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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 278 cheats in our list, which includes 44 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 34 unlockables, 36 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 143 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Basics for beginners

by Unregistered Jul 07, 2011


If you see fish, it will be shadow, use the fishing rod by touch your character or press A button! To wear this equipment, use touch screen to drag the Fishing Rod icon to your player! After press A button, fish will nibble, if fish made "PLOP!" Noise, hold A button! PRESTO! Your fish can be looked in encyclopedia! Isn't fun?


Insects are tricky to catch, it can be found anywhere, to equip it, drag the net icon to your character! If you see a Insect, step right, step left, step right, step left and... SWING! It very easy huh? But its harder to catch Tarantula, Scorpions and Bees! For the stunners (Tarantula and Scorpion) walk very slowly and don't make a mistake! You will get bite and appear in front of your home! Bees harder to catch! First, look at animal looking at, and shake!, if beehive fall down, escape and SWING! Got it?


Digging is easy, first to equip the shovel, drag the shovel icon using touch screen or control pad, duh! And look at the spot that like this: X
You ready for digging! Press A button and the player act and... you getting something!


Face a hole and if you don't want fill with anything, press A button and... PRESTO!


Use shovel to dig a hole, and put a fruit that you like or money, fruit has lot chance but money trees are makes harder chance to bear money, you need bury some money


It works if you have a item that you hate, first drag an item you like, fruit, shells, money, ect, endless! Whatever you like!


Select an item and select "Place in the room", you house decorated!


Go to a store, talk to the shop owner, Able Sisters accept clothing, but Tom Nook accept variety items!


Drag the slingshot icon to your character, if an item past, U. F. O., Postman Pete, and Present will past, SHOOT! Shoot by press A button! There you go, NOTE: U. F. O. 3x more fast than other!


Press A button when facing an animal


Press B button when facing an items


Go to your inventory menu, select fish or insects and TA DA sound will appear within the Fish/Insects


Use control pad or touch screen to do this


A button: Interact

B button: Bury holes, pick items, Run

X button: Map, Camera

Y button: Inventory menu

R button: Camera,... 
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Easter Egg - What You can try and you don't try these

by Unregistered Jul 06, 2011


Do Send gift to animals:

They will reply back

Do Shoot Gulliver

A rare item will given to you

Do shoot Balloon presents

Amazing item could be inside of the present

Do hit rocks with any shovels

A money or pill bug will pop out

Do plant trees

Town status will boost

Do plant flowers

Butterflies and insects will comes...

Do plant coconut trees

An amazing insects will at there

Do catch tarantula and scorpion

You get something cool

Do order all carpets and Wallpaper to Saharah

You will given a rare wallpaper and flooring

Do buy all items from Tom Nook


Do let friends shop at Tom Nook


Do let Katrina predict your future

A luck will comes...

Do bow and wave to the animals



Don't shake trees


Don't buy from Redd

That may fake

Don't sell rare items

You can't get it back

Don't Push or hit the animal with net

They will mad

Don't go out during night

Tarantula or scorpion will here

Don't run near fish with huge shadow with fin

Run away

Don't get mosquito bites during fishing

Fish will miss: EPIC FAIL

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Secret - Landscape: Determine if there are item at there

by Unregistered Jun 30, 2011

Try to keep an eye to the villager that walking, if they Looking the landscape, like: Rocks, Trees and land maybe there are item or insect

Look here to find out!:

Looking at: Item:

  • Trees Furniture, bells, beehive and spider
  • Rocks Pill Bug, Bells
  • Land Mole Cricket
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Code - Bee hunt help

by schin Jun 28, 2011

if you are trying to get money by shaking the trees and got stung by a bee, don't go running for medicine just yet . keep shaking trees until you want to stop finding money. you might get stung by more bees. then go to nook's shop and by medicine. you will bee healed completly! if you don't, you will have to buy medicine over and over again. (:

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Code - Crossbred flowers

by Unregistered Jun 20, 2011

This is how to Hybridize flowers

  • This process should have nothing at surroundings at the parent flower, such as digging spot, patterns, items and other flowers
  • Hybrid those flowers with a diagonal position or beside another parent plant

Here is the color to hybrid flowers

*Get the environment perfect at 16 days in row to get golden watering can by Pelly or Phyllis

The purple and black rose are extremely rare, it is high score for your garden at flower fest

**Carnations only available at ACCF only

***Jacob's Ladder is appear when your town is in perfect status only

****Dandelion is randomly appear

Wilted black rose+Golden watering can*Golden rose
Red+Red rosesRed rose/Black rose
White+Red rosesWhite rose/Pink rose/Red rose
Yellow+Red rosesYellow rose/Orange rose/Red rose
White+White rosesWhite rose/Purple rose
Yellow+Yellow roseYellow rose
Red+Purple roseRed rose/Purple rose
White+Yellow roseWhite rose/Yellow rose
Black+Purple rosePurple rose/Blue rose/Black rose
Red+Yellow cosmoesRed cosmos/Orange cosmos/Yellow cosmos
Red+Red cosmoesRed cosmos/Black cosmos
Red+White cosmoesRed cosmos/Pink cosmos/White cosmos
White+White cosmoesWhite cosmos
Yellow+White cosmoesYellow cosmos/White cosmos
Yellow+Yellow cosmoesYellow cosmos
Red+Red tulipsRed tulip/Black tulip
Red+White tulipsRed tulip/Pink tulip/White tulip
Red+Yellow tulipsRed tulip/Purple tulip/Yellow tulip
Yellow+Yellow tulipsYellow tulip/Black tulip
White+White tulipsWhite tulip
Yellow+White tulipsYellow tulip/White tulip
Red+Red pansiesRed pansy/Purple pansy
White+Red pansiesRed pansy/White pansy
White+White pansiesWhite pansy/Blue pansy
White+Yellow pansiesWhite pansy/Yellow pansy
Yellow+Yellow pansiesYellow pansy
Red+Yellow pansiesRed pansy/Orange pansy/Yellow pansy
Pink+Pink carniations*Pink carniation
Red+White carniatonsRed cartniaton/White carniaton
Pink+White carniationsWhite carniatons/Pink carniatons
Pink+Red carniatonsWhite carniaton/Red carniaton
Red+Red carniatonsRed carniaton
White+White carniatonsRed carniaton/Pink carniaton/White carniaton
Jacob's Ladder+Jacob Ladder*Jacob's Ladder
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Code - Golden Items!!

by Unregistered Jun 10, 2011
Catch all type of fishGolden Fishing Rod
Catch all type of insectsGolden net
Shoot 15 items at skyGolden slingshot
Bury 1 of 2 regular shovelsGolden shovel
Trade seashell scallop to PascalGolden axe
Keep your town in "Perfect" status in 16 consumnitive daysGolden watering can
Obtain ALL golden toolsGolden timer
Water the withered black rose using the golden watering canGolden rose
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Secret - Cherry's

by sdan12 Jun 09, 2011

When you want to make some money, just sell the fruit on the tree's. The cherry's can be sold for 100 bells. Coconuts can be sold for five hundred bells. I suggest that if you find a coconut on the beach, you should bury it and grow it into a tree. If you fill your inventory with cherry's, you get 1500 bells from Tom Nook.

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Code - A Little Extra Money

by sdan12 Jun 07, 2011

Do you want to make some extra money? Then sell the shells on the beach When you first get on, go down to the beach and collect all the shells you can find. Once you sell them, you'll have some extra money on your hands. How much depends on what you sell and how many you sell.

Coral250 Bells
DALL'S Top90 Bells
Sand Dollar60 Bells
porceletta30 Bells
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Secret - Who's been eating your Birthday Cake?

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2011

If you pop the birthday cake you receive in your house you'll soon learn the sad truth. . .


To prevent anyone robbing you of this sugary delight that you can't actually eat so is pretty much worthless give it to Tom Nook doesn't pay much but it beats being robbed!!

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Secret - Crazy Redd's passwords(: For Animal Crossing WW NDS

by Tinax3you Mar 16, 2011

I HATE waiting for the pass's to come in the mail, then keeping the letter til whenever redd comes; so i copied down the Q&A for his shop(: Enjoy

Ask and you shall be: charged

An open wallet is: often empty

Bottom dollar: top dog

Crazy redd: is 35

Even robbers: have safes

Fan in one hand: cash in the other

Foot in the door: eyes on the prize

For my fans: shop here again

Give two cents: ask for change

Head in the sand: find something

Hot and cold: money makes it

I'm all alone: but I have cash

Life expectancy: Redd is 35

Look at people: wallets full

Look back: what did you miss

No money: means no fun

Roses have: high prices

Rough childhood: lax adulthood

Spoiled rotten: bean curd

Talk is cheap: so is redd

The grass is greener: on my side

The pen: is cheaper

Tom nook: one ugly fellow

What smells: bean curd

What's inside: is fabulous

When the cat's gone: mice shop

Why buy the cow: buy milk here

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Code - Talk to your friends

by animal1crossing Jan 10, 2011

To talk to people in your town:

Tap them or press a when your near them

To talk to friends from other towns:

First you must get a friend code, to do this go to your town gates and talk the guy on the right(forgot his name!). Then invite a friend by opening your gates, or go over another person’s town. Then to talk to them tap the blue arrow in the top right corner and tap the purple icon at the top of the touch screen. Type what you want to say, and then both people will see the message.

To wave to people in your town:

Make sure your facing the person and you are on 2 separate sides of the screen, one at the top of the touch screen, from far away(most likely the person your trying to wave to) and the other at the bottom. Now tap the person your trying to wave to.

P.S. I found a site for animal crossing!

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Unlockable - Unlock Golden Tools

by puki8 Apr 23, 2010

Perform various tasks around your town to unlock the following things.the golden tools are very special, and if you sell them to tom nook he will only give you 125 BELLS!!!!!!

Golden WateringCan Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly or Phyllis will reward you with the golden can.
Golden ShovelBury a regular shovel in the ground, and then dig it up a full day later. It will then be golden.
Golden Bug NetCatch every type of bug once.
Golden SlingshotShoot 15 items out of the sky, then you get it if you shoot it down.
Golden Fishing RodTrade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe.
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Secret - The Golden Shovel

by Unregistered Nov 16, 2009

To get the golden shovel the easy way all you have to do is bury a normal shovel. Then after 24 hours you unbury the shovel and now you have a Golden Shovel!! Hope this helped!

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Secret - How to win fishing tournament and the bugg off THE EASY WAY!!

by Unregistered Aug 31, 2009

1st you must catch a shark or ocean sunfish then put it in your room shark can be caught in sea august and sun fish on summer when its fishing tournament give it to TORTIMER and your done no fish is bigger than a shark unless its a shark himself when your done with that wait until the tournament once you gave TORTIMER the shark you can do what ever you want cause no one of your neighbor can catch a shark.On bug off you need to catch a birdwing cause its 260 mm catch it put it in your house then wait for bug off give it to TORTIMER when its bug off you can do what ever you want cause your neighbors can only catch a bug that is 100 below I think but i my game they loose easily I always got the trophy every month that's how you do it the ESY WAY cause iI say just go with the flow

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Secret - Prisces for fish

by fishtop Aug 04, 2009

The following is a complete list of fish, their location, times to catch them, and their selling price:

Angelfish: 3,000 Bells; river (rare) May to October, morning, evening, night.

Arapaima: 10,000 Bells; river (rare) July to September, morning, evening, night.

Arowana: 10,000 Bells; river (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.

Barbel Steed: 200 Bells; river all year, all day.

Barred Knifejaw: 5,000 Bells; ocean (rare) March to November, all day.

Bitterling: 900 Bells; river November to February, all day.

Black Bass: 300 Bells; river all year, all day.

Blue Gill: 120 Bells; river all year, noon.

Blue Marlin: 10,000 Bells; ocean (rare) July to Sept, all day.

Carp: 300 Bells; river all year, all day.

Cat Fish: 800 Bells; pond May to October, morning, evening, night.

Char: 3,800 Bells; waterfall Mar to June and September to November, morning, evening.

Cherry Salmon: 1,000 Bells; river March to June and September to November, morning, evening.

Clownfish: 650 Bells; ocean April to September, all day and May to August, noon.

Coelacanth: 15,000 Bells; ocean during rain or snow (rare) all year, morning , evening, night.

Craw Fish: 250 Bells; holding pond April to Sept, all day.

Crucian Carp: 120 Bells; river all year, all day.

Dab: 300 Bells; ocean October to April, all day.

Dace: 200 Bells; river all year, morning, evening, night.

Dorado: 15,000 Bells; river (rare) June to September, morning, noon, evening.

Eel: 2,000 Bells; river June to Sept, morning, evening, night.

Football Fish: 2,500 Bells; ocean (rare) November to March, morning, evening, night.

Freshwater Goby: 300 Bells; river (rare) all year, morning, evening, night.

Frog: 120 Bells; holding pond May to August, all day.

Gar: 6,000 Bells; pond (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.

Giant Snakehead: 5,500 Bells; pond July to August, noon.

Gold Fish: 1,300 Bells; river (rare) all year, all day.

Guppy: 1,300 Bells; river (rare) April to November, noon.

Hammerhead Shark: 8,000 Bells; ocean (rare) June to September, all day.

Horse Mackeral: 150 Bells; ocean all year, all day.

Jelly Fish: 100 Bells; ocean August, all day.

Killifish: 300 Bells; holding pond (rare) April to August, all day.

King Salmon: 1,800 Bells; river (rare) September, all day.

Koi: 2,000 Bells; river (rare) all year, morning, evening, night.

Loach: 300 Bells;... 

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Secret - How To Get A Few Special Items

by jencheats1024 Jun 05, 2009

Are you looking for a scallop What about a country guitar Well, here's a few answers to some of your questions!

How To Get A Scallop:

First, you have to buy a red turnip from Joan. When it's fully grown, give it to Wendel when he visits your town. After that, he should give you either a Turban or Country Guitar. If you get a Turban, talk to Saharah when she visits your town. After that, she should give you a Massage Chair or Red Vase. If you get a Massage Chair, give it to Tortimer on the next holiday. He should finally give you the scallop!

How To Get K.K Slider's Picture:

First, you have to buy a red turnip from Joan. When it's fully grown, give it to Wendel when he visits your town. After that, he should give you either a Turban or Country Guitar. If you get a Country Guitar, well, you can give it to K.K Slider to get his picture!

How To Get Tom Nook's Picture:

First, you have to buy a red turnip from Joan. When it's fully grown, give it to Wendel when he visits your town. After that, he should give you either a Turban or Country Guitar. If you get a Turban, talk to Saharah when she visits your town. After that, she should give you a Massage Chair or Red Vase. If you get the Red Vase, you can give it to Crazy Redd for a Safe. Give the Safe to Tom Nook and he will give you his picture!

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Secret - Hidden Money

by Unregistered May 18, 2009

Each day one rock in your town will contain secret money. Hit it with a shovel repetedly and money will keep on coming out. Only one rock will do this a day and each day the rock will be found in a different place. Use a golden shovel and more money will come out. To get the golden shovel, bury a regular shovel overnight and dig it up the next day. Hope it works!

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Easter Egg - How to get the scallop/Golden axe

by popye Apr 06, 2009

The scallop is acquired from Pascal. Pascal walks around by the beach at a random time, once a week. First, you need to buy a red turnip from Joan. Next, give it to Wendel the next time he com