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jun 30, 2009Animal Crossing: Wild World [ NDS ]   Submitted

i need a code that makes any planted thing grow automatically. nooooooo side effects. ivve been trying to plant coconut trees for those large beatles. help meeeeee


Code - If you use A R (Action Replay)Yes:

You just use the full grown tree hex codeType in the hex number in the chat and press start and select. The the item will appear in the inventoryfor 1.0

Use the Item to text Code

002Ffull Grown Regular tree
0033Full grown Peach tree
003BFull grown apple tree
004Bfull grown PearTree
0056full grown Cherry tree
005BFull Grown money tree
0061full grown Pine tree
00CCFull Grown Palm(coconut) tree
0069Full GrownAcorn Tree