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nov 22, 2007Animal Crossing: Wild World [ NDS ]   Submitted

any idea how to get friend code i even asked the dog dude but cant acess etc and any1 know a cheat to get rich but not alot of weeds like in smaller steps etc


Glitch - How to see your friend code:

theres no glich well first you go onto the menu where you see ur items then u look up at the bottom screen where u find a love heart. u clik on that and u will see a key, click on that and it will show u the friend code



Easter Egg - I havent got one ither:

Okay well i think to get a friend code you need to have the Wi-Fi thingy but i don't know how to get the wi-fi but i think you have to talk to the thin puppy on the right when you go to the town gates and say that you don't have a friend code then he will say you will not have been issued a friend code at stuff but i really don't know how to get a friend code.