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Dawn Of Heroes Review :

Dawn of Heroes: Breathtakingly Mediocre

by Bkstunt_31 Dec 04, 2010

Dawn of Heroes is a grid-based strategy RPG developed by Wicked Studios ( a relatively new developer) and published by Majesco games (who mostly publishes children's titles but is probably best known for publishing Psychonauts).

Fan's of the genre will find plenty of good simple fun in the title, but don't come to the party expecting too much depth. The game starts out a little slow, but make sure to stick with it as it does get better.

The back story of the game tells the tale of King Leroy and his battle with Ragnakore. Ragnakore is a massive unstoppable monster that attacked the kingdom, so King Leroy, being the strongest in the land went out to slay it. Unfortunately his attacks fail (well, it IS an unstoppable monster) and he is left with one choice: to turn Ragnakore and himself into stone statues. With no leader to rule, the six barons divide the land amongst themselves, making six different baronies.

Afterwards, two heroes discover a talking belt (yes, a belt...) during a mission that tells them they are the "chosen ones". I don't know about you, but if I heard a belt talking I would just consider myself crazy. The belt will eventually have you inspect the first barony as the Baroness has been acting strangely and it all takes off from there.

I'll go over each of the game's sections below, but here's a quick list of highlights and negatives that I noticed:

+ Great Music

+A vast array of characters.

+Simple design and controls.

+Challenging Bosses.

+Well designed 2D graphics.


- Certain 3D character graphics.

- No way to speed up the battles.


+/- The story is full of cheese.

+/- The game can feel repetitive.

All in all Dawn of Heroes is not a bad game but doesn't blow you out of the water. While it may not break any boundaries or excel in any one area (besides the music), it delivers a generally enjoyable experience. Strategy RPG fans should definitely check it out; at a time when the genre was going a little dry, Dawn of Heroes helps.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
6Story line
The overall story isn't bad, but the writing could have come from a middle schooler and the dialog is often extremely cheesy. Despite this, the tale of the chosen ones can be compelling at times. Try to not take anything too seriously and the story aspect isn't as bad.
The 3D graphics in the game leave much to be desired on the characters (the maps are ok). Some of the characters in particular are rather plain and simple, but others are bordering on ugly. The menus and character portraits are really quite nice in 2D though . Overall, the graphics do their job.
The audio caught me by surprise. It has some very good tunes and is engaging and layered. The music fits in well with the variety of areas that you will visit and includes a good range of musical styles and instruments. It's very reminiscent of some good SNES rpg soundtracks.
One of the biggest draws of the games is the sheer amount of characters you can find and accumulate. You can also upgrade your units with badges. Combat has its up and downs with no way to speed up the action (making some battles seem slow). There is a lot to do in this game as well.
7Lasting Appeal
Overall, Dawn of Heroes may not break any boundaries but is an enjoyable game. It's also worth the price of admission, as there is A LOT to do, from mercenary missions to alternate mission objectives (that you NEED to do later on), to a split path in the game. You'll play this for quite a few hours.
(Out of 10)


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