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Animal Crossing: Wild World Review :


by Iamthecrazybarks Aug 23, 2010

Animal Crossing is addicting, fun, and exciting! Its a great game for players of all ages! What this game is about is your characters (up to four) move to a town filled with walking, talking, fun-loving animals and the adventure begins there! If you liked Animal Crossing for game cube, you will love Animal Crossing Wild World!

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8Story line
Even once you have finished paying off the mortgage, which is the biggest goal, there is still soooo much you can do! You can still fish, decorate, hang out with animals and alot more!
The people look pretty realistic, the animals are fun, there is a lot of stuff to decorate your house with and there is a lot of detail!
It's okay, but gets kind of annoying after a while. The background music gets pretty repetitive but luckily if you get annoyed you can just turn it off or turn it up if you don't mind.
Very fun and very addicting! Its very easy to get hooked, but very hard to put down! You never really finish the game and there aren't that many things they make you do, so you can really do whatever you want!
9Lasting Appeal
Since Animal Crossing is so addicting, after a while it is no longer just a game, it's almost a way of life that you would hate to be without!
(Out of 10)


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