Animal Crossing: Wild World Review

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Animal Crossing: Wild World Review :

the never ending game

by OHMYGODNOOOOO Mar 21, 2011

it is the popyular animal crossing seris that has ben going on for AT LEAST a decade, this is probobly te 2nd or third oneand relased on the DS, you answer a few questions to get your look, talk to all the people in your town, find your hose, and do nooks chores for him, and unfortunetl you donr get paid that much for your work either, its over 5 jobs nad you get paid just over 1,000 bells, should be like 3,000 bells, and why are they called bells? thats whats bad about the game, and the good things about the game are there arnt like 5 animals to start out with! only 3! so it will be esay finding them! and if you have a friend that has got the game, it will make it much esier like, if you have pears and they have peaches = fruit exchange! and in winter time you can build snowman, and if you build them perfectly, they will give you snowman furniture! other than the graphics and seriese on another platfourm, its

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8Story line
.. well. THERE IS NO STORY LINE! besides getting your whole house paid off and getting everyones pictures and upgrading nooks shop, and in this one you can connect with friends!
well, it is worse than the game cube version, but to fix it up, you can put it in your 3DS one you have one of course. i think....
each hour had different music which makes it nice, imagen it with no sound.. creepy, and the animas talk fast, if you listen carfuly you might hear a word of english or whatever your langueg is!
it is just the same thing all over again from the first version, nothing special.. well besides you can look up at the sky, and there is no raffel at nooks, or any raffle!
7Lasting Appeal
it is just the serise being continued on to ds, nfortunetly the worst grapical one, but mean characters are a bit nicer in this version
(Out of 10)


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