Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review :

Harry Potter #6: Half Blood Prince

by sdan12 Jun 15, 2011

This game involves a lot of spell casting and wand waving along with mini games and "painting travel". This game is part six in the harry potter series. i think some of the earlier harry potter games are better then this one. Especially the ones on the game boy. I think that the graphics are sloppy and the sound is annoying. I think the game creators could have done better and that the game isn't the worst I've ever seen. But, honestly, the game isn't the best. I think this game would definitely be better on a different console and I hope that I've helped you decide in whether or not you should get this game.

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7Story line
The story line is a little bit wierd. It adds on alot of things that wern't in the move or book. Stuff like, you have to find this before you can get on with the story. It's really irritating.
The graphics are horrible. You can barely tell who is who. Sometimes, it's hard to tell whether their in your house or not. You can barely see if their holding a wand. These graphics are not exactly the worst but not exactly okay.
The music is annoying and I don't think it changes very often. Except for when your dueling. It will go up to just exactly the spot you want it to but I doubt you'll even want to hear the music.
The gameplay is so annoying and irritating that it will be hard to move or cast spells sometimes. When you try to collect something or talk to someone, the game won't respond.
6Lasting Appeal
I don't like this game. Everything about it isn't good. I think that it would probably be better on an xbox or ps3. I wouldn't reccomend this game to anyone.
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