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Drawn To Life Cheats :

This page contains Drawn To Life cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 53 cheats in our list, which includes 8 cheats codes, 1 password, 8 unlockables, 4 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 27 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Drawn To Life on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Puase the game and press these combinations

by Landoon757 Apr 02, 2008

Invinsibility----Hold L and press a,x,b,b,y
Full health------Hold L and press y,x,y,x,a
30 bullets-------Hold L and press b,b,a,a,x
5 lives----------Hold L and press x,y,b,a,a
THESE CHEATS REALY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unlockable - 35 lives, new town, new songs, new templates and new stamps!

by quill_in_ink Nov 16, 2007

Once you get 10,000 Rapocoins toss them to the fountain and you can get SOOOOOO much cool stuff!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
35 lives10,000 Rapocoins
New town10,000 Rapocoins
new songs10,000 Rapocoins
new templates10,000 Rapocoins
new stamps10,000 Rapocoins
10,000 Rapocoins for all of the above!10,000 Rapocoins for all of the above!
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Secret - Make The Game Harder

by Dougmyster Apr 20, 2009

absolutely pointless, but it makes the game harder if you find it too easy. when asked to make a platform, only draw in 1 or 2 pixels in. pretty pointless, but its just to make the game harder

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Code - Unlock Templates

by Dougmyster Apr 15, 2009

I dont know if someone already posted this cheat and I seriously not be bothered to check lol. Anyway enter draw mode and enter the following while holding down "L".

X, Y, B, A, AAlien Templates
B, B, A, A, XAnimal Templates
Y, X, Y, X, ARobot Templates
Y, A, B, A, XSports Templates
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Secret - How to Beat Angeler King (Third Boss)

by metalx998 Nov 12, 2007

This boss once again consists of 2 parts.

First when you fall in to the water, The fishy boss will come from the left side of the cave,start to swim through the caves the oppisite direction of it, Once you make it to the part 2 after swiming away fron the boss, The boss will spit out 2-3 dark fish.Quickly defeat them...then the boss will start to come in from the side.Hide above it and shoot at it until you kill it.

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Secret - Gragh! What's Up With This Switch!!!???

by Roar_Chidori Oct 22, 2007

Having trouble with that darn switch? All you have to do is tap it with your stylus! Don't be embarassed- I had trouble too!

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Password - Helpful Cheats

by Travguy Oct 13, 2008

Unlock All Templates
Entry Location:
Draw Mode

Hold the L button and enter:

X, Y, B, A, A - Alien Templates
B, B, A, A, X - Animal Templates
Y, X, Y, X, A - Unlock Robot Templates
Y, A, B, A, X - Unlock Sports Templates
A, X, B, B, Y - Plant Templates

Entry Location:
Pause menu

Pause the game and hold down the left shoulder button then hit A,X,B,B,Y

5 lives
Entry Location:
Pause menu

Pause the game and hold down the left shoulder button then hit X,Y,B,B,A

Full Health
Entry Location:
Pause menu

Pause the game and hold down the left shoulder button then hit Y,X,Y,X,A

30 ammo
Entry Location:
Pause menu

Pause the game and hold down the left shoulder button then hit B,B,A,A,X

A, X, B, B, YPlant Templates
Y, A, B, A, XUnlock Sports Templates
Y, X, Y, X, AUnlock Robot Templates
B, B, A, A, XAnimal Templates
X, Y, B, A, AAlien Templates
Pause the game and hold down the left shoulder button then hit A,X,B,B,YInvincibility
Pause the game and hold down the left shoulder button then hit X,Y,B,B,A5 lives
Pause the game and hold down the left shoulder button then hit Y,X,Y,X,AFull Health
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Code - Unlock Templates

by dgmm7797 Sep 30, 2008

Enter draw mode and press the following buttons while holding down the L button.

X, Y, B, A, AAlien Templates
Y+X+Y+X+Y+X+AHeal all damage
A, X, B, B, YInvinciblity
B, B, A, A, XUnlock Animal Templates
Y, X, Y, X, AUnlock Robot Templates
Y, A, B, A, XUnlock Sports Templates
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Unlockable - Unlock Secret Town

by dgmm7797 Sep 30, 2008

To unlock the secret town, throw a total of 10,000 rapo coins into the town well. Once you have done that, you can switch between the normal town and the secret town at any time simply by tapping on the wishing well on the bottom screen with your stylus.

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Easter Egg - Codes

by beth792 Mar 16, 2009

Press start and hold down L and enter these codes:
Invincibility: AXBBY
Full Health: YXYXA
5 Lives: XYBBA

Template Codes:

Animals: BBAAX
Plants: YABAX
Robots: YXYXA
Sports: YABAX
I hope you like these and ive tried them and they will work. ( :

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Code - Invincibility

by Timegoddess Jun 26, 2008

you'll need invincibility to beat him; otherwise, just wait 4 his shadow breath and if it makes clouds jump on them, hit wilfre, and use the down+a(or b, i cant remember) to attack him. when he dies youll face wilfre and u can only hit him when he's moving.

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Easter Egg - Secret Town

by Shelly_Rulez Oct 15, 2007

Donate 10,000 Rapo (ouch!) to the Wishing Well then you can switch from Normal to Secret Town by clicking on the Wishing Well.

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Code - How 2 be invincible

by mad9 Jan 05, 2011

To become invincible u have 2 pause the game by pressing start then holding L whilst holding L press A X B B Y. To confirm the cheat has worked you will hear a sound like ooh so keep your volume turned up. Press pause to return to the game you will be invincible!

( NOTE: every time you start a new level or you die, this cheat does not stop you from falling down holes you will have to repeat the code. It does work on bosses and is very effective during Wilfree.)

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Secret - Frostwind- how to beat him

by Unregistered Jan 21, 2009

step 1: walk towards a gap. the screen will rumble and he will roar. frostwind will say "Weak little hero... your time is at end. feel my wrath!" then shoot him.
step 2: after he falls, run to the edge of the screen. when he gets close to you, shoot him. he will dive down into the gap. Get snowballs by ground pounding the snowy lump. Repeat until you get to the next stage.
Stage 3: you will jump auto matically and land on a snowy island. you will see heathe locked up, out of reach. frostwind will attack the cage. when he flies, stay in the middle. he come in the gap. he also will shoot ice after he come up. when he comes up a second time, shoot him with your snow shooter. when he's unconcient, ground pound his head. repeat until he is defeated.

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Secret - The Scorpion Boss and Wilfre

by QueenofCheats Dec 14, 2007

I'm new to this site but here is a trick to the Scorpion BOSS!!! Alright, when you enter the chamber, Wilfre is floating there says some threats and scorpion comes along. Run to the left ASAP. Wait for a hissing sound and defend yourself with the legendary sword. After this it will crawl back and produce smoke. Two clouds will appear. HERE IS THE TIP MOST PEOPLE MISS AND THEY HAVE TROUBLE WITH!!! Only jump on the FIRST cloud and jump and hit it's tail! Repeat 3 times and scorpion will die. Wilfre will now take you down himself. He will start to throw the fork things at you. Then he will move to the left. AS HE MOVES jump and swipe him. continue until he dies

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Secret - Scorpion Boss!

by Panja Nov 19, 2007

I was so frustrated with this boss after reading metalx998's hint about how to beat it cuz I could never seem to hurt it and it was taking forever! Finally I figured out that instead of hitting the tail, you just have to jump up and hit Wilfre when you're up on the top cloud.

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Secret - Secret Move (Sort Of)

by Unregistered Dec 17, 2007

If you have the sword and you have the spin attack, then you can do this. Start by using the spin attack like you would usually do to an enemy. The second you touch it it will get hurt. At that moment slice with the sword. If you do it right you will kill almost any bad guy instantly.

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Unlockable - Drawn to Life unlockables: Cheat codes and Fountain prizes

by UltimateShadowHacks Sep 06, 2010

These codes can only be entered in Draw Mode, so head into that first. Then, enter the desired code: (NOTE: You MUST be holding the L button in order for the cheats to work.

  • Health Recovery - Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, A
  • Invincibility - A, X, B, B, Y (NOTE: You don't have to be in Draw Mode for this, just pause the game in a level.)
  • Unlock all Alien Templates - X, Y, B, A, A
  • Unlock all Animal Templates - B, B, A, A, X
  • Unlock all Robot Templates - Y, X, Y, X, A
  • Unlock all Sports Templates - Y, A, B, A, X

These other lines show how many coins you can donate to get prizes. Go to the fountain in the main part of the town and donate the right ammount of Rappo Coins.


  • 2 Lives - 200 Coins
  • 5 Lives - 500 Coins
  • 10 Lives - 6,000 Coins
  • 20 Lives - 8,000 Coins


  • Alt - 7,000 Coins
  • City Funk - 3,000 Coins
  • Special - 1,000 Coins


  • Developer's Grove - 10,000 Coins

Hope this helped!

-USH ^3^

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Unlockable - Drawn to life cheat's hint how to beat wilfre's scorpion

by pokemonmaster240 Aug 10, 2010

When the scorpion blow's smoke stair's will appear go up the stair's you will see wilfre attack him below the scorpion will fall down then do a belly flop on it then it will lose some health+ you get some life continiu this method then you will have to defeat wilfre sorry you have to do this part yourself

swordit will ask you to draw a sword it will do this near the scorpion level
swimming suitafter getting the beach level's
wing's+acorn shooterbefore you go and rescue jowee from um i think it was twilight wood
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Glitch - Moon Jumps

by Unregistered Jun 02, 2009

This glitch only works at surf beach.first ride the surfboard to the level gate don`t go into it but go underwater and go under the walls by pushing down on the control pad an when the time is right push on the left part of the control pad and keep pushing A until you are out. once you get to where you started keep pressing A and you will go to the top of the screen you will still hear the under water music. you will stop if you touch the ground or water you can "Moon Jump" to the level gate!

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Secret - Scorpion boss

by Unregistered Sep 15, 2008

For scropion, instead of getting pinned down, Charge at him then attack near the thing that breaks. When he blows smoke twice, jump into it when it will dissapear, and jump up and hit wilfre VERY FAST. Then ground bounce. do that 3 times and you win!

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Glitch - Vanishing Raposa

by Unregistered Aug 04, 2008

There is an old man raposa that can sometimes vanish for no apparent reason. He just fades out, as if he were going into a building. But he doesnt do it by himself, you have to give him a little help. =D First, you go to the house to the bottom-left of the 4th world gate. then, talk to the old man raposa there 4 times. then talk to the normal man raposa there a few times. while talking to the 2nd raposa, the old guy should vanish! you do need to talk to him a few times, and it doesnt work 100% of the time either. but when it does work, its really freaky!

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Secret - How to destory Dark Wood

by Unregistered Apr 21, 2008

1) Invinsibility----Hold L and press a,x,b,b,y
2) Full health------Hold L and press y,x,y,x,a
3) 30 bullets-------Hold L and press b,b,a,a,x
4) 5 lives----------Hold L and press x,y,b,a,a

Use 1) and shoot the acorns 3 times each .
use 3) to reach 30 bullets
on the second part, use 1) again and stay on the ground and shoot the shadow liard
about 6 times.....

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Secret - Save them

by kjv_fjhfl Mar 31, 2008

save your snowballs when fighting frost wind-- you have to get past him to exterminate him and rescue a raposa

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Glitch - Invisible

by Unregistered Feb 22, 2008

If you don't draw anything for you're person, your invisible ad when you get hurt part of your body appears. The first time you get hit, it looks like you're a floating arm. You can also just draw a head and sometimes you might not get hurt when you get hit.

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