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may 27, 2008Animal Crossing: Wild World [ NDS ]   Submitted

Anyone kno any good cheats for animal crossing that do not need ar for???


Unlockable - Become Mayor!:

To become mayor you need ALL the golden equitment then,on event, talk to the mayor! Your town will upgrade and then,finnally,you willl be mayor!

To get golden shovel: Get 2 shovels bury one, wait 24hrs Hey Presto!!

To get golden watering can: Keep your town free for grey flowers,weeds and raffelsia for 16 days!

To get golden net: Catch every single bug.

To get golden fishing rod: Catch every single fish.

To get golden slingshot: Shoot down 15 presents from the sky with the slingshot,they're should be a 16th parcel with is the slingshot!

Thats just about everything. Me? Well,I have all the golden equitment and I am mayor of the town,I also have Nookingtons.

By the way you do not need Action Replay for this.

By the way I will say the equitment again just for fun..

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Golden shovelGet 2 shovels bury one wait 24hrs,dig it back up!
Golden watering canKeep your town clean for 16 days.
Golden netCatch every bug.
Golden fishing rodCatch every fish
Golden slingshotShoot down 15 presents,the 16th is a parcel with the slingshot!