Animal Crossing: Wild World Review

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Animal Crossing: Wild World Review :

Fun for years

by Magma_Lily Nov 03, 2011

Animal crossing has to be one of the most interactive games at the time, besides netendogs,y'know? i got the game when i was like...what? 8? and i still check up on it every once and a while, its a game you will never grow out of, i enjoyed the fun i had with it, includeing not useing cheats untill a few months ago, its challangeing to get money at first and i really liked the houseing system, the fact that every other person on the game was an animal dident bother me at all. now..... it dident have much of a story to it, but all the fun in it is the life you live in it, after a few years its turns into a jersey shore in your town, drama drama drama xD ALL the time. easedropping on other townies conversations was another good feature added to the game c:!!!

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6Story line
Not mutch of a story line untill you get deep in the game and hear about the drama that people share with you.
the heads made me laugh, the arms made me laugh, the trees and grass wasent all that dissapointing either, the furniture was really good too
The sound tracks on animal crossing were brilliant. the music matched the theme of your town, peaceful, and the emotocons ( with sound ) that the other animals make puts the iceing on the cake
the funnest part was getting all the fossils it took a while....the money system was balanced well the charachters balanced well and i like how there are events like fishing, and flea markets and contests and sales in the shops
9Lasting Appeal
definately something you cant get bored with, even if your gone for a while, you always have those roaches waiting in your animal crossing house ;) and lots of things in reality remind you of the game..except the head sizes of coure o.o...
(Out of 10)


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NANA-KOMATSU    wrote on nov 26, 2011 6:50 pm
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NANA-KOMATSU    wrote on nov 26, 2011 6:50 pm

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