Animal Crossing: Wild World Requests

 [ NDS ]

feb 05, 2009Animal Crossing: Wild World [ NDS ]   Submitted

i need help i need a money cheat that i wil be able to get money without changing the time please help me


Secret - Money, Money, Money!:

Ok, so first off, you don't need to time travel even if it gets you tons of money. First off, once you character says that it's free from work, you can sell the uniform. How I get my money quick and easy is that I dig up things. Someetimes there are wooden thingies thatsell for a pretty good price. There's also fossils. At muesuem make dude identify fossil. Then go to Nook's Cranny and sell for 2,000- 5,000 bells each! You can also collect shells at beach and sell! Also shake the trees! If bees come, get out net & once in face catch em'! Trees may also shake down furniture or 100-??? bells. Also, talk to nieghbors & talk to them until that get annoyed or give you a job. Also, there is a rock, hit it with a shovel and get 100+ bells (or more). If you have a sligshot aim for stuff in the airthen sell. You can also shake trees with fruit on them, sell your town fruit for 100 bells! Oh, folks may give you furniture or money! :) I've also heard if you clear out all the weeds + clovers & daffidils = money. Oh, if you send a letter to everybody with your town fruit in it except people you live with, people at town post office, and Able sisters* & Nook & your future self, you get a letter from all those animal/ people you sent a letter to with a fruit not from your town and then plant fruits to have diff. fruit trees and you can sell the fruits for 500 bells! * Able sisters will alow you to sell lowers atthier store (also Nook's). Selling for me, is the easiest way to earn money!!!