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How to make hybrid flowers

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Secret - Hybrid flowers:

I'm not quite sure of the exact mechanics of making a hybrid flower, but I know that you must have two of the same kinds of flowers (Different colors, though, of course) be right next to each other. And sooner or later, another flower will pop up next to one of them. It's color is determined by the colors of the flowers you put next to each other. For example: White tulip+ Red tulip= Pink tulip! I hope I helped!

Wait, a side note. It might only happen in March through August, when the honeybees come out.



Unlockable - How to make hybrids:

Well ill give you a few tips yellow tulips next to red ones,red roses next to red roses,white pansies next to white pansies.A few ok many more that i dunno

Purple tulipsYellow tulpis next to red tulips
Black rosesRed roses next to red roses
Black cosmosRed cosmos next to red cosmos
orange rosesYellow roses next to red roses
Pnk tulipsWhite tulips next to red tulips
Pink rosesred roses next to white roses
Blue pansiesWhite pansises next to white pansies
Orange pansiesYellow pansies next to red pansies