Animal Crossing: Wild World Review

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Animal Crossing: Wild World Review :

Modern Warfare Wild World (La Animal Crossing)

by darkfox Jan 09, 2012

Animal crossing has started to be written off as a game only people who have had the game since its release or people who got given it as a birthday/ xmas gift. Animal Crossing: Wild World is an all round good game however in the past year I can clearly see that Animal Crossing: Wild World is not a very popularly played game these days and is probably next year going to be written of as a game that is destined for down the back of the sofa. Animal crossing: Wild World is a good game however seems not to be addictive enough or pleasing enough for modern gamers. Animal Crossing: Wild world was almost certainly destined to end up as a "Back of the sofa" game even when it first came out. First reason is because they had a rather closed market, in other words mainly girls!

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7Story line
You've moved to a new town and have to slowly make the town you live in a better place. You begin by working for Tom Nook. in the game you will be paying of your mortage, as Tom Nook is the person who gives you your house. (every time you pay of a set of mortage money your house gains a floor.)
Relativley good graphics. Although through intense testing and gameplay graphics can glitch. However the tool graphics are spotless and the scenery was good as well! There is a lot of vairety but not such amazing good quality as other games with similar target markets
Excellent music qaulity. Love the fact that you can change your town tune instead of the usual "Three deafult options"
Rather fun and enjoyable however not one of those games which you can try to play for 12 hours non-stop. Its more of a game you would play for 2 hours on a train journey. It can get boring after a while.
5Lasting Appeal
I think it had a lasting impression for the 3 years after his release however it has started to heavily lost its appeal to modern gamers as the more popular games are all "MW3" or "La Noire"
(Out of 10)


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