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Final Fantasy III Cheats :

This page contains Final Fantasy III cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 27 cheats in our list, which includes 6 glitches, 21 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Final Fantasy III on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ClOne Items

by Aldermar Mar 26, 2009

To make this glitch successful you'll have to follow these steps:

1 Place any items at the top-left slot (First slot)
2 Get into a random battle
3 Go to Items (Works with any character)
4 Select the Item (While the cursor is highlighting it)
5 Now press UP + A at the same time
6 Press B

Now you should have an item duplicated
Now you can get 99 Items without buying anything!
And having 99 Elixirs is better as well!
Good luck

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DuPlicate Items

by ps2knowitall Dec 17, 2009

ALWAYS use this glitch before a boss. First, make sure the item you want to duplicate is on the first right side panel or second panel (the panel is the place/on the top). Then make sure they are reuseable items, such as Elixrs,Potions, Antarctic wind. Then run around until you get into a battle. Then when you enter battle, go down to items. Then notice that when you press up it goes to the Attack option. Then go back to the item. Press Up+A at the same. Then if it works you will see a flash. Then make sure you don't go over 99. Also, you should do this with Antarctic Wind and sell them and get a lot of money! See ya'!

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MaJor Damage for only around 100 hp

by Unregistered Jul 20, 2009

This is your lucky break players who want to inflict major damage in a short amount of time. what you need to do is get a dark knight. equip him with anysword it doesnt matter. than when you get into battle make sure that everyone except the DK is in guard. than use SoulEater. this move will give aroung 1000 damage to all enemies on the field. you can get this job when you get to the surface world and the 3rd crystal. i had a lvl 54 blacknight at job lvl 1 that did 7065 damage to everyone on the feild. good luck

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ItEm Modifier / Key Item Modifier

by Craigger1 Mar 25, 2008

Finally! The codes that everyone has been waiting for is here! This code is to get 99 of any weapon/item/key item you want.

XXXX = Qty (0063 -> 99)
YYYY = Item (Look at Digit List)

Item Modifier Slot 1

Key Item Modifier Slot 1

Digits List *ALL VERIFIED*:

1389 -> Potion
138A -> Hi-Potion
138B -> Antidote
138C -> Eye Drops
138D -> Echo Herbs
138E -> Gold Needle
138F -> Maiden's Kiss
1390 -> Mallet
1391 -> Ottershroom
1392 -> Phoenix Down
1393 -> Elixir
1394 -> Gnomish Bread
1395 -> Magic Key
1396 -> Gysahl Greens
13ED -> Antarctic Wind
13EE -> Zeus's Wrath
13EF -> Bomb Fragment
13F0 -> Lamia Scale
13F1 -> Bacchus's Cider
13F2 -> Tranquilizer
13F3 -> Bomb Arm
13F4 -> Arctic Wind
13F5 -> Heavenly Wrath
13F6 -> Earthen Drums
13F7 -> Turtle Shell
13F8 -> Angel's Sigh
13F9 -> Black Hole
13FA -> Black Musk
13FB -> Lilith's Kiss
13FC -> Raven's Yawn
13FD -> Shell Breaker
13FE -> Silence Seal
13FF -> Sheep Pillow
1400 -> Shining Curtain
1401 -> Chocobo's Wrath
1402 -> White Musk

Key Items:
1451 -> Nepto Eye
1452 -> Horn of Ice
1453 -> Wheel of Time
1454 -> Noah's Lute
1455 -> Eureka Key
1456 -> Syrcus Key
1457 -> Fang of Water
1458 -> Fang of Wind
1459 -> Fang of Fire
145A -> Fang of Earth
145B -> Chain Key
145C -> Folding Canoe
145D -> Levigrass Shoes
145E -> Sara's Pendant
145F -> Sara's Pendant
1460 -> Unknown Metal
1461 -> Orichalcum
1462 -> Freelancer Card
1463 -> Onion Knight Card
1464 -> Warrior Card
1465 -> Monk Card
1466 -> White Mage Card
1467 -> Black Mage Card
1468 -> Red Mage Card
1469 -> Ranger Card
146A -> Knight Card
146B -> Thief Card
146C -> Scholar Card
146D -> Geomancer Card
146E -> Dragoon Card
146F -> Viking Card
1470 -> Dark Knight Card
1471 -> Evoker Card
1472 -> Bard Card
1473 -> Black Belt Card
1474 -> Devout Card
1475 -> Magus Card
1476 -> Summoner Card
1477 -> Sage Card
1478 -> Ninja Card
1479 -> Metal Card

White Magic:
0FA1 -> Cure
0FA2 -> Poisona
0FA3 -> Sight
0FA4 -> Aero
0FA5 -> Toad
0FA6 -> Mini
0FA7 -> Cura
0FA8 -> Teleport
0FA9 -> Blindna
0FAA -> Libra
0FAB -> Confuse
0FAC -> Silence
0FAD -> Curaga
0FAE -> Raise
0FAF -> Protect
0FB0 -> Aeroga
0FB1 -> Stona
0FB2 -> Haste
0FB3 -> Curaja
0FB4 -> Esuna
0FB5 -> Reflect
0FB6 -> Tornado
0FB7 -> Arise
0FB8 ->... 

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WaLk on Water

by ps2knowitall Dec 17, 2009

This might not work on all bodys of water on the map. First get the airchip helicopter thing. Park it sideways(so the front is pointing at the bottom screen)in an isle of water that leads into a lake. Then get out and you will probably be able to walk on water.

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waLk thru the walls and maniac runners

by jaypee Jan 07, 2009

use select and up to enable,select and down to disable,if you want a maniac runner glitch enable this if you have an EDGE game card

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Final Fantasy III Cheats


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