Animal Crossing: Wild World Review

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Animal Crossing: Wild World Review :

best things about animal crossing

by rissaroo1 Aug 04, 2011

Animal crossing:wild world is a fun game it is addicting and you will enjoy inviting people to your town talk to the animals around your town and get gifts letters and buy stuff.When you first get your animal crossing game you will definetly have a blast planting flowers and trees and fishing bug hunting and having short compititions with your townsfolk also get peoples name town name and friend code and go to other peoples town.Desighn clothes at the Ables sisters shop where you are the fashion desighner bye furniture from tom nook sell and earn money pay your rent and just enjoy having partys and company over at your house.:))

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10Story line
youll have fun talking to animals and inviting people over its amazing what you can do.You can collect furniter and make your house have an aquariam and invite your friends over to see it.
the graphics aren't the best in the world but they are pretty well done and dnt look flat and lifeless everything looks great.
No problems with the sound it isn't to loud and it isn't to low.and for everything you do there is a sound to it from falling town to catching bugs.
youll have fun exploring your town and going around others towns dnt forget to meet there towns folk as well
10Lasting Appeal
you will enjoy looking at people houses and building yours up you will love the sound graphics and everything else this is the best game ive ever played and it has its chalenges.
(Out of 10)


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