Animal Crossing: Wild World Review

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Animal Crossing: Wild World Review

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Animal Crossing: Wild World Review :

Iamthecrazybarks's avatar

Aug 23, 2010

Animal Crossing is addicting, fun, and exciting! Its a great game for players of all ages! What this game is about is your characters (up to four) move to a town filled with walking, talking, fun-loving animals and the adventure begins there! If you liked Animal Crossing for game cube, you will love Animal Crossing Wild World!...

Magma_Lily's avatar

Nov 03, 2011

Animal crossing has to be one of the most interactive games at the time, besides netendogs,y'know? i got the game when i was like...what? 8? and i still check up on it every once and a while, its a game you will never grow out of, i enjoyed the fun i had with it, includeing not useing cheats untill a few months ago, its challangeing to get money at first and i really liked the houseing system, the fact that every other person on the game was an animal dident bother me at all. now..... it di...

sdan12's avatar

Jun 14, 2011

This game is about a young character who , moves to a new town that name themselves. You can fish, plant, and customize your house as well. This may sound fun, like your own made up world. Well it's not. This game is fun when you first get it, but it get's old eventually. So you'll probably get bored really, really quick. I know I did. This game isn't that bad but you will definitely get bored eventually. I wouldn't really recommend this game to somebody. So if you don&#...


Aug 04, 2011

Animal crossing:wild world is a fun game it is addicting and you will enjoy inviting people to your town talk to the animals around your town and get gifts letters and buy stuff.When you first get your animal crossing game you will definetly have a blast planting flowers and trees and fishing bug hunting and having short compititions with your townsfolk also get peoples name town name and friend code and go to other peoples town.Desighn clothes at the Ables sisters shop where you are the fashion...


Oct 07, 2011

This game is really fun and entertaining. Every neighbor has their own personalities, which makes the game more exciting. I love that the seasons are just like real life. The only flaw about the game is when you add a friend code,no matter how many, every time i want to go out there is never any towns gate open for me to visit.but i think it takes what i would really like to see is being able to add outdoor decorations outside my character's house. one thing i would have liked ...


Jan 09, 2012

Animal crossing has started to be written off as a game only people who have had the game since its release or people who got given it as a birthday/ xmas gift. Animal Crossing: Wild World is an all round good game however in the past year I can clearly see that Animal Crossing: Wild World is not a very popularly played game these days and is probably next year going to be written of as a game that is destined for down the back of the sofa. Animal crossing: Wild World is a good game however seem...


Mar 21, 2011

it is the popyular animal crossing seris that has ben going on for AT LEAST a decade, this is probobly te 2nd or third oneand relased on the DS, you answer a few questions to get your look, talk to all the people in your town, find your hose, and do nooks chores for him, and unfortunetl you donr get paid that much for your work either, its over 5 jobs nad you get paid just over 1,000 bells, should be like 3,000 bells, and why are they called bells? thats whats bad about the game, and the good th...

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