went back in a few minutes later and sold some stuff.
What I'm saying is that I'm thinking that this is either a glitch or I'm confused... Could someone try this and tell me if they got the same thing? Of course your shop can't be already upgraded. Please try!

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by gaarakazekage Apr 09, 2008

The ghost fish game glitch: Sometimes when you are fishing in the river, fish might swim away from your bait and into the cliff face itself.
The Red Tulips game glitch: On a random day after connecting to Wi-Fi, you might receive a letter in the mail that is totally blank. The letter contains a present that is a glitched Red Tulips furniture item. Do not place it in your home. If you do, the tulips will disappear and the location where you placed them cannot be used ever again. When you get these tulips, it is best to delete the message, or plant them outside, then pick them up again. They will then become normal red tulips. If you place them in your house, it is recommended that you restart your town.
The run through friend game glitch: When connected with any of your friends, go into any building and run at full speed at each other. If done correctly, you should run through them.
The move through stairs game glitch: Push one of your visitors to the stairs. If done correctly you should have run through it.
The unmarked package game glitch: If Action Replay codes for the game too much, Nintendo will send you an unmarked package. This is extremely annoying because afterwards Tom Nook will not trade with you until you deliver it. However, you cannot deliver it. You must start your town over or use Action Replay to sell your hacked Royal Crowns to the Able Sisters or on Wi-Fi.

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Secret - Money

by BadWolf Mar 10, 2008

OK some people think this cheat dont work... THEY ARE WRONG!!!! This cheat made me richer than Bill Gates! Ok first have 50.000 in the post office bank acount and save. Switch of and go to "set the date and time" part of your DS. Go forwards ten years! Then go back to your town. You will get a letter in your mail box from town hall saying... " Thanks to your bank acount you have gained 99.99 bells of intrest!" Keep doning this until you have the desired amount of money and then do what you like with it! DANGER!!! Your town fills with weeds though...but who cares you can be MEGA RICH!!! Hope this helped! !!!!

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Secret - Get tons of bells[no ar] really works!

by Unregistered Jul 30, 2009

In the town hall make an accout and put some bells in it, exit, save before you turn your ds off, turn it off, turn it back on and change the date before you go back on the game, change the date to any year you like and save, turn it off and on again go into the game, and go to town hall and access your account and look at it you sould have more than you put in. hoped I helped! bye.

~kerry jones~ :}

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Secret - Changing roof color for default house.

by Olive Oct 06, 2008

I heard that the roof color of the default house (the house you get when you first arive) is the same color as the theme of your DS. Change your DS' color, and the roof color will change too.

I'm not positive if it works though. Anyone care to try? xDD

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Secret - How to get a mansion!!

by animallover Nov 04, 2008

You can get a mansion by paying off all the dept on your house to TOM NOOK! I nearly have a fully expanded mansion as i only need the back room!

Hope my cheat helped, animallover! :)

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Secret - Do not time travel, there are other reasons other than weeds...

by lime_green_frog Apr 04, 2008

EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!!! I am not gunna blab on bout gettin loads of weeds cos there are other worse reasons why you should not time travel heres why:
1) Eventually it will stop you ordering stuff from your catouloge
2) Eventually you will not be able to receive letters from people in your town!
3) Eventually The lost kitten will stop happening!
Please do not time travel cos this is not a joke IT HAPPENED TO ME AND MY SISTER!!!

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Secret - GOLDEN SHOVEL!!!!!

by candygirl161 Nov 26, 2007

To get the golden shovel by 2 normal shovels at tom nooks shop.
then bury 1 of them.
Then wait 24 hours (one day!) and dig it up.
walla!! out comes a golden shovel.
OK? im a girl by da way.

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Glitch - Change your race

by TERRORS_R_US Aug 07, 2008

when summertime in game, play on the game more than usual and you will notice that your skin gets darker and darker every day! you will have these skin colors have a tan, a light choclate, dark brown, and yellowish-whitish!!! But when you want your color to go back, you cant play the game for almost a week! -_-

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Easter Egg - Change your inventory's backround.

by ArceusBlue Oct 08, 2007

This is very easy to do and you must have a shirt or a pattern to do it. Here are steps on how to do it.
1) Grab a shirt or pattern
2) Use your stylis to drag the item to the lower left hand corner of your inventory into an invisible box.
3) Drop the item in the box to get the certain pattern of the shirt or the pattern created. It should show up in the backround and since the fact you have SWAPED patterns, you receive a free Big Dot shirt! Lucky You!

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Secret - Work for Nook

by haoning Apr 26, 2010

Ok so what you have to do is first ,if you have the shirt that tom nook gave you(hopefully you didnt sell it )but you can get it again by making a new resident and did you know when you walk in tom nooks shop the next day wearing that shirt talk to him and choose"do you have any jobs" and you can work for him. if you want to that is

dont forget to rate this! I dint test it but my friend did.

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Secret - Golden items.

by pyro777 Jul 23, 2008

There are 6 items that you are able to turn gold: Fishing rod, net, Slingshot, shovel, axe, watering can.

To get the golden fishing rod (Which I have, yay me), you must catch EVERY fish. It increases the 'reel in time' by five seconds, which is VERY useful if you like fishing or just like to be annoying and go over to a friends and keep showing off a REALLY big fish (Which is actually quite fun! ^_^)

Golden net: Catch EVERY bug. It literally doubles the capture size, meaning say it was 3 feet wide originally, now it's 6.

Golden slingshot (One of the easier ones), you must shoot down 16 or so presents. Once obtained, it will shoot 3 pellets instead of one.

Golden shovel: This one is odd, you must bury a shovel for one day, but you need to have another one to dig it up, of course. This can really help if you're low on bells, for with it, you can plant money bags worth over some amount of bells (I think either 100 or 1000) and after about a week, the tree will have become a money tree! If I remember right, the money doesn't grow back, so use it sparingly.

Golden can: If you keep the enviroment perfect for 16 days, Pelly or Phyllis will reward you with this miracle worker. My cousin tells me that it can revive dead flowers or trees.

Golden axe: Ok, the guide book simply says; If you meet up with the philosopher Pascal at the beach, he will let you trade in a scallop seashell for the golden axe, which doesn't break. But I'm not sure that's the EXACT way, cuz the way some one would usually get it would be through a series of trading...

Well, those are all the golden items! I hope I helped!

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Cheats - Free Flowers

by Unregistered Mar 06, 2007

Instead of buying flowers at Tom Nooks you can actually steal flowers from your neighbours (don't worry no one notices!) If you step onto a flower and press "b" your character picks up the flower and puts it in their inventory. You can then walk over to your house and re-plant the flowers or put them inside your house!

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Code - Nookingtons

by PokeACWW Feb 25, 2013

Have a friend buy something from Nookway. The next day, Nookway should be closed. After that, you should have Nookingtons.

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Code - Guide: Fun With Town Visiting-Games To Play

by Unregistered Aug 10, 2012

Hello! This is Doorimee.

Visiting each others' towns is lots of fun, but it can be even bigger fun when there are games to play!

1) Pattern Tag

Choose one person that is going to be It. The It lays out patterns on the ground, the exact number of the people that are playing excluding the It. For example, if there are four people in total, he/she lays out three patterns. The It then chases the people around, trying to prevent them from finding the patterns and standing on them. When someone stands on a pattern, they are safe from the It. When every single person has stood on a pattern or everyone has been tagged out by the It, the game ends.

2) Capture That Shirt

This is like Capture the Flag. Divide into two teams. Choose a shirt and hide it somewhere in town. The objective of the game is to find the opposite team's shirt before they can find yours. Choose a place to meet the opposite team at. That's the place where they will have to be when they spot your shirt and pick it up.

3) Fishing/Bug Catching Tournament

Choose a certain type of fish/bug. The first person to catch it wins. When they caught it, they will send up a message so that everyone can see they caught it. The game ends then.

4) Giveaway Hunt

Prepare items, such as furniture or money and stuff, and scatter them around town. Make sure no one is seeing where the items are except the person who is scattering them. A good way to prevent people from seeing where the items are is to make them all stay in the museum or some other place. When you are finished scattering the things, tell the people. The next step is to run around town, finding the items that you have scattered. All items are theirs once they have found it and it's in their pocket.

Tip! When playing the Giveaway Hunt, it is more fun when you have a big price item, like a really rare item or a large amount of money. Then that person is winner! :)

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Code - Animal Crossing shovel cheat

by XxNikkigoesyoxX Jun 19, 2012

Bury a regular shovel.(either save and go to the next day or just wait)

Dig up the shovel it will be turned into gold! :3

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Code - Chill

by Unregistered May 11, 2012

HEY! People wondering how to get a dog?

Since this is actually animal crossing you can't, ya know? You could get a dog neighbor...

People who want to know how to get gold tools:

SHOVEL: Bury a normal dull shovel and wait a day, or just skip... and TADA! You got a gold shovel!

Fishing Rod: Catch all the fish in the animal crossing universe!

Net: catch all the bugs in the animal crossing universe!

Can: Make your town perfect. Quite hard to do, I can't do it myself... :(

Slingshot: After you shoot a certain amount of balloons, you'll be walkin' in town, when you see a balloon with a toolbox! Shoot it down and get the golden slingshot!

Axe: It's so much trouble for one, but... It never breaks sooo... First get a red turnip, give it to the walrus, hopefully you get a Turban. Give it to the camel, she might give you a massage chair. Give it to Tortimier. He might give you a scallop. Give that to the otter. And if you're really lucky he'll give you... the golden axe!!!!!!!!!

You can wave at your neighbors! Just use the touch screen to touch them, you can tell if they like you by the emotion you see.

RED TURNIP!!! This will get you 15,000 bells if you grow it for a whole week!

Animals: They differ from Rhinos, Anteaters, and Octopi. To Cats, Dogs, and Birds.

Designing, not much to that I guess, but... let your creativity flow!

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Code - Working for the golden watering can. . .

by Tommydinns2 Apr 13, 2012

HUH, wish there was, but I'm afraid, you have to work for 16 days making sure that your town is weed free (I suggest you do it in the summer holidays or something, since it is the longest holiday with 16 days, then you can keep an eye on your town, but you still have to work at it I'm afraid

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Secret - Make a bit of money!

by PsychicTheEspeon Dec 19, 2011

There are many ways to make quick money. Some of the effective ways are:
1. Many people say Lyle's insurance is a rip-off, but if you shake lots of trees often, searching for money, and you get bees, get stung. The next day, BANG. 100 Bells goes to you. From Lyle's insurance.

2. If you see a star in the ground, walk over it first. If you don't fall in, dig it up. If it's a fossil, ask Blathers to get it appraised. Then sell it for at LEAST 1,000 Bells. If it's a clankoid, freakoid, or anything of that variety of items, sell it to Nook.

3. Talk to people a lot. If they ask you to deliver something to another citizen, agree. If you're lucky, after you've delivered it, they might give you 500 Bells. If they give you furniture, walls or floors you don't want sell them.

4. 2 words: Flea Market. If you want REALLY big Bells, dig up a few fossils, place them in your house, then time-travel to a Flea Market day. You can sell them for 3,000+ Bells, and the customer will buy it without trying to haggle the price!

5. Sell any of your furniture you don't want. Sell shells. Sell fruits, or fruits from other towns. The fruits from other towns are worth 100 Bells apiece.

6. Sell any fish, bugs, fossils or paintings. However, if the painting you're wanting to sell is from Redd and you've had it appraised by Blathers and it's fake, the price will only be 10 Bells.

The most important thing is: SELL! SELL! SELL! I hope I helped and don't forget to comment on anything I've missed! :)


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Glitch - Animal Crossing Wild World Cheats And Glitches!

by pepsimaxfizz Sep 06, 2011

Hello people! Today i will tell u some glitches and cheats of animal crossing wild world! I have found most of these glitches and cheats by myself and i have fully checked that they work! First of all if u talk to the brown hedgehog in the able sisters shop every single day one week she will eventually start talking to u! Usually she will reply : 'i would rather not talk right now... ' or something like that! I also know how to get free stuff! If u regularly check the recycling bin in the town hall they'll be something in it that might be worth keeping but it will not always have something in it. Another way to get free stuff is go to the towns gate talk to the fat guy on the left and choose 'something lost?' option they'll hopefully be something in the lost and found that u can take for yourself! once i found a men's toilet in the recycling bin! That is all I know so far but if you want to learn more just ask me a question and i should reply! But i will be doing updates! So keep your eyes peeled!

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Code - Mole Cricket #2

by Unregistered Jul 18, 2011

That's is Mole Cricket

Mole Crickets can be found during Winter to Spring, of course, they make the noise like this: "KRUUUKKKKKK!", and to catch it, they can be identified by digging in loudest area, Mole Cricket will pop out and you must pull the net IN FEW SECONDS so it can't escape you, they will escape to water or bury themselves back to land, they can sell to Tom Nook for 200 bells, after you donate it Blathers will says:

" The Mole Cricket is a Bug, of course, but it resembles as Moles! By hence of name, its clear once you inspect its lower half that is it a most definitely a Cricket, Blech! Add "Imitating Moles" to the list unforgivable things bugs are capable of!"

The Mole Cricket will appear in first room bury themselves and if they scared, they will pop out and bury themselves again.

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