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golden tools...


Unlockable - Golden tools:


Unlockable:How to unlock:
shovelplant a shovel and dig it up a 24 hours+ l8r
fishing rodcatch every fish 1ns
bug netcatch every bug 1ns
slingshotshoot 15 things balloons out of the sky, the 16 will be the slingshot
axegive a scollop to pascal
watering cankeep the environment satisfactory for 16 consective days,then talk to pelly or phelys

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Secret - Golden Tools:

Golden tools are tools that are golden. They do not sell for a high price but they symbolize that you have worked hard to get them. Here is a list of all the golden tools and how to get them.

Golden Shovel Bury a shovel for a full 24 hours

Golden Watering Can Keep the town perfect for 16 days

Golden Rod Catch all the fish

Golden Net Catch all the bugs

Golden Slingshot Recieve the Golden Toolbox from the sky

As you may know, there are no Golden Axes of Golden Timers. Well that's all the golden tools and how to get them! Hope this helped.

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Unlockable - Golden Items:

1 golden shovels

2 golden watering can

3 golden slingshot

4 golden axe

5 golden fishingrod

6 golden net

golden shovelbuy two and dig a hole and bury your other shovel for the whole day
golden watering can16 days of clean enviroment
golden sling shotsling shot every ballon presents
golden axetrade scallop to pascal(need to trade lots of stuff)
golden fishingrodcatch all fishes
golden netcatch all bugs



Secret - All Golden Tools:

Golden Shovel: Buy two shovels. Bury one of them with the other. Time travel/wait till the next day, then dig up the shovel. It should then be a golden shovel!

Golden Watering Can: Make your town perfect, then keep it that way (Like watering flowers and picking three weeds daily) for 16 days, then Pelly/Phyllis will give you the golden wc

Golden Slingshot: Shoot 15 items out of the sky, and the next time there will be a gift with golden balloons. Shoot it down and there will be a Golden Slingshot inside it. If you miss and it flies off or it falls in the water, you must shoot another 15 balloons to get another chance.

Golden Net: Catch every single type of bug there is, then at the Bug Off! talk to Tortimer and he'll give you the golden net.

Golden Fishing Rod: Catch every single type of fish, then when the Fishing Tourney comes, talk to Tortimer. You'll get the golden fr.

Golden Axe: This is in my opinion the most complicated golden tool you can get, but it never breaks. If you get the other option not needed for the GA, then you will have to start over. :(

1. You start by buying a red turnip from Joan. If you had time traveled at all that week she will have run out. Plant the red turnip and wait for Wendell to come to your town. (You must water the red turnip every day, or you could just keep the seeds until Wendell visits and plant it then immediately dig it up ) When he does, dig up the turnip and feed it to him. He will give you either a Turban or a Country Guitar. (You need the Turban for the Golden Axe) If you get the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider the next time he visits at the Roost on Saturday Night 8:00-12:00. He will give you his picture in return. If you get the Turban, move to the next step.

2. When you get the Turban, wait for Saharah to visit, and give her the Turban. She will either give you a Red Vase or a Massage Chair. (Massage Chair needed for GA.) If you get a Red vase, give it to Crazy Red's and talk to him. He'll ask for it, and if you say yes, he will give you a Safe, which you can give to Tom Nook for his picture. If you got a Massage chair continue with the next step.

3. Wait for a holiday/event once you obtain the Massage Chair, and when Tortimer is outside, proudly present it to him. He will thankfully hand over the Scallop. Finally go to the last step.

4. You must check the beach often in case Pascal is there. Booker will not notice him even if you ask him, so you must check yourself. Once he is there, put the Scallop in your inventory and talk to him. Pascal with give you the Golden Axe. Congrats! You've done it! Go pat yourself on the back.

I hope this was helpful in getting all the Golden Tools! Thanks for reading~