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mar 27, 2010Animal Crossing: Wild World [ NDS ]   Submitted

OK, is there a way to get infinite Bells WITHOUT an AR? If anyone knows, yell on my shoutbox, answer this request, or send me a message. Thanks!

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Code - There is one way.....:

Ok I wouldn't say it's infinite but you can get a lot! Ok so if you have fruits in your town go and pick those and go sell them to Tom Nook. Also sell shells to Tom Nook. Or if you have a shovel go looking around town to find these one things in the ground that look like a X. Sell the things you find in those. Then go to the Town Hall and say Account Amount. Put ALL of the money you got in there. Then save turn off your Ds/Dsi then turn it back on. Then go to the systems account and change the year forwards 10 years. Then turn off your Ds then turn it back on. Then go to AC WW and start your game. When you go out you should have some mail. One should be from Town Hall it will tell you that you have some new money in your savings account. if you wish you may continue doing this untill you have as much money as you want. Also when you get to the year of 2099 just start for the original year and keep on doing the same thing .