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Harvest Moon DS Cheats :

This page contains Harvest Moon DS cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 50 cheats in our list, which includes 3 cheats codes, 4 unlockables, 6 easter eggs, 10 glitches, 27 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Harvest Moon DS on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - 1,000,000,000 G !!! ( i swear it works...)

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2008

first it MUST be winter and you must have at least one fishing team sprite. go to the sprite company and talk to Guts and asign the fishing team to fish at the beach for 7 days. (the sprite will work the next day...) everyday that the sprite is working, look at your money, and on the second to last day, you will be a billion dollars richer!!!!!!!!!! (dont ask me how it works, it just does!)

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Unlockable - Bachelorette Likes

by fayor Mar 26, 2009

This is a list of the likes of Muffy Nami Lumina Flora Leia Keria Celia and the Witch Princess
I hope you will use this guide
Many people ask questions about what a certain girl likes
This will hopefully answer some of those questions

This is not a cheat for unlockables but I couldn't find anything else to fit this subject

Unlockable:How to unlock:
MuffyJewelry Wine Chocolate
NamiGrape Wild Grape your Dog Ball (you can give the ball to her everyday Thomas the Mayor will give it back to you the next morning)
LuminaDiamonds Jewelry Flowers Other Gems
FloraDiamonds Other Gems
LeiaFish (large especially) Jewelry Message in a Bottle Flowers
KeriaGolden Lumber Suns Gems Finest Curry Ultimate Curry
CeliaFlowers Farm Products Jewelry
Witch PrincessRed Grass Rainbow Curry

Secret - Leia

by fayor Apr 20, 2009

To get Leia, you must befriend Daryl. HE enjoys grass and shiitake. You know he is your friend when he starts saying "My ansectors did cow cloning" Then go into his basement and you will be introduced to Leia the mermaid.

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Secret - All answers to requests

by fayor Mar 31, 2009

1) To get the mermaid Leia befriend Daryl You know he's your friend when he starts talking about cow cloning Then go down to his basement and you will meet her
2) To make crops a higher level you can plant them in the room behind the waterfall
3) To get a horse sell 100 items
4) To get the fishing rod go into Gallen's house at 12 pm with no tool equipped
5) Jewelry is found in the mine (where Flora and Carter walk) when you dig the ground with the hoe
6) Once getting the big bed and your rival to a red heart you also have to collect at least 60 Harvest Sprites

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Easter Egg - MORE MEDALS

by animeprincess2 Aug 24, 2010

Well, if you need ,more medals heres what you do.

PLAY THE MATCH GAME, win go for double up and keep going for double up, and soon you''ll have like alot of medals!!! it keeps mulityplying by 2. So you bet 10 coins and go for double up you get 40 coins then double up 80 coins 160 320 and so on. but if you get to high and lose all that work for nothing. i suggest stop when you are at like 500 or 600s or something

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Secret - All Food Will Be Serve

by hanako Aug 31, 2009

Frying Pan

Stir Fry = Oil + Cabbage
Fried Rice = Riceballs + Oil + Egg
Savory Pancake = Cabbage + Flour + Egg + Oil
French Fries = Potato + Oil
Croquette = Potato + Onion + Egg + Flour + Oil
Popcorn = Corn
Cornflakes = Corn + Milk
Happy Eggplant = Eggplant
Scrambled Eggs = Egg + Oil
Omelet = Egg + Milk + Oil
Omelet Rice = Egg + Milk + Oil + Riceballs
Apple Souffle = Apple
Curry Bread = Bread + Curry Powder + Oil
French Toast = Egg + Bread + Oil
Doughnut = Egg + Milk + Butter + Flour + Oil
Grilled Fish = Medium Fish
Fried Thick Noodles = Noodles + Oil
Fried Noodles = Buckwheat Noodles + Oil
Tempura = Egg + Flour + Oil
Pancake = Egg + Milk + Flour + Oil
Pot Sticker = Cabbage + Onion + Flour + Oil
Risotto = Tomato + Onion + Riceballs + Oil
Dry Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder
Hot Milk = Milk
Hot Chocolate = Milk + Chocolate X
Wild Grape Wine = (wild) Grape + Wine + Purple Grass
Pumpkin Stew = Pumpkin
Fish Stew = Medium Fish or Large Fish
Boiled Spinach = Spinach
Boiled Egg = Egg
Candied Potato = Yam
Dumplings = Cabbage + Onion + Flour + Oil
Strawberry Jam = Strawberry
Apple Jam = Apple
Grape Jam = (wild) Grape
Marmalade = Orange
Cheese Fondue = Cheese + Bread
Noodles = Flour
Curry Noodles = Noodles + Curry Powder
Tempura Noodles = Tempura + Noodles
Buckwheat Noodles = Buckwheat Flour
Tempura Buckwheat Noodles = Buckwheat Noodles + Tempura
Mountain Stew = Carrot + Bamboo Shoots + shiitake
Rice Soup = Riceballs
Porridge = Milk + Riceballs
Tempura Rice = Riceballs + Tempura
Egg Over Rice = Egg + Riceballs
Stew = Milk + Flour
Curry Rice = Riceballs + Curry Powder
Red Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder + Red Grass
Orange Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder + Orange Grass
Yellow Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder + Yellow Grass
Green Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder + Green Grass
Blue Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder + Blue Grass
Indigo Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder + Indigo Grass
Purple Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder + Purple Grass
Black Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder + Black Grass
White Curry = Riceballs + Curry Powder + White Grass
Rainbow Curry = Blue Curry + Green Curry + Red Curry + Yellow Curry + Orange Curry + Purple Curry + Indigo Curry + Curry Rice
Ultimate Curry = Rainbow Curry + Black Curry + burnt Frypan dish + burnt Pot dish + burnt Oven dish + burnt Mixer dish + burnt Steamer dish +... 

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Hints - One billion gold

by Mc-Carthy101 May 07, 2007

all u need to do is get the harvest sprites to fish at the sea in winter and in a few days you will have a bill gold

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Secret - Info on all the girls

by Jirachi-Doomdesire Aug 23, 2007


She is the Harvest Goddess' playful rival, but a spell miscalculation lead to the Goddess' disappearance. In an attempt to fix the problem Witch sent the Sprites off in a similar fashion. Now she spends her days inside of her hut next to Romana's mansion, brooding over her books and cauldron.

The Witch Princess does not appear to be marriageable in the North American version of HMDS due to bugs introduced in the localization coding. Witch does not recognize the animals that you have killed off, so the requirement can not be met.


Winter 29

Likes and Dislikes

+800 LP
+9 FP

Rainbow Curry

+500 LP
+9 FP

Normal Items
Toadstool, Red Grass, Gold Lumber

Cooked Items
Ultimate Curry, Finest Curry

+300 LP
+3 FP

Normal Items
Blue Grass, Green Grass, Yellow Grass, Orange Grass, Purple Grass, Indigo Grass, Black Grass, White Grass, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil, Copper, Silver, Gold, Mythril, Orihalcon, Adamantite, Moonstone, Sandrose, Alexandrite, Mythic Stone, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Pink Diamond, Peridot, Flourite, Agate, Amethyst, Spring Sun, Summer Sun, Fall Sun, Winter Sun, Lithograph, Fish Bones, Empty Can

Cooked Items
Blue Curry, Green Curry, Red Curry, Yellow Curry, Orange Curry, Purple Curry, Indigo Curry, Black Curry, White Curry, Bodigizer, Turbojolt, Bodigizer XL, Turbojolt XL

-500 LP
-3 FP

Normal Items
Necklace, Bracelet, Broach, Earrings, Dress, Sunblock, Facial Pack, Perfume, Skin Lotion, Dog Ball

Cooked Items

-800 LP
-9 FP

Normal Items
Boot, Fodder, Bird Feed

Cooked Items
Peach Juice

-5000 LP
-20 FP


Heart Events

These are translated from the Japanese version of HMDS. The English events may have different text.

Black Heart Event
» Exit Romana's mansion
» 6:00 am to 12:00 am

When leaving the house you'll hear a strange sound. The chanting is coming from the hut next door. Inside you'll find Witch regretting sending the Goddess off, but she was just trying to make michief! The Goddess is too sensitive. She then notices that you were standing there listening to her rant. Witch asks if you feel the same about the Goddess. Tell the Witch "I'm fed up" and the Witch will be happy.

Purple Heart Event
» Exit the Sprite Company Tree
» 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
» Litter at least 10 times
» Have killed 50 or more of your animals
» Donated a Toadstool to the Harvest Festival for 5 years
» Try to exit the... 

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Secret - Mushroom Shed

by fayor Jun 11, 2009

You can get Gotz to build you a Mushroom Shed. When inside, there will be a couple of tables. To grow a mushroom, you must place a chopped piece of lumber on a table. Then buy some mushroom seeds from Vesta's store. To spread the seeds, stand beside the table. You must water them everyday. Wait until the mushrooms are larger to gain more money.

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Secret - GET 1,000,000,0000 G

by Unregistered Jan 21, 2008


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Glitch - Milk/ Shear your horse/sheep/cow

by Unregistered Sep 10, 2008

Get a touch glove
set it to your accessory slot.
next ensure you have a brush, and shears/milker
equip the brush
Brush animal, and press B before it counts down
quickly switch your brush with your shear/ milker
if done correctly.... the animation of brushing
will finishmand you will milk/shear the animal

constant use of this will provide high lv milk/wool
i have a lv100 shears, producing 100 lv67 wool per use

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Secret - How to Make Viewing Heart Events Easier

by Unregistered Jul 03, 2009

Okay, there are heart events for diffrent girls (look em' up somewhere else.) And you have to have a certain number of LP to view each hearyt event. Make it easy on yourself by buying a LOVE BANGLE from the sprite casino. You can see how many love points you have with a certain girl.

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Secret - Info on Mimi.

by pokemonrock300 Dec 17, 2008

Here is some info on Mimi.

Birthday:4th fall

On Tuesdays Mimi will go to town from about 6:00 to 0:00 (not exact)

+9 fp Normal items: pinkcat flowers,matsutake s,m,l.maybe more.have not found out.
Cooked items:none yet. cant be bothered!

+3 fp Normal items:none yet.i dont wanna find out!
Cooked items:same as top!

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Hints - Harvest moon can change

by Mc-Carthy101 May 14, 2007

When u have a child it skips 3 years and a lot of changes happen
1,Nina dies
2,the circus comes
3,u get a hot spring
4,kate and hugh are grown up

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Secret - Mineral Town History

by fayor Apr 02, 2009

In this game there is a couple of visitors from Mineral Town THis is the history behind them:

Mary- a Librarian
Gray- Blacksmith's assistant
Karen- Her parents own the Supermarket
Rick- his parents own a Poultry farm
Elli- sells medicine at the Clinic
Dr Trent(Doctor)- gives check-ups at the Clinic
Ann- her dad owns the Inn
Cliff- works at the Winery
Popuri- her parents own a Poultry farm
Kai- runs a beach house in the summer

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Secret - How to get married!

by tara97 Nov 04, 2008

first you must have brought back 60 harvest sprites. also you must buy the blue feather from karens supermarket on your telephone in your house and you must have your girl who you are going to marry at a red heart and you must of done all her heart events and put the blue feather in your toll socket and press y next to your girl and your wedding date will be marked on your calendar so make sure u look on your calander ok.

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Secret - Muffy

by sunnybunny Aug 15, 2008

This is an easy way to increase Muffy's LP: Every day give Muffy an item which you have found from the dig site, wine or chocolate. This will make her really happy and the next thing you know your married!


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Secret - Baby Sprite!

by sdan12 Feb 21, 2012

After you have gotten at least 60 sprites and rescued the Harvest Goddess, go to into the Harvest Sprite Tree and go to the large urns to the left of the counter. You will find the baby sprite there.

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Unlockable - Shop and Casino Sprites

by sdan12 Feb 21, 2012

These are the sprites that run the casino and record store.

GutsObtained at the beginning of game
RollerAt the eigth of Spring, cross the bridge to the right side of the valley
JackieGo to the right side of the valley and walk the path to the right side of Cecilia's house
HopsPress A in front of the well beside the Blue Bar
TepGo to to the Inn and jump the fence, press A in front of the stove
JumPress the A button in front of the fountain at Romana's mansion
JetGo to Van's shop and press A on the NORTH side of the crate
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Easter Egg - Farming

by Sakurayumi Dec 16, 2009

When u farm u wait right
So when u farm try cutting branches and smashing all the stone
Probably a sprite might come out.
THen plant.

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Unlockable - King fishes caught now

by hanako Aug 31, 2009

Needed a mythril fishing rod, blessed and mythic fishing rod to get the king fishes.

anglerfall,winter,spring.ocean.Catch 15 of Salt Water fish.
huchenWinter,Spring. Turtle Pond.Catch 10 from the Turtle Pond
squidWinter, Spring. Ocean. Throw a small fish into the water.
carpSpring, Summer,Fall.Waterfall.Catch 5 from the Waterfall.
spa catfishWinter.Hot Spring.Unlock the Hot Spring
ceolocanthAll Seasons. Island. Catch 5 Fish Kings
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Unlockable - Get all King fishers to complete the list

by hanako Aug 31, 2009

To get ceolocanth get a island and caught all king fish except this.
have a blssed fishing rod or mythic fishing rod or cursed fishing rod

anglerFall, Winter, Spring. Ocean, Catch 15 or more types of Salt Water fish.
huchenWinter, Spring. Turtle Pond. Catch 10 more more types of fish from the Turtle Pond
squidWinter, Spring. Ocean. Throw a small fish into the water.
CARPSpring, Summer, Fall. Waterfall. Catch 5 or more types of fish from the Waterfall.
Spa CatfishWinter. Hot Spring. Unlock the Hot Spring from Flora's 3rd Heart Event.
CoelacanthAll Seasons. Island. Catch 5 Fish Kings.
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Secret - Ball = Money!

by sunnybunny Aug 18, 2008

Go to Van's shop and select the sell item option then sell your ball it only sells for 1G but... It still is money! the next day the mayor will bring it back to you so you can do it over and over again!

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Glitch - Who wants to be a billionare?

by super_mario_pro Jul 04, 2008

In winter of any year, ask the fishing team to fish at the beach for 7 days. then go find 7 white grasses. go to sleep and when you wake up, go to the beach and tell the team to work for you the next day. then go home , ship one grass and go to sleep. for the next 6 days do the same thing. in the end check your money and you should have exactly 1,000,000,000 G.

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Glitch - Get 1 billion fast

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2007

dering any winter day get the harvest sprite fishing team to go down to the beach then using your own fishing rod cast it out for 2 seconds only! and then go state to bed
when you wake up in the morning you sould have 1 billiob dollers yay!
if not try try again
p.s. it may not work on all game cargees
p.s.s. im filthy rich!

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