Dragon Ball: Origins 2 Review

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Dragon Ball: Origins 2 Review :

A "Dragon Ball" Legend

by Goldgary123 Jul 27, 2011

Dragon Ball Origins 2 is possibly one of the best "Dragon Ball" series game for the Nintendo Ds. The Story Line Takes Place Between Defeating the Red Ribbon [RR] army and Defeating Emperor Pilaf. You start of Playing as Goku when suddenly a Mysterious group, The Red Ribbon Army Appears. The Burn a whole Forest down Looking for one of the 7 star'd Dragon Balls. In between the game, you are allowed to play as Goku Krillin Eighter and Arale. Each with their Respective "Special Move" In the game you can also obtain collectable Trophies and power ups that Increase your Health. Adds more Max Health, and your power Gauge which allows you to use your "Special Move" More Often. There is also an addition to the game that makes it better . Some bosses will be fought in a Side-View!

Side-View Fight

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9Story line
The Plot is the same as the Manga and Anime, but the adventure, battles, and the addition of items you must unlock and scores on how well you beat the level. This game is BETTER then the Manga and Anime itself.
The Graphics are amazing on this game. Instead of the 2D figure you get in most games, this game is nearly 3D! Every character in this game was done neatly and clearly. Every thing in this game graphic wise was done perfectly.
The sounds in this game perfectly fit the scenario. Non other than that, the characters in this game also talk! You'll love the way Goku says his KA ME HA ME HA! The sounds in this game actually help you get more into the game! The only flaw is the voices don't change along with the language.
The Gameplay overall is awesome. With two different ways to fight enemies, this game just couldn't get any better. Now don't think you stay as Goku the whole time. Some levels even let you be Bulma, Krillin, Eighter and Arale!
10Lasting Appeal
You will be hooked on this game for hours. You wouldn't even mind to skip the talking scenes. With a Challenge Mode you will never be bored playing this game!
(Out of 10)


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