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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Cheats :

This page contains Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 39 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 4 glitches, 10 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - The hidden Shop

by DeadlyDragonite Aug 20, 2010

Well, after you have got the Ulitmate key after defaeting Goreham-hogg, you'll be able to unlock those pesky iron doors. to get to the best shop in the game, go to dourbrige, and you know there's a kid in the water, next to the arch? walk through the arch so you'r standing in the middle, with your charcter facing the right. next, walk up against the wall of the arch and very slowly walk up. a '!' will appear on your hero's head.press 'a'. you will unloch the iron door and just go down the stair - the shop had some of the best equipment in the game - i only found it by accident on my way back from max meddlin.

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Secret - The best equipment in the GAME!

by DeadlyDragonite Dec 13, 2010

Here's how to get the greatest equipment in the entire game - you will need...

a strong team (least 70+)


Treasure maps

here's what you do.

go to a grotto, beat the boss. repeat. eventually, they will drop their mega-drop. these are items with only a 2% drop[ rate - but if you work hard you'll get them eventually - i currently have all but one. (greygnarl will drop a legend treasure map, not a piece of equipment)

drops = equinox- Vesta gauntlets, nemean- invincible trousers, shogum- apprentice's gloves, trauminator- hero's boots, (forgot this pnes name but it's a dreadmaster rip) - sensible sandals, sir sanguinius- brain drainer, atlas- tropotoga, fowleye- spring breeze hat, hammibal- blessed helm, excalipurr- victorious armor, tyrannosaurus wrecks- angel robe.

but wait, there's more - if you can get your hands on some orbs - dropped by legend maps (e.g baramos, murdaw, dhoulmagus, estark , dragonlord etc.) you can combine these orbs with above items and an agate of evolution to make ultra-awesome items. there's a bit more but i'll let you find the rest on your own

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Glitch - Reviving after getting sterlings whistle

by Unregistered Aug 26, 2010

If your main character is dead and no one can revive there is a simple way.hand sterlings whistle to another teammate and use it.at the end of the journey ur main character will have one hp, but there alive!

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Easter Egg - Special Maps

by WaddleDee777 Jul 09, 2010

When you are in "The Inn", put your game in sleep mode. When you come in contact with another game, you BOTH will recieve a rare map leading to either rare equiptment or loads of Gold or gold bearing monsters(*cough*Gold Golem*cough*).

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Secret - Bosses Critical hits getting your party every time?

by Unregistered Jul 30, 2012

If bosses keep attacking you with critical hits and you keep dying, there's a simple way to avoid it. First, you need access to the paladin vocation, and you need someone with 100 skill points in shield. Get you paladin to level 40 or maybe a little lower, and put all skill points into virtue. Eventually, he will unlock Forbearance, which protects all members of your party at once. Then, go Swinedimples Academy, talk to the shield trainer. Go through the two quests for the shield, and when you complete the second one, (100 shield points required to start the second quest) he will give you secrets of the shield scroll, which lets you always block critical hits. Combine this with a character with forbearance and really good armor, and critical hits killing your party are a thing of the past. So you have one character to tank and take all damage, a priest to heal him when his health gets low, a mage to oomph your second damage dealer and to deal magic damge with kafrizz/kafrizzle. It might take a little longer to kill them, and it'll take a while to unlock both these things, but they are totally worth it for legacy bosses like baramos and for the final boss corvus.

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Glitch - Item Duplication Through Ad-hoc

by amarildo Mar 02, 2012

To do this trick, connect your DQIX to someone else. Give them any items you can, then shut your game off WITHOUT leaving their world. since you never saved after leaving their world, you'll still have the items you traded, and so will they!

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Secret - Orichalcum

by DeadlyDragonite Dec 13, 2010

looking for Orichalcum? there's only a few places to get it -

monsters that drop it = King Metal Slime, Greygnarl (grotto)

Where to buy it = After giving max meddlin in dourbridge 80 medals, he'll let you trade medals for whatever you want - and if you have 15 mini medals, you can buy a lump of orichalcum off him.

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Secret - Ultimate exp and gold

by matty987 Aug 24, 2010

There are 2 mobs that exist called gem slime and platinum king jewel. Here are there stats.

Platinum King Jewel: Hp | Mp | Atk | Def | Agi | Exp | Gold | Moves | Drops (%)
20 20 356 546 505 240000 1000 attack,flee,dazzle platinum ore (1 in 8) seed of skill (1 in 256)

Gem Slime: Hp | Mp | Atk | Def | Xp |gold
20 20 455 512 6000 10080
Moves: attack,flee,beams graciously (losses a turn) magic burst

Hope dis helped!! =)

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Secret - Boss stats (First 5)

by matty987 Aug 24, 2010

Here are the first 5 bosses stats (email me at mattzenann@aol.com if you want any mob stats or other boss stats).

Boss 1 Hexagoon: Hp 93 | Mp 18 | Atk 30 | Def 22 | Agi 11 | Xp 175 | gold 100 | Moves attack, ground attack (hits entire party) | Drops Magical Beast Hide

Boss 2 Wight Knight (Recommended to have other party members for this boss)
Hp 296 | Mp Infinite | Atk 53 | Def 50 | Agi 45 | Xp 800 | gold 200 | Moves attack, multithrust (hits 1-3 people) Bolt Cutter (hits entire party) Heal (~40 Hp)
Drops Iron Gauntlets.

Boss 3 Morag: Hp 456 | Mp Inf | Atk 56 | Def 58 | Agi 54 | Exp 1600 | Gold 400 | Moves attack crack eyes flash (doesnt use much) Hp Hoover (does heavy damage gives her like 5 hp back) Victimiser (RARELY USES!) Puff Puff (inactivates ally) | Drops High Heels.

Boss 4 Ragin' Contagion: Hp 696 | Mp Inf | Atk 68 | Def 68 | Agi 68 (j/k it's 50 lol) | Exp 2295 | Gold 600 | Moves attack envenomate attack Sweet Breath Kasap Deceleratle | Drops Royal Soil

Boss 5 Master Of Nu'Un: Hp 796 | Mp Inf (when is it not?) | Atk 80 | Def 78 | Agi 56 | Xp 2904 | gold 780 | Moves Attack, Lightning (hits entire party) Woosh Posh Buscuits (Rarely uses) Buff Drain Magic (uses like every turn even though he doesnt need it =P)

These are the first five bosses EXACT stats if you'd like to know the stats of a mob or a boss email me at mattzenann@aol.com or private message me right here. Thank you.

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Unlockable - Mini Medal Rewards

by *daniel_archileda* Mar 02, 2012

While playing the game you will find numerous items called Mini Medals. In the town of Dourbridge, you can give these to a pirate king who lives there, and he will give you rare items in exchange. After you've given him 80 Mini Medals, he will sell you rare items. But you must use Mini Medals to buy them instead of Gold. 3 Medals: Prayer Ring 5 Medals: Elfin Elixir 8 Medals: Saint's Ashes 10 Medals: Reset Stone 15 Medals: Orihalcum 20 Medals: Pixie Boots

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bunny SuitReward for giving 13 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Dragon RobeReward for giving 80 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Jolly Roger JumperReward for giving 18 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Mercury BandannaReward for giving 08 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Meteorite BracerReward for giving 50 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Miracle SwordReward for giving 32 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Rusty HelmetReward for giving 62 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Sacred ArmorReward for giving 40 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Thief's KeyReward for giving 04 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
Transparent TightsReward for giving 25 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin.
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Glitch - Money Exploit

by GM Mar 02, 2012

At the Stornway Inn Party Editor you can recruit multiple party characters (Warriors work best for this), and then part with them. This gives you their starting gear free and clear for you to sell at the local shop giving you some easy cash early in the game.

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Glitch - How to get your skill to 100 fast

by zarow Dec 13, 2011

well, if you are able to go to alltrade's abbey you can do this cheat. you change your vocation to something else on lv1 and go outside and fight a couple slimes till you level up and do the allocate skill thingy don't put any on just leave them. (don't change your skills) then go back to alltrade's abbey and change your vacation back to normal, then go the the menu and go to misc. then onto allocate skill points put all the skill points you got from the other vocation and put them onto yours. :D !

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Secret - Defeat the last boss

by dragonquestlover Dec 02, 2011

their are a lot of methods to defeat corvus. Here you get my party and how i defeated him

party: when your party is lv 50 or more you can defeat him easy

a mage

a gladiator ( better than warrior because of coup de grace but warrior is good to)

equiped : erdricks sword

a priest (for healing spells, make sure you have at last multiheal )

and at least a hunter

the special skills from your party at 100 points

and for the weapon also 100

you can do the quest a swindimples to get special skill books and for the hunter also where you've got your vocation from hunter.

the fight:you can use pschig up to raise strength ( do it to 100, great result)

for your mage you use the strongest spells you have

for the priest you can attack with abilities like multhitrust and thunder thrust ( spear)but you need to concentrate on healing to

for gladiator can use abilities like falcon slash

when you are min lv 50 this fight isn't that hard

ps heal before you fight thee first corvus ( after barbarus)

when you need more tips let a comment on this or my account i will answer as soon as possible

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Code - Bosses getting your Gerkin?

by happy1234 May 23, 2011

A very ovlious cheat is Metal Slimes

Defet Metal SlimeGood for Lvl25-30
Defet Metal MedalyGood for lvl25-45
Defet Liquid Metal SlimeGood for lvl30-61(have falcon blade and metal slashX2)
Defet Metal King SlimeGood for Crazy People-lvl99
Defet Platimun King SlimeGood for Insane People-any lvl
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Secret - What Wall?

by pokemonlover98 Aug 30, 2010

Go to glitimun palice go to the middle part ( where u go to get convus ). first go down by the 2 jails then when u go down the next stairs go STRAIT on and u can get 2 cheasts. ( cant spell )

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Code - All shields X999

by Kristain Dec 02, 2010

Press SELECT to activate

94000130 FFFB0000
120F6338 00005395
E20F62E0 00000058
52095208 520B520A
520D520C 520F520E
52115210 52135212
52155214 52635216
52655264 52C65267
52C852C7 52CA52C9
532052D0 53225321
532B532A 532E532C
5330532F 53325331
538E5333 5390538F
53925391 53945393
D5000000 00000063
C0000000 0000002C
D8000000 020F6340
D2000000 00000000

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Code - All weapons (X999)

by Kristain Dec 02, 2010

press SELECT to activate (AR code manager is suggested)

94000130 FFFB0000
020F61C0 51B651B5
E20F5FB0 00000210
4A6B4A6A 4A6D4A6C
4A6F4A6E 4A724A71
4A744A73 4A764A75
4A784A77 4A7A4A79
4A7C4A7B 4A7E4A7D
4AD24AD1 4AD44AD3
4AD64AD5 4AD84AD7
4E214E20 4E234E22
4E254E24 4E274E26
4E294E28 4E2B4E2A
4E2D4E2C 4E2F4E2E
4E314E30 4E334E32
4E354E34 4E374E36
4E394E38 4E3B4E3A
4E3D4E3C 4E854E84
4E874E86 4E894E88
4E8B4E8A 4E8D4E8C
4E8F4E8E 4E914E90
4E934E92 4E954E94
4E974E96 4E994E98
4E9B4E9A 4EE84E9C
4EF44EF3 4EF64EF5
4EF84EF7 4F454F43
4F4D4F4C 4F4F4F4E
4F514F50 4F534F52
4F554F54 4F574F56
4F594F58 4F5B4F5A
4F5D4F5C 4F5F4F5E
4F614F60 4FB14FB0
4FB34FB2 4FB54FB4
4FB74FB6 4FB94FB8
4FC34FC2 500E500D
5010500F 50155014
50175016 50195018
501B501A 501D501C
501F501E 50215020
50235022 50255024
50275026 50295028
502B502A 50795078
507B507A 507D507C
507F507E 50815080
50835082 50855084
50875086 50895088
508B508A 508D508C
50DD50DC 50DF50DE
50E150E0 50E350E2
50E550E4 50E750E6
50E950E8 50EB50EA
50ED50EC 50EF50EE
51415140 51435142
51455144 51475146
51495148 514B514A
514D514C 514F514E
51515150 51535152
51555154 51A45156
51A651A5 51A851A7
51AA51A9 51AC51AB
51AE51AD 51B051AF
51B251B1 51B451B3
D5000000 00006363
C0000000 00000084
D7000000 020F61D0
D2000000 00000000

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Secret - Secret shop in Dourbridge

by sweet_smile1982 Mar 02, 2012

If you go around to the back of the village shop in Dourbridge, there is a hidden door. Enter it (requires the Ultimate Key), and then you see a flight of stairs. Go down the stairs, and you can get into a secret shop with rare items.

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Code - Dragon Quest IX Action Replay Codes

by ARCodes Mar 04, 2011

Visit Us For More Dragon Quest Codes http://arcodes.net

Unlimited Money In Bank
020F6D48 0098967F

Unlimited Money In Hand
020F6D48 0098967F

Full HP
120F5510 0000270F

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Code - All leggings X999

by Kristain Dec 02, 2010

press select to activate

94000130 FFFB0000
120F6658 00003EDD
E20F65B0 000000A8
3F3F3EE8 3F4A3F48
3F4C3F4B 3F4E3F4D
3F503F4F 3F523F51
3F543F53 3F563F55
3F583F57 3F5A3F59
3F5C3F5B 3F5E3F5D
3F603F5F 3F653F64
3F673F66 3F693F68
3F6B3F6A 3F6D3F6C
3F713F70 3F743F73
3F763F75 3F7B3F78
3F7F3F7C 3F813F80
3F833F82 3F853F84
3F873F86 3F9E3F9B
3FA03F9F 3FA23FA1
3FB43FB3 3FB63FB5
D5000000 00000063
C0000000 00000054
D8000000 020F6670
D2000000 00000000

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Code - All upper body gear X999

by Kristain Dec 02, 2010

press select to activate

94000130 FFFB0000
020F64D8 35E135DF
120F64DC 000035E2
E20F6370 00000168
32C932C8 32CB32CA
32CD32CC 32CF32CE
32D232D1 32D432D3
32D632D5 32D832D7
32DA32D9 32DD32DC
32DF32DE 32E132E0
32E332E2 32E732E4
32E932E8 32EB32EA
32ED32EC 32EF32EE
32F132F0 33273318
33293328 332B332A
332D332C 332F332E
33693368 3372336A
33743373 33763375
33783377 337A3379
337C337B 337E337D
3380337F 33823381
33843383 33863385
33893388 338B338A
338D338C 338F338E
33913390 33933392
33953394 33973396
33993398 339B339A
33EB33EA 33F433EC
33F633F5 33F833F7
33FA33F9 33FC33FB
33FE33FD 340033FF
34023401 34043403
34063405 340C3408
340E340D 3410340F
344E3411 34B2344F
34BC34B3 34BE34BD
34C034BF 34C234C1
34C434C3 34C634C5
34C934C7 34CB34CA
34CD34CC 34CF34CE
34D134D0 351634D2
35213520 35233522
35253524 35273526
35293528 352C352A
352E352D 3530352F
35323531 35343533
35363535 35383537
353A3539 357F353B
35843580 35DE3585
D5000000 00000063
C0000000 000000B6
D8000000 020F64F0
D2000000 00000000

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Code - All hand wear X999

by Kristain Dec 02, 2010

press select to activate

94000130 FFFB0000
020F6918 3BC33BC2
E20F6880 00000098
3A993A98 3A9B3A9A
3A9D3A9C 3AA03A9F
3AA23AA1 3AA63AA5
3AB43AB3 3AB63AB5
3AC53AC3 3AC83AC7
3AF43AF3 3AF63AF5
3B033B02 3B053B04
3B603B56 3BB13BB0
3BB33BB2 3BB53BB4
D5000000 00006363
C0000000 00000026
D7000000 020F6920
D2000000 00000000

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Code - All foot wear X999

by Kristain Dec 02, 2010

press select to to activate

94000130 FFFB0000
120F6a38 0000440D
E20F6970 000000C8
42C442C3 42C642C5
42C842C7 42CD42CC
42CF42CE 42D142D0
42D342D2 42D542D4
42D742D6 42D942D8
42DB42DA 42DD42DC
42DF42DE 42F442E0
42F642F5 42FE42F7
43034300 43074306
430B4308 430D430C
430F430E 43114310
43134312 43154314
43194318 431B431A
431E431D 4320431F
43224321 43244323
43274325 43294328
432B432A 432D432C
432F432E 43964394
43EF4397 43F243F0
43F443F3 43F643F5
43F943F8 43FB43FA
43FD43FC 43FF43FE
44014400 44034402
44054404 44074406
44094408 440C440B
D5000000 00000063
C0000000 00000064
D8000000 020F6a50
D2000000 00000000

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Code - All head gear X999

by Kristain Dec 02, 2010

press SELECT to activate

94000130 FFFB0000
E20F66D0 00000108
2F8B2F8A 2F952F94
2F972F96 2F992F98
2F9B2F9A 2F9D2F9C
2FA02F9F 2FA22FA1
2FA52FA3 2FA72FA6
2FB32FB1 30022FB4
30043003 30083007
30713070 30733072
30753074 30773076
30793078 307B307A
307D307C 307F307E
30813080 30833082
30853084 30873086
30893088 308C308A
308E308D 3090308F
30923091 30C03094
30CC30CB 30CE30CD
30D030CF 30D230D1
30D430D3 30D630D5
313830D7 319D319C
31EC319E 31F131ED
31F731F6 31F931F8
31FB31FA 31FD31FC
32013200 32033202
32053204 32073206
32093208 320B320A
320D320C 320F320E
32653264 32673266
326B3268 326D326C
326F326E 32713270
32733272 32753274
D5000000 63636363
C0000000 00000020
D6000000 020F67F0
D2000000 00000000

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Unlockable - Weapon Skills:Whip

by WaddleDee777 Jul 16, 2010

1. Twisted whip: attack and chance to confuse a monster. MP cost: 3
2. Whip of love: attack a group of monsters.
3. Whip Damage+10: whip damage +10 when whip is equipped.
4. Wrapping whip: attack and chance to paralyze a monster. MP cost: 3
5. Whip Damage+20: whip damage +20 when whip is equipped.
6. Whip of sleepiness: attack a group of monsters and chance to make them sleep. MP cost: 3
7. Whip Damage+30: whip damage +30 when whip is equipped.
8. Feet trapping whip: attack a group of monsters and recover hp. MP cost: 5
9. Double dragon whip: randomly attack a group of monsters twice. MP cost: 10
10. Whip usable to all classes.
Super move: Crawling snake: a gigantic snake attack a group of monsters.

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