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Final Fantasy IV Cheats :

This page contains Final Fantasy IV cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 23 cheats in our list, which includes 2 easter eggs, 21 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Final Fantasy IV on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ThE Dark Matter item

by Aldermar Mar 24, 2009

To get this item you're going to have to steal it off from Zeromus

It may sound hard but well worth it

Then later on you may face Proto Babil the secret boss other than Zeromus EG from Advance series Good luck

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PrOto Babil

by Aldermar Mar 24, 2009

This secret boss you've seen can pack serious punch

You have seen this Babil of Giant before To meet such creature you need the Dark Matter stolen from Zeromus

This boss will appear after you've beaten the game

Make sure you have the right augments for each character for this battle

Good luck

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HoW to defeat Barbarriccia

by Aldermar Feb 10, 2009

Her Tornado will bring your party down to 1 HP left or more.... Have Rosa to use Pray or use Cure spells. And it's a good idea to use Protect and Shell on your entire party.

If she turns into a tornado herself, have Kain to use "Jump" on her, no other attacks affect her. Aerial attacks works effectively. Her weakness may be Earth but she avoids it alot. It's best to cast Slow and lower her defense to end this battle more easier.

In that case, the battle should be easy. :)

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HoW to defeat Cagnazo

by Aldermar Feb 09, 2009

His Tsunami move KO's you and it gets annoying right?

Well, have Tellah or Palom to use any Thunder spells. Cagnazo's DEF will increase if he goes into his shell. And plus will heal himself.

The battle should be easy unless you negate his Tsunami move. Or else an instant death for your party. Good luck.

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HoW to defeat Scarmiglione

by Aldermar Feb 09, 2009

If you have problems around Round 2, well here's a helpful hint:
Switch Cecil in back and all mages in front. If you're going to battle him.

His weakness is Fire and Holy. As for Holy, use Cure or Cura on him. And have Palom to use Fira.

Cecil should double his strength with Darkness. Hurts but well worth it.

Anyways, if this works for you. Please comment. Good luck. :)

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UlTimate Weapons

by Aldermar Mar 27, 2009

Is found in Lunar Subterrane and must defeat Dark Bahamut to get it
Beware of its power this is one mean monster you're facing

Holy Lance-
Is also found in that place now you must face Plague Horror a small flying eyeball creature will cast doom at the entire party Quickly damage the boss and have Kain use Jump on it
Everyone will die as Kain will be in the air use the Phoenix Down on anyone and continue the battle And you will get the Lance

Defeat Ogopogo boss to get this weapon
This boss is similar to Leviathan but even stronger

Defeat the White Dragon to get this weapon
NOTE: Your party will have fatal death if it counters with 'Quake' have Rosa cast Float to your party

And that's all you need to know to get these ultimate weapons from
Onion Swords and other stuff like that coming soon =)

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HoW to defeat Rubicante

by Aldermar Mar 26, 2009

You cannot harm Rubicante while he covers himself with his robe

Either you must damage him with physically or set your defensive

When he opens up use Rydia's Shiva and use Edge's Flood
Using Blizzard spells makes Rubicante counter with his own Blizzara on himself causing to hurt himself instead! (Only if he opens up his robe he heals once he covers himself with his robe)

Good luck

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by Aldermar Mar 26, 2009

To get Asura you must have the White Magic "Reflect" for Rosa

During battle use Reflect on Asura (Which now you can't hurt her with Black Magic but at least she won't heal herself)

This battle should be easy

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by Aldermar Mar 26, 2009

After you've defeated Asura the old man IS the King
"You think I'm the King?
No no!
I'm just the feeble old man"

You think huh?

Well you might want to save before battling him

Obviously you need to cast Thunder spells on him Or Rumuh Edge's Blitz or Zeus' Wrath item

Good luck

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by Aldermar Mar 26, 2009

(During this battle use Edge's Steal ability to get Darkness augment Cecil's Dark Knight ability)

Odin can be found in Baron Castle right after Leviathan battle
The location where the true King of Baron is in the East side of castle opposite direction where Cecil goes to his bedroom

There the King of Baron will become Odin

Weakness is Thunder spells (Just like Leviathan)

NOTE: This summon can cause instant death It will not work for all enemies

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by Aldermar Mar 26, 2009

To get this summon go to where you have found Yang in bed

After you're out of the Giant of Babil now you can go back for the Slypths and get that summon

Good luck

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by Aldermar Mar 26, 2009

The final eidolon lies at the moon After you've defeated Odin and Leviathan now you can face Bahamut the Father of Eidolons Whatever that means

You will meet him in Bahamut's Cave there you'll see two little girls and a summoner who is named: Bahamut

Careful during battle Bahamut stores up a nasty Mega Flare in 5 turns
I'm not sure what it does but you need to kill it within

Well best of luck =)

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FaCing the Elemental Archfiends in the Babil of Giant

by Aldermar Mar 26, 2009

The 4 Lords have expanded their HP and one more thing: Since you have a different party you cannot harm them as usual since you've met them at the first time Now you need a new strategy

Scarmiglione: Holy is no longer its weakness will absorb Holy if hit Weapons do not count He is still weak to flames

Cagnazzo: Using Blizzaga on it to cause high damage But watch out: If water surrounds him while hitting him with Blizzard spells he will heal

Barbariccia: Without Kain's jump you need to use Black Magick or Rydia's summon to beat her

Rubicante: As annoying as ever use the same strategy as you did before since first time

Good luck

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PrEventing Rubicante's Inferno

by yoelalan Nov 09, 2011

The Elemental Archfiend of Fire, Rubicante, has a powerful attack called Inferno, which will damage the party as well as heal himself. He only uses this attack when his cloak is open. While his cloak is open, use Steal with Edge. This will force Rubicante to close his cloak again instantly and prevent him from using his most potent attack.

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ViEw Credits

by chaseman88 Nov 09, 2011

In the developer's room in the Dwarve's Castle, inspect the shelf behind the doll in the first room to view the credits.

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NeW Game +

by Rebel17 Nov 09, 2011

Beat the game and you can save and start from the beginning with augments and specifics things carried over. After 3 playthroughs in a row, you can't start another New Game + on that file (unless you delete it).

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EaSy Max Score on Rydia's Mathemagic Minute

by frank833 Nov 09, 2011

If you're stumped on getting the max score (9999) on Rydia's Mathemagic Minute, there is a easy way. When you're about to begin the minigame, quickly remember the numbers and close your Nintendo DS screen. It will put your Nintendo DS in sleep mode. Write down the numbers you remember and solve the mathemagic. After you find your answer, quickly open up your Nintendo DS and prepare to copy the answer as fast as you can. Keep doing this until you get your max score (9999) and Whyt's Summoner costume at the end.

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NaMingway Guide

by Unregistered Sep 17, 2010

There are Namingway Location:

Area New Name Location

Baron Castle Namingway West Tower,first floor near the stairs

Mist Cave Mappingway Cave entrance

Kaipo Livingway Northeast house

Fabul Recordingway In the INN

Chocobo Forest Campingway Forest,center

Baron Town Jammingway Weapon and armor shop

Troia Town Cheatingway Behind the INN

Agart Puddingway House behind the well

Dwarven Castle Mopingway Lali-ho Pub,behind the weapon shop

The Feymarch Lovingway West Of Whyt's house

Mysidia Weddingway House Of Prayer

Hummingway Abode Hummingway Hummingway Abode

Random Going-my-way See list below chart

Possible Going-my-way locations:

-Any Chocobo Forests:

-West Of Baron

-Northeast Of Fabul

-South Of Mount Ordeals

-North Of Troia

-South and slightly west of Troia

-Center of the ocean,north of Mist

-Underground Lake B1(enter from Damcyan side)

-Mount Hobs Summit

-Troia(north part of the town where woman is sunbathing)

-Sylph Cave B2(center-north most area)

-Lair Of The Father B1,northeast corner(by the chest with the Genji Shield)

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TrEasure chests (hidden)

by starfox26 May 18, 2009

Now i might not be as gd as aldermar but i got stuck on the game and went sniffing around the castle you start of in the one (baron castle) now there are loads of hidden passage ways and stuff so on the 1st floor head right and go up the stairsthen keep going ( u'll end up on top off a bit off the castle but just keep going fowardthen go down the stairs. this is where the gd bit is

INSTEAD of going striaght ahead turn left and press the A button on the yellow thing on the wall ( must be directly infront of it) then the passage will open

Follow the passage round


then follow it down and unlock the treasure chests and exit

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RaInbow Pudding

by Aldermar Apr 17, 2009

It can be obtained by slaying as much flans as you can. (Ex. Red Flan, Yellow Jelly, White Mousse)

But it's a rare drop item. So you'll have to slay it many times to get it.

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HoW to defeat Zeromus

by Aldermar Apr 20, 2009

Zeromus the final boss of the game. To make it reveal it's true form, Cecil must use the Crystal and he's the only one to do it.

Once Zeromus gained his true form, now it may be your chance to cast slow on it and steal the "Dark Matter" from him as well.

To be warned, Zeromus's 'Big Bang' is highly destructive that it will surely KO most of your party and a additional effect 'Sap', the most annoying status effect. His 'Black Hole' spell nullifies all magical effects (such as slow, protect, haste, shell, sap, etc.). And he can also use the powerful Black Magic 'Meteor'.

This boss battle is a pain but your party must be around LV 70-80 to beat it.
Good luck

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