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mar 04, 2008Animal Crossing: Wild World [ NDS ]   Submitted

I want to get Nookington. Can you help me?

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Code - Nookingtons:

OK!Imma answer your request!Do you have an AR (Action Replay)?If so heres some codes to get a Nookingtons seed in inventory slot 5(If you have something in that inventory slot empty it or you will lose that item!!!).If you don't have AR if you can get someone to come to your town through Wi-Fi or DS download play and you have Nookway,have them buy something from the store and Tom Nook will remodel it.Anways heres the codes

For Versions 1.0 and 1.1(I've tested this for v. 1.0 and it works but it should work for 1.1)

121d8906 00005010

In case you have EU(Europe) version heres the code.

121D8906 00005010......(I guess it's the same?.....wierd....I haven't tried it for EU so be my guest.)

Enjoy!!And in case you do have the EU version and it doesn't work (I'm sorry) pm me and I'll see if I can help k?