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Harvest Moon DS Review :

Harvest Moon

by sdan12 Jul 11, 2011

This game is awesome! The storyline is cool. And there is no telling on what you can do on this game. It's a virtual reality. If you have ever wanted to live on the farm then nows your chance because this game is not only a farming game but a game where you can also: fish, remodel your home, meet a mermaid, go mining, go to festivals, hang out at the local hotspot, and even get a wife and have a kid. And did you know you can marry the mermaid too?! This version you can only play as a boy though. But it's sill fun! So if you like all the things listed above then your definetly going to enjoy this game and a lot more.

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10Story line
The basic storyline is the Harvest Goddess and the Witch Princess are always fighting and the Witch Princess accidentally turned the Harvest Goddess into stone and then sent her and all the harvest sprites away. So then you have to do your farming to bring them back. So the storyline is pretty good.
The graphics are kinda cool. When you are talking to someone, on the bottom of the screen there is a photo or drawing of the area that the place is based off of. And the details on the people are good too. But you have to talk to a harvest sprite to figure out which one it is.
The sound is okay. It's a little annoying but it changes as the day go's on. So if you don't look at the time you can sorta figure out what time of day it is. And the sound also changes depending on the weather.
The gameplay is really good. I've had no problems with it at all. You got to use both the touch screen and the buttons but the game pretty much does whatever you are trying to do.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is pretty awesome. You get a little bored when you don't find Harvest Sprites for a while. But otherwise the game definetly keeps your attention for a while.
(Out of 10)


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