Animal Crossing: Wild World Review

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Animal Crossing: Wild World Review :

Fun and never ending game!!!

by mysticallight86 Oct 07, 2011

This game is really fun and entertaining. Every neighbor has their own personalities, which makes the game more exciting. I love that the seasons are just like real life. The only flaw about the game is when you add a friend code,no matter how many, every time i want to go out there is never any towns gate open for me to visit.but i think it takes what i would really like to see is being able to add outdoor decorations outside my character's house. one thing i would have liked in this game is the size of the land. to have options for land expansions and not just the house my character lives in.

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9Story line
great story line, the cab driver just talks a bit too much,but it is a good introduction though. I wish i would see the mayor more often and not just on the holidays.
not a problem with graphics, though some characters needs a bit of clearing up in the face,especially the ones with a mask.
love the way the animal talks,its very funny how nintendo decided to have a sense of humor.the music is cool,i love that you can change the theme of the music to your like of style
i do lots of time of gameplay,never an issue with it, i think its fine the way it is,id say nintendo did a great job creating this game. I love that you cant beat the game in a month,so it never makes the game boring.
10Lasting Appeal
over all great game,i would recommend this game to others. I hope they make an animal crossing:city world for nintendo ds
(Out of 10)


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