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Fossil Fighters: Champions Cheats :

This page contains Fossil Fighters: Champions cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 19 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 8 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 6 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fossil Fighters: Champions on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Special Vivosaurs

by BDC1239 Jan 19, 2012
IgnoBonus Data (Need Wi-Fi)
FrigiBonus Data (Need Wi-Fi)
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Unlockable - Chickens

by WiiGamer Jan 06, 2012

After the game there is five chickens obtained from side missions.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Squik (Neutral)"Egg-xact Timing" (Help the man in Hot springs boil and egg for about 10 seconds)
Squirk (Fire)"Close shave" (Give the man on top of Mt. Krakanak some ice from the small ice pillar in the cave at Icegrip Plataethea)
Squirth (Earth)"Curious Cleaning" (A club in Cranial City accepting members wearing a hare mask obtain after 80 cleaning)
Squilk (Water)"Hot Spring in Your Step" (A man in Mt. Krakanak wants you to bring some water from the hot spring to him)
Squiro (Air)"Concentrate" (Attraction on Bonechip Island in Don Boneyard's quarters)
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Unlockable - Beat Zongazonga

by mcc24 Jan 06, 2012

After you beat the game, you unlocked Zongazonga's Castle. Once you go in there, Talk to the the staff and pay 3000 G.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Z-ElasmoBeat Zongazonga Again
Z-PteraBeat Zongazonga Again
Z-RexBeat Zongazonga Again
Z-TriceraBeat Zongazonga Again
ZongazongaBeat Zongazonga Again
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Unlockable - Gold Fossil Evolutions

by WiiGamer Jan 25, 2012

Give a gold fossil to the specific dinosaur will result in the specific unlockable.

T-Rex LordGive a gold fossil to a T-Rex
Giga AlloGive a gold fossil to a Allo
Giga SpinaxGive a gold fossil to a Spinax
V-RipperGive a gold fossil to a V-Raptor
DespinoGive a gold fossil to a Spino
O-Raptor FiendGive a gold fossil to a O-Raptor
RydenGive a gold fossil to a Brachio
OmiasGive a gold fossil to a Amargo
BarbarosGive a gold fossil to a Stego
DydomioGive a gold fossil to a Yango
GalgaronGive a gold fossil to a Ankylo
ZanthGive a gold fossil to a Pelto
HibigonGive a gold fossil to a Igua
PapygonGive a gold fossil to a Anato
HeraclesGive a gold fossil to a Tricera
BuldorGive a gold fossil to a Pachrino
Dimorph AceGive a gold fossil to a Dimorph
MomoGive a gold fossil to a Futabi
KaishinGive a gold fossil to a Elasmo
MarpleGive a gold fossil to a Plesio
TefflaGive a gold fossil to a Aeros
Mapo KingGive a gold fossil to a Mapo
Giga RajaGive a gold fossil to a Raja
EquinasGive a gold fossil to a Toba
ShenliuGive a gold fossil to a Argento
BulgonGive a gold fossil to a Tsintao
BlitzigonGive a gold fossil to a Chasmo
Nycto AceGive a gold fossil to a Nycto
LugmosGive a gold fossil to a Dimetro
GeneosGive a gold fossil to a Edapho
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Unlockable - Special Vivosaurs

by BDC1239 Jan 19, 2012
Unlockable:How to unlock:
IgnoBonus Data (Need Wi-Fi).
FrigiBonus Data (Need Wi-Fi).
BoneysaursDefeat Cole, Lester, and Lola after the main story is over.
ZombiesaursDefeat Zongazonga after the main story is over.
ZongazongaDefeat Zongazonga after the main story is over.
DinomatonDefeat all of the Dinaurians (Wi-Fi bonus quest).
DunaDefeat all of the Dinaurians (Wi-Fi bonus quest).
RaptinDefeat all of the Dinaurians (Wi-Fi bonus quest).
DynalDefeat all of the Dinaurians (Wi-Fi bonus quest).
TonzillaDefeat Robinson after the main story is over.
SaladaDefeat Ryne (Wi-Fi bonus quest)
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Unlockable - Get all 3 dinurians and dinomaton

by Laimonas Jan 10, 2012

To get all the dinurians you have to go to the multiplayer option and then choose wi-fi connection. There you will see the bonus data option select it and you will get a dragon message (*note. you will only get the dragon message if you already passed the game) When you get the dragon message you go to petrified woods and there you will fight Duna. After you beat her she sends you to hot spring heights to fight Raptin. When you beat him he will send you to fight Dynal in the pyramid this is the last dinurian and when you beat him you get the dinurians.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Beat DynalGet Duna, Raptin, Dynal and Dinomaton Rank12
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Unlockable - Unlockable Vivasaurs

by pisia Jan 06, 2012

First beat the game. Then meet the requirements.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
B-BrachioBeat Lola
B-LambeoBeat Cole
B-PteraBeat Lester
B-RexBeat Lola
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Easter Egg - How to Beat the Battle Against Zongazonga

by Dirkxc Jun 19, 2013

An easy way to beat Zongazonga is (This is how I beat him on my first try) to have a: Rank 14 Aeros, a Rank 13 Tricera with a silver fossil body so he is pink and green, and a Rank 13 Raja.


--- Dirkxc

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Secret - For those having trouble in the bb base tournament.

by cronkwjo Mar 20, 2013

post what team you used in the final stage of the post game battle royal tournament. me team was as follows: in az: trex lord, in sz: 2 guans both with silver fossils. ingreen section i had hibigon, and giga spinax. i used giga spinax in third round against kent who uses all water tyes, and i incorporated hibigon in rounds 2 and 3.and in the final round with joe i used the trex lord and 2 guans.

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Code - Duh!

by casshern123 Jul 30, 2012

you know, you can find wondrous and miraculous fossil rocks EVERYWHERE. It's just some places are more plentiful than others.

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Code - How to get wonderus and gold fosils

by Unregistered Jul 04, 2012

go to petrified woods with a fully upgraded sonar and red mask. dig only yellow dots.

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Unlockable - Unlock Tonzilla

by prety girl May 26, 2012

Unlockable:How to unlock:
TonzillaAfter beating the game, go back to the Bonehemoth and beat Robinson
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Secret - How to get gold fossil rocks/silver

by slimjimslam2002 Feb 23, 2012
  1. go to treasure whatevers pay to dig site
  2. dig and revive fossil rocks
  3. go back and get some gold/silver rocks
  4. enjoy (might take a little while to get the rocks you want)
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Code - Getting B-Tricera

by FossilFighter12391 Jan 30, 2012

First Beat the game and then go to cranial citys's Fossil Guild,then fight lester (He has all Rank 20)

Beat Lester(After Beaten Game)(Dino Medals)B-Tricera & B-Ptera
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Code - Quick Silver Fossils

by FossilFighter12391 Jan 25, 2012

You need 3000g and go to treasure lake get a 64 fossil pack(u must have icegrip plateau unlocked)go to the paytodig site and there you go you will get lucky if you get some i got 2 within 5min.(This is a hint)

(Hint)Go To Treasure Lake(Hint)You might get lucky and get Wonderous Fossils
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Secret - Another one of the five chickens

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

Another one of the five chickens can be obtained going to the bb brigade base after beating the game and go to where you fought Don Boneyard and talk to the man.He will ask you if you want to play the new attraction click yes you can have up to four misses but to get the fossil you have to have two or more tries left and you will get the fossil rock.Happy to help!I will post ways to get others when I find out.


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Secret - The 2 chicken

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

go to mt. krakanak go as far as possible u will c a man do what he says and u will get it

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Secret - One of the five chickens!

by Unregistered Nov 30, 2011

After u beat the game, go to hot spring. There will be a guy standing in front of the pool on the right. He'll ask u for help. click yes. For the egg boiling part, u will see 3 dots repeatedly going over the guys head. After 6 set of 3 dots and 1 dot, click A. (19 dots). He will give u the fossil rock.

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Secret - Strong vivosors for starters (beet game first)

by slimjimslam2002 Mar 05, 2012

if you beet the game and want strong vivos for your other game this is how

  1. start a new game
  2. when it says start from scratch hit yes
  3. it will say some stuff
  4. you will have vivos from your other game

if you want to go to my profile click my profile

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