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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats :

This page contains Animal Crossing: Wild World cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 80 cheats in our list, which includes 44 cheats codes, 2 passwords, 34 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

FrEe items

by Unregistered Oct 15, 2007

When and how to get free items

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Sparkler or Roman CandleTalk to Tortimer during a Fireworks show.
Free Fishing RodTalk to Tortimer during a fishing competition when you don't have a Fishing Rod at all.
Free NetTalk to Tortimer during a bug catching competition when you don't have a Net at all.
Fish TrophyWin fishing competition.
Bug TrophyWin bug catching competition
Free Watering Can (Not so sure about this one)Talk to Tortimer during a gardening competition when you don't have a Watering Can at all.
Garden TrophyWin gardening competition.
FeathersDonate to Boondox. Depending on the ammount you donate you can get different feathers.
Mush FurnitureBring Cornimer 5 - 230 acorns during the Acorn Festival.
Snowman FurnitureBuild snowmans during December. The better the snowman, the better the furniture!
Villaiger PicturesBecome friends with villaigers by sending them 24+ letters and then hiding for 10-15 minutes. Send 6 letters at a time.
Bank ItemsDeposit a certain ammount of bells into your account.
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BeCome Mayor!

by Unregistered Aug 11, 2008

To become mayor you need ALL the golden equitment then,on event, talk to the mayor! Your town will upgrade and then,finnally,you willl be mayor!
To get golden shovel: Get 2 shovels bury one, wait 24hrs Hey Presto!!
To get golden watering can: Keep your town free for grey flowers,weeds and raffelsia for 16 days!
To get golden net: Catch every single bug.
To get golden fishing rod: Catch every single fish.
To get golden slingshot: Shoot down 15 presents from the sky with the slingshot,they're should be a 16th parcel with is the slingshot!

Thats just about everything. Me? Well,I have all the golden equitment and I am mayor of the town,I also have Nookingtons.
By the way you do not need Action Replay for this.
By the way I will say the equitment again just for fun..

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Golden shovelGet 2 shovels bury one wait 24hrs,dig it back up!
Golden watering canKeep your town clean for 16 days.
Golden netCatch every bug.
Golden fishing rodCatch every fish
Golden slingshotShoot down 15 presents,the 16th is a parcel with the slingshot!
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goLden items

by BlackHeart17 Dec 31, 2007

just follow these steps

Unlockable:How to unlock:
golden shovelget 2 shovels,bury 1 in the ground,wait 24 hours or time travel
golden netcollect all bugs
golden rodcollect all fish
golden watering cankeep town in perfect condition 4 16 days
golden sling shotshoot down 16 balloons
golden axegive scallop to pascal (u get eather axe or pascal pic)
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by Sakira Sep 22, 2008

Pictures. Who wouldn't want one? (Or two, or three.) In addition to being like a friendship bracelet, Pictures are worth lots of HRA Points if you display one in your house.

Here's how to get one for yourself:
You must be really nice, send lots of letters, and talk to them a lot. Eventually, they'll praise you and give you their picture.

BEWARE: Not for the impatient or the unlucky.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
PicturesBecome best friends with the villager
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AnImal Crossing Unlockables

by mudkipmaster Apr 03, 2009

Gold ones

Golden ShovelBury a regular shovel in the ground, when you dig it up in 24 hours it will be golden
Golden SlingshotShoot 15 items out of the sky and a golden slingshot will appear. Shoot it down for keeps
Golden Rosesplant red roses nextPlant red roses next to each other until black roses appear. Use the golden watering can and the next day they will be golden
Golden TimerGet a golden axe, golden bug net, golden fishing rod, golden shovel, golden slingshot and golden watering can. Tortimer will give you the golden timer
Golden Watering CanKeep the enviorment perfect for 16 days to get the golden watering can from Pelly or Phyllis
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KaTrina's Fortune

by marie808 Feb 03, 2010

Katrina's tent will appear randomly in front of Town Hall once a month. She can tell the player their fortune for 100 Bells. She can tell him/her about their love life and she can tell the player what will happen tomorrow. The player can also have their spirit cleansed for 10,000 Bells, which cleanses them of the misfortune of tripping over.
The below fortunes are the responses given by Katrina to the player. These are also followed by the effects.

LoveVillagers of the opposite gender will take a liking to you.
UnpopularVillagers will act coldly toward you.
Lucky FinancesYou'll earn and find more Bells than normal.
Lucky MaterialsIt will become easier to acquire rare items.
UnluckyYou'll fall down a lot.
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CrOssbreeding flowers

by animallover Nov 25, 2008

Put flowers together.. and whola! A new flower!!!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Black RosePut red rose + red rose together
Black TulipPut red tulip with red tulip
Gold roseWater a dying black rose with gold watering can
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RaFflesia Flower

by candyninja12 Jul 02, 2008

if you time travel alot or dont play for a VERY VERY long time, weeds will develop, as you may know. if this happens too much, a giant red flower called the raffelsia will appear. the only way to make it go away is to pick ALL the weeds; EVERY LAST ONE. i know this isnt a really "good" unlockable- it's more of a warning.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
the rafflesia (not a good unlockable!)too may weeds from not playing or time travel
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by PokeGal Aug 01, 2008

These are special characters:
Blanca: Appears after you use wi-fi.Can draw on her face and see what others draw.
Rover:Occasionally appears in the roost.In search of Blanca. Also appears in Tag Mode
Resetti:Annoying mole that appaers turn off without saving
Taxi driver:Occasionally appears in Roost.(Pervert) Also appears when you make a new character or move.
Gracie:Fashion giraffe. Appears in random day.
UFO:Appears random day.(in sky)Can shoot
Pete: The bird that flies in the sky on a random day can shoot
Katina:Fortune telling cat that appears on a random day.
Redd: Rare furniture seller. Appears the day you talk to Llye about.
Llye:Insurance seller. Random day(chases you)
Dr Shurnk: Expression giver. Random day.
Bees: Shake a tree, run or catch them!!(beehive)
Pascal: A beaver that appears on the beach on a random day[url=][/url].
Bees:Shake a tree, run or catch them!
Snowman: Make 1 snowman
If theres any more on city folk or other games, post here~!!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
paintingbuy from redd,tom nook, dig up
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GoLden Items

by Sakurayumi Aug 11, 2009

1 golden shovels
2 golden watering can
3 golden slingshot
4 golden axe
5 golden fishingrod
6 golden net

golden shovelbuy two and dig a hole and bury your other shovel for the whole day
golden watering can16 days of clean enviroment
golden sling shotsling shot every ballon presents
golden axetrade scallop to pascal(need to trade lots of stuff)
golden fishingrodcatch all fishes
golden netcatch all bugs
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DiFferent fruit on trees

by TessMess97 Jun 15, 2009

Basically, your town has one type of fruit on a lot of trees, right
Well if you go to a friends town they might have different fruit.
Shake their trees and take home some of their fruit, plant it and now you have some other fruits.
Also, if you plant so many different types of fruits, some random ones might just start to grow!

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PTM Rewards

by puki8 Apr 23, 2010

When you buy things at Nook's shop, your PTM point total goes up. When you reach a specific point total, it will result in a new level of membership. Later Nook will send you a letter with a present congradulating you on reaching the new status

Nook's Cranny ModelReach Membership Status (300 Points)
Nookington's Model / 20% Store DiscountEarn 20,000 Store Points
Nookway Model / 10% Store DiscountEarn 10,000 Store Points
Nook' n Go Model / 5% Store DiscountEarn 5,000 Store Points
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BiGger House?

by lovinlife101 Jul 09, 2010

Need a bigger house? If you have Action Replay for DS, it will automatically plop coin bags everywhere! Everywhere you have space (outside, of course), there will be a coin bag. I forgot how much money, since I saw it everywhere from my friend's town, but you can use this to do anything! Buy stuff, get your hair done (only Nookington's, sorry) donate some to Boondox, or use it for your mortgage! I used it all on my mortgage, and I have the biggest house you can get! Hope this helped!

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ThE Golden Axe

by china96 Jan 11, 2010

Ok, what you need to do is a long trading sequence which all starts off with Joan the turnip pedler. First you should buy one set or red turnip seeds and plant them. Water them everyday for a week and then after a week they should be ready to dig up. After this you should put your tunrips on a table in your house to keep them from rotting until you see Wendell the walrus.When you see him give hime the tunrips and he will give you either a country guitar or a turban. I f he gives you the turban give it to Sahara the camel and she will either give you a red vase or a massage chair. If she gives you a massage chair give it to the mayor at the next festival. He will give you a scallop which you then give to Pascal the next time he's at the beach. He will ask you a couple of questions, just go for the gold ones, and then he will give you the golden axe.. P.S if you get the country guitar give it to KK Slider for the KK pic. If you get the red vase, give it to Crazy Redd for the Safe. Then give that to Tom Nook for the Nook pic. The safeis available in your catalogue afterwards.

The golden axeThrough a long trading sequence
The KK Slider picUsing the country guitar
The Tom Nook pictureUsing the safe
The safeForm Crazy Redd
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HoW to make hybrids

by aqurisduck Jan 08, 2010

Well ill give you a few tips yellow tulips next to red ones,red roses next to red roses,white pansies next to white pansies.A few ok many more that i dunno

Purple tulipsYellow tulpis next to red tulips
Black rosesRed roses next to red roses
Black cosmosRed cosmos next to red cosmos
orange rosesYellow roses next to red roses
Pnk tulipsWhite tulips next to red tulips
Pink rosesred roses next to white roses
Blue pansiesWhite pansises next to white pansies
Orange pansiesYellow pansies next to red pansies
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maKing your animals mad or sad

by rosiegirl1127 Jan 07, 2009

to make the animals in ur town mad u have to first find one(duh)
then while he/she is walking,start walking right aginst him/her then keep walking and then the animal should yell at you or get sad.

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UnLock Golden Tools

by puki8 Apr 23, 2010

Perform various tasks around your town to unlock the following things.the golden tools are very special, and if you sell them to tom nook he will only give you 125 BELLS!!!!!!

Golden WateringCan Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly or Phyllis will reward you with the golden can.
Golden ShovelBury a regular shovel in the ground, and then dig it up a full day later. It will then be golden.
Golden Bug NetCatch every type of bug once.
Golden SlingshotShoot 15 items out of the sky, then you get it if you shoot it down.
Golden Fishing RodTrade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe.
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MuSh furniture

by puki8 Apr 26, 2010

These unlockables aren't very easy to get. But I know a way that you can get them in the acorn festival.=-]get acorns and talk to tortimayor

Mush Stool5 Acorns
Mush End Table10 Acorns
Mush Lamp25 Acorns
Mush Chair40 Acorns
Mush Dresser60 Acorns
Mush Closet80 Acorns
Mush Stand100 Acorns
Mush TV140 Acorns
Mush Bed170 Acorns
Forest Floor230 Acorns
Forest Wall200 Acorns
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ThE secrets of Animal Crossing WW

by popcorn_girl Feb 02, 2009

....... The rumors you might want to know.......

* = rumored to only work with Japanese version
~ = tested by me and works!
# = tested by me and doesn't work!

Here are some rumors that are flying around about this popular game!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
*Animal Crossing Island, is it fact or fiction? FACT!Well, according to recources, you must give Tom Nook 50 unidentified fossils. Visit four buddys' houses and wala! Somehow you should end up with a whistle that
#Tom Nook in PJs, fact or fiction? FICTION!Well, according to recources, you must hit the back of his store when it's not open, then walk inside and you'll see him in pajamas clutching a teddy bear! Pft! That's fake!
~Befriend usual grumpy Sable?Talk to the porcipine in the bak of the tailor's repeatedly for approixemetly 13 days and she'll eventually warm up to you and share stories!
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goLden shovel,rod,net,and slingshot

by aries Jun 05, 2008

If you get theese thing yay for you!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
golden shovelbuy a shovel from nook and bury it with another shovel dig up in one day and tada!
golden rodcatch every fish possible
golden netcatch every bug possible
golden slingshotshoot fifteen things out of sky and then shoot it out of sky
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geT nookway

by Unregistered Aug 27, 2007


Unlockable:How to unlock:
nookway to nookingtonsspend 240,000 bells in nookway
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NoOkway to Nookingtons

by PokeACWW Feb 25, 2013

You can get Nookingtons by first getting Nookway. You get Nookway by at least spending 65,000 bells in all the stores combined. Then, after you've had Nookway for a while, have a friend visit your town. Let them buy anything from Nookway, it can be expensive (throne) or cheap (Like a pack of seeds). The next day, Nooks should be closed. You can choose to either time travel or wait for it. After that, you should have Nookingtons.

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HoW to make Hybird flowers

by Unregistered Jan 07, 2009

I haven't tried it but you have to put a flower next to another flower.
Dont blaim me if it don't work becuase I haven't tried it

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HoW 2 get the MOST bells EVER with no work (GURANTEED)

by ACWW_rocks May 30, 2011

Ok well its a unlockable 2 unlock a mansion (start 2 pay mortgage ONLY after u get at least 3-4 million Bells 2 mak it easier )

Hint: It has highier chances in DSi than DS itself but anyway never hurts to try! (and helpful hint: DONT TRY IT UNLESS U HAV GOT A PERFECT TOWN! IF u want u can protect ur town from weeds by cloth piece!) So turn ur date 2 year 2000 month Jan & day 1st 2 make things less complicated. Then Save then restart the ds/i itself and i dont just mean the game. Then Change the DS/i date not the game's date. Then after that? Start the game!then save-then restart (Ds)Change the DS's date start-save-change and restart. Remember change it back in the EXACT date it doesn't mean EXACT Hour or min or sec! If doesn't work see if u hav done it EXACTLY! Trust me i got a a mansion with orange roof, its WICKED I got as much furniture as posible and got 30,500+ points!! (srry didn't mean 2 brag)

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by marie808 Feb 03, 2010

Expensive and rare bugs!
More at:

8000 BellsAtlas beatle(Palm Trees)
3000 BellsAgrias Butterfly(Flowers)
4500 B.Bee(Trees)
4500 B.Banded Dragonfly (anywhere)
8000 B.Cyclommatus (trees)
8000 B.Elephant Beetle (palm Trees)
10,000 B.Giant Beetle (trees)
12,000 B.Golden Stag (trees)
6000 B.Goliath Beetle (Palm Trees)
8000 B.Giant Petaltail (anywhere)
12000 B.Hercules Beetle (Palm)
10,000 B.Rainbow Stag (Trees)
6000 B.Scarab(Trees)
8000 B.Tarantula (Wandering on ground)
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