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aug 10, 2007Animal Crossing: Wild World [ NDS ]   Submitted

what is the best way to get loads of money?

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Secret - How To Make Millions:

Ok so like your poor and have no money and you need to pay off your loan or something or you just want loads of bells. Well I've got a cheat that will probably make you more than just a billionair. Its simple, really. Its easy as getting married. So first things first, visit a Walmart, Best Buy, or any various electronic store. Go to the Nintendo or Games isle and look for Action Replay DS which is really cheap (only about like $20.00 or if your specific, $19.99 bucks). Then go home and insert your Animal Crossing: Wild World game cart (please be very careful with AR because it can ruin your game cart but theres a way to fix it). A screen should apear once you turn it on. Now click on the star-looking thingy. There should be a list of cheats. Only select the onlys following. Max/Infinite Bells, Savings Acount Full, and Jay FNG's ULTIMATE WEED CODES. When you select the third one, two choices should apear. Choose the one that says Press L+R to Change Weeds to Bells. Then click the B button to times and you'll return to the home page. Click the red button that says START and your game will start. You'll have LOADS of bells and you savings account will be full. Now press L and R and take a look at your weeds. Wow, sudenly their all 69,000 bells! Who would've thought girls were so smart?

*Spend Wisely!*