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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 278 cheats in our list, which includes 44 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 34 unlockables, 36 easter eggs, 19 glitches, 143 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Villagers Pics

by stickmanninja Dec 21, 2009

To get someones pic u will have to be nice to them.

The best way to be nice, is to every time u see them wave at them(by tapping on them with ur pen)
Send them mail with a present in once in a while.
Talk to them alot.
And if they ask u to deliver something (like mail or a present)
DONT!OPEN! IT!just deliver it without doing that!

and there u go some time later the person u were being nice too will want to talk to u,They should ask "have u ever got someones picture beforeSAY NO and they should give u one!

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Easter Egg - Blanca the Mysterious Cat

by CelebiChik4 Dec 04, 2009

Go to the phone in your attic and select downloads and if it asks if a mysterious cat can come to your town. pick "i welcome all!". at some random time, a cat with a weird face will be walking around town. she does not and cannot live in your town. talk to her and you can draw her face. happy drawing!

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Password - Easy money

by Sakurayumi Aug 05, 2009

To get easy money u need:
1. 1 shovel
2. you and your feet
the shovel is for hitting every rock till you find money and it has one spot every day!
You and the feet needs to shake trees and run if you spot a honey falling but there should be trees.

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Secret - How to find money

by princessgal22_3 May 04, 2009

U guys may know it so if u do dont make fun of it so hush up wana here it or not anyway shake trees (ever tree) but WARNING u can get face damage wen u shake a tree a bee hive might come down run away before it catches u if it does then here r ways to fix it. 1. u can go buy medicine at Nook's.2. save and turn off and wen u come back on ur charecter will be healed. U can hit rocks also (every rock) or sell items good luck ur on ur own.MAWAHAHAHAHA srry my bad and dont make FUN OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glitch - Clone items (Two People Required over Wi-Fi)

by popye Apr 06, 2009

To clone item(s) you must first have 2 ppl over Wifi and you must take the item(s) to clone over to your friends town.
1. Go to your friends town with the items you want to clone.
2. The player cloning the item(s) puts the items in the recycle bin.
3. The owner of the town now takes the item(s) out of the recycle bin.
4. Both players exit Town Hall. (This is the tricky part)
5. The town owner must save the game. (you must time this right)
6. The visitor must turn off the power off when he/she hears the highest note play for the second time when its saving.
(i told you it was tricky)
7. Both players need to meet back up.
8. If it worked both players should have the item(s) to be cloned.

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Code - Cool town tunes

by memegal Jan 23, 2009

when you want to change the town tune, go into the town hall and talk to Pelly or Phyllis and they will ask you what you want to do. select town tunes. then change the town tune!
(to change it hold down on it with th A button.)
here are some unes I thought are quite cool that I made myself!
(key:(brackets) means high notes)

G_DG_ _(E)_A_DGE(B)BAname: Running Flame
G_B_A_C_B_DGABAGname: Beautiful Life
A(E)_EAG_CBFGE(B)G_ _name:strange things
G_ _ _ _ _A_ _ _ _(B)_ _G_name: sad song
CCCDFGGGAGG_ _BG_name:kiddies song
B(G)_ _B(G)_ _GE_ _B(G)_ _name:DeeDee
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Secret - Stuff that helps- ALOT!!!

by animallover Nov 04, 2008

If you hit a rock with your shovel bells come flying out so that's helpful!!
Err.... Oh yeah, if you become best buds with the animal people they will give u their pic's!!

animallover xx :)

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Secret - Talk to Pete the Mailman

by candyninja12 Aug 08, 2008

everyday at 9 AM Pete the Mailman will fly across the sky. when you see, him whip out your slingshot!! (the golden one works best) he's pretty fast so no slowing down. he'll fall when you sucessfully hit him. find where he landed. talk to him. he'll say something about himself and Pelly or his deliverys. hope you meet Pete!

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Easter Egg - Horriscope

by Ricochet28 Jul 25, 2008

One day as I walked on the beach in my town, I found bottled mail. I picked it up and read it.

"Your Daily Horriscope,

In the month of Pisces, shake every tree you come across."

Well, it was currently July so I had to wait a long time for this. Pisces is in March and well, I didn't want to wait.

So to moral is, when you find a similar message in a bottle, shake all the trees in the month that you were born in and find stuff that I have no clue what is.

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Easter Egg - Easy Money

by Ricochet28 Jul 25, 2008

Buy a shovel and when you see star shaped holes in the ground, dig them up and most of the time you will find a Fossil. Have about 3-5 fossils and have them checked by Blathers at the museum. KEEP THE FOSSILS!!! Go to Tom Nooks and sell the fossils. You should get anywhere between 5,000-30,000 bells for a bunch.

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Secret - Free items

by Unregistered Jul 09, 2008

steal stuff from the lost + found, or steal stuff from the recycling bin in town hall

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Secret - SNOWMAN!!

by candyninja12 Jul 02, 2008

in winter, you sometimes see snowballs lying around. you CAN push them into the water OR: find a snowball. roll it around in the snow untill it goes slower as you push it and it dets slightly larger. then, find another snowball. roll it in the snow but not as much(so it's smaller than the other) push the two snowballs together. the'll jump into place as a snowman! talk to him. in a few days, you'll get a letter in tha mail with an exclusive snowman furniture peice!!

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Secret - Guests

by deblo26 Jul 01, 2008

You can go to Booker (The Guard) and ask him "What's new?" he say it when there is a special guest in town

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Secret - Different shapes...

by candyninja12 Jul 01, 2008

on your friend roster, there is a little shape beside your friends name. a triangle means they're not playing on animal crossing:ww. a circle means they are.

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by gaarakazekage Apr 09, 2008

Use the indicated responses to access Crazy Redd's tent:
Ask and you shall: Be charged
An open wallet: Is often empty
Bottom dollar: Top dog
Crazy Redd: Is 35
Even robbers: Have safes
Fan in one hand: Cash in other
Foot in the door: Eye on prize
For my fans: Shop here again
Get an Education: Or win it big
Give 2 cents: Ask for change
Head in the sand: Find something
Hot and cold: Money makes it
I'm all alone: But I have cash
Life expectancy: Redd is 35
Look at people: Wallets full
Look back: What did you miss
No money: Means no fun
Roses have: High prices
Rough childhood: Lax adulthood
Spoiled rotten: Bean curd
Talk is cheap: So is Redd
Thankless task: Goes unpaid
The grass is greener: On my side
The pen: Is cheaper
Tom Nook: One ugly fellow
What smells?: Bean curd.
What's inside: Is fabulous
When the cat's gone: Mice shop
Why buy the cow: Buy milk here!

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Secret - Change your neighbours

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2008

ok this isn't exactly a secret but it does work.
Change the year to at least ten years to the future and you should have new neighbours.

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Secret - Get rare fruits, Get loads of money!

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2008

In town, theres a sign sayin that Nook wil buy other fruits 4 500 bells.So do wireless mode with some one else that has the game. If u have cherry trees and they have apples
or pears on there trees, PICK THEM! Then u go back 2 ur town plant 2 and sell the rest that way u'll get loads of money and can keep on sellin the 1s that grow onthe trees u planted! TAA DAA!!!

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Hints - Hole walk

by Unregistered Apr 02, 2007

To do this glitch you need: 2 Players, a shovel (golden or not)
First choose a spot to stand on. Then dig a hole. As soon as the player digging the hole has his/her arms up, make the othr player run into the spot that was chosen to stand on. If you timed it correctly, the person should be standing on a hole. If you try to walk off, you won't be able to get back on without redoing the process. Hope you have fun :)

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Secret - Don the mole

by rrocks05 Jun 21, 2010

On a very slight occasion the normal mean mole that greets u as sooon as you get back on from an unsaved game (by the way i hate him he talks 4 eva!) will be replaced by his brother (or cousin or somthin i dont rememba) and he will appoligise for his brothers behavior and will only talk 4 like 20 seconds!

this is ver rare ive only gottenit once of owning this game 3 years.....if u dont belive me look on utube

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Glitch - Smashed By Redd's Tent

by jencheats1024 May 13, 2009

In order for you to get smashed by Redd's tent, go on a day that Redd visits your town. Set the time to 5:59 am. After setting the clock, go to the spot where Redd's tent is usually placed at (In case you don't know, it;s in the right hand corner of the stone ground in front of town hall). Wait a minute, and soon a message will show up. After the message shows up, you will be knocked unconsious under Redd's tent. After that, you will be placed in front of your house. I was playing this in the morning and somehow I managed to be on a Redd day standing where Redd places his tent. I was laughing so hard after seeing this!

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Unlockable - The secrets of Animal Crossing WW

by popcorn_girl Feb 02, 2009

....... The rumors you might want to know.......

* = rumored to only work with Japanese version
~ = tested by me and works!
# = tested by me and doesn't work!

Here are some rumors that are flying around about this popular game!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
*Animal Crossing Island, is it fact or fiction? FACT!Well, according to recources, you must give Tom Nook 50 unidentified fossils. Visit four buddys' houses and wala! Somehow you should end up with a whistle that
#Tom Nook in PJs, fact or fiction? FICTION!Well, according to recources, you must hit the back of his store when it's not open, then walk inside and you'll see him in pajamas clutching a teddy bear! Pft! That's fake!
~Befriend usual grumpy Sable?Talk to the porcipine in the bak of the tailor's repeatedly for approixemetly 13 days and she'll eventually warm up to you and share stories!
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Easter Egg - GEt pis

by Unregistered Nov 11, 2008

1. Mail 6 or more letters to the person.
2. Go to an are where people dont walk around and they cant see you (not inside)
3. find the person. they might have a shock and a little ding above their head.
4. talk 2 person
5. dosent always work keep tryin

note: make sure animal isnt in their house. this wont work

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Secret - How to get all the diffrent fruits.

by Unregistered Aug 27, 2008

To get all the fruits ( Apple,Pear,Orange,Cherry and Peach ) wait till you somehow aquire 4 fruit furnitures. By that I mean the pear bed, the water melon table, the orange chair you know what I mean. Anyway put these in letters which are addressed to diffrent neighbours. Time travel to the next day and check you're mail box. Half if not all the neighbours will have replyed and sent you a prezzy. Open the presant and it will be a fruit that is not curruntly growing on your trees. If you want to, after planting a good deal of these trees you can sell them for ( check this ) 5000,00 bells! Nah only kidding just 500 but still thats more than before right! By the way if you want to plant these new fruits you will need to put the fruit in a hole of a chopped down tree or put a 4 leaf clover by it. You will need the golden shovel for this. Find out how to get the golden shovel in another cheat.

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Secret - Four leaf clovers

by Unregistered Jul 30, 2008

to get a four leaf clover just pick loads of weeds and they sell at high prices

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Unlockable - Golden shovel,rod,net,and slingshot

by aries Jun 05, 2008

If you get theese thing yay for you!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
golden shovelbuy a shovel from nook and bury it with another shovel dig up in one day and tada!
golden rodcatch every fish possible
golden netcatch every bug possible
golden slingshotshoot fifteen things out of sky and then shoot it out of sky
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