Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review :

GTA Chinatown?......Okay

by Rubencheathanger Jul 01, 2013

Gta Chinatown is not the same like other GTA games it is the first game for the NDS with 18+ mature.Here you control the Rich kid Huang lee who's father was killed in China 'Kowloon'.When he arrives in Liberty City (GTA IV III LCS Ballad of *** Tony) Francis international Airport.He gets ambushed and left for dead.He swears that he will find the sword and the assassins whoever they were.So now form this point you are about to face a Dangerous city to find your fathers murder.You have new technologies like the newly 'PDA' with an inbuilt map and you have a different weapon interface.If you don't like to play the Chinese Storyline try to do challenges like 'Beach Blitz' by riding with a fast sportcar trough the checkpoints to gain Prize Money or fight against gangs to get their drugs and can also play with WiFi connection against other players troughout the internet.If you want to know the Storyline.......Buy and play the game.

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9Story line
The storline is somewhat easy and hard.You will meet underbosses of Liberty City and Poeple who need your help like the appeared 'Random characters'these things you must do to find the killer of Huangs i give it a 9.
The grapics are low in the Nintendo DS version.But in the PSP version of the game it's whole 3D so the grapics are improved.and the characters look somewhat i give it a 8 because the grapics in the NDS version have to be like the PSP version and the Characters need voices.
The Radiostations are with music that play each time you are in a car or on a motor.But what gets really annoying is that only 4 songs are avaible on each radiostation.In the PSP version you have 5 extra stations so i give it a 7.
Gameplay is very good.You can get strong weapons like the 'Flametrowher' or the 'Minigun.You can aslo steal fast cars to joyride trough the entire city.But what is diffrent are the 'Wanted Level System'.this time oyu need to let cars crash instead driving away form i give this a 10.
10Lasting Appeal
I really like the game.I play it 2 years.I like to recommend this game to everyone.and don't think it's boring because Rockstar North didn't let you use the 'Helicopter Feature' to let you fly in heli's.But it is a really good game so play it to Experience the NDS GTA world.
(Out of 10)


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