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Elite Forces Unit 77 Review :

A Disappointment

by Bramblefang Jan 10, 2011

Elite Forces Unit 77 gives you a mixed impression because it is developed by a publisher and a developer that aren't widely known as to companies like Square Enix or Nintendo. You really have to take a chance and try it out unless you have someone else's opinion. I got it for Christmas of 2010, and I must say that I'm not satisfied.

When opening the game, you get a pretty impressive opening sequence giving you the "This might be good." feeling but trust me, it's quite a boring ride. There are several missions you can do. Doing all of them takes some time to do especially since the characters you use move in a slow pace. I think the first thing that caught my attention was the graphics. They actually looked pretty nice compared to other games at this time. However, when all the tutorials began I started to think "Wtf?"

There are four characters you can control. You're allowed to switch between any of the characters doing the "Mission" or level. You have the option to travel in a group or to travel alone, but why would you go solo when there's a mob of enemies attacking you? Each have special abilities that help you on your mission.

The man on the left (Look at the box art) is the "Mine Disabler.'" He is the only one in the force that can see mines when controlled. The only problem with this is that if you're another character along with him, you might run into mines without even knowing they were right there. He doesn't even warn you :| He is also the only one who can drive vehicles apparently since his comrads don't have driver's licenses. The man in the middle left is kind of like the beast of the force. His special ability is to use a Bazooka which provides major destruction to anything he shoots the thing at. I haven't found many problems with him so he's okay to use. The girl is the "Sniper." She can snipe any enemy from a far distance but unless you deactivate her sniping mode, you might start to continue on the map and leave her behind when you switch to another character because she won't get out of her sniping stance until you deactivate it. Finally, you get the genius of the force. The only special things he can do is throw grenades at boxes or enemies to defeat them. He can also fix and use machinery and such.

The controls are similar to a game like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks. Almost everything you do is controlled by your stylus. One of the only exceptions would be driving, which has horrible controls. To shoot an enemy, you tap them. If they're moving, you've got to continue tapping on them to keep shooting them. It's just like mashing buttons but you're tapping them. Aside from that, you also move by pressing on a spot on the map. Naturally, if you're enemy is moving, you might tap the map instead of the enemy causing you to run toward them which isn't very good in some cases.

The final thing I have to criticize about this game is the soundtrack. Overall, it's not so impressive. I don't feel like James Bond, defeating like twenty enemies single handed with my heart pumping waiting to see if I can make it out of the fight alive. There's nothing memorable and I think the game feels the same even without the music.


This game is.....Mediocre compared to other NDS games like Zelda, Pokemon, and Kirby. If felt very boring playing the game and had no extra objectives after you completed all the missions. There isn't even a multiplayer feature so the first thing you're probably going to do with it when completed is to stuff it on your game shelf to be long forgotten for years. Want to play a good mission based game? Play Golden Eye 007 or play Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It uses the same stylus controls, but hell it works better then this thing you call a "game."

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
4Story line
They tried to add some story in the beginning with a description of a terrorists plot, but it's nothing that catches my attention.
Pretty smooth.....and sleek. It's actually the highlight of the game in my opinion. Unfortunately, other aspects just make you want to turn off the game.
The music doesn't have that up beating music of a game like Golden Eye 007 and the sound affects aren't that great.
Could have done some re working for this game. The vehicle maneuvering is horrible, the characters are very slow, and the stylus controls don't work so well for this kind of game.
6Lasting Appeal
Long missions but lacks any time trials or extras to cover more game play time. You just have a campaign mode.
(Out of 10)


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