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Harvest Moon DS Cute Cheats :

This page contains Harvest Moon DS Cute cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 10 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 8 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Harvest Moon DS Cute on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

HoW to Unlock the TV Sprites

by cGub Apr 04, 2008

How to unlock the sprites that were zapped away.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
SaturnParticipate in 5 festivals
VenusBuy items from Karens store for 10 consecutive days
NeptuneHave it from start
Uranusget 100 or more friendship with any one villager
MarsShip 300 of the same produce items
EarthSave 20 helper sprites
PlutoShip 100,000 of any one produce item
JupiterBuy 5 records
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ThE simplist sprites!!

by HarvestMooncuteyy Nov 19, 2009

These are the same as harvest moon DS. There are loads more but these are the most simple ones.

JumGo to the foutain out side romanias mantion and click A.
(I dont no name)Go to vans counter,go to the far side and face the real you (not the game one) and click A. The counter is on the top level off the inn!!
TepOut side the inn there is a hut like thing with a long chimney and press A.
JackieOn the way to mineral town,past the wind things, there is a path that loads of villagers follow.Go along there.You will be stopped by jackie,When ever you go across there from then jackie will stop you!!
HopsThe well by the bar.Press A.
(I dont no name)By your horses stable, there is a pond.Stand by it and press A.
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PoPuri and the Kids

by kidfour Jun 09, 2011

Exit the Sprite Company Tree 10:00 am to 11:00 am, Sunday, sunny day Popuri 200+ FP You are not married GBA connection required Popuri figures it would be bad if she became weak from too much studying, so she suggests that they (Kate and Hugh) come play with her. The kids ask what she wants to play, but Popuri seems more upset that they're referring to her as aunt (obasan) instead of older sister (oneesan). The kids talk among themselves and Kate blames Hugh for calling Popuri an "aunt". Hugh denies that he did and says it was because Kate said it first. As the two of them bicker Popuri gets upset. She tells them she's going home and she leaves crying. (The reason why Popuri is upset is because Obasan is usually a term of respect for an older woman, not for someone as young as Popuri feels she is. That is why she prefers Oneesan.)

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SeLf Defense Practice

by BlackRiku Jun 09, 2011

Walk from Vesta's Farm to Waterfall Area 7:30 am to 8:00 pm, not Tuesday, sunny day Flora 200+ FP As you walk up the path towards the excavation site, you'll hear a strange noise. Flora is outside the tent practicing her self-defense skills. She is working on a new killer move, as it takes many steps to master. Flora is willing to teach it to you though. If you take her up on her offer, she will demonstrate her new technique and then have you give it a try. Flora makes you do it over and over again until you have mastered it.

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by buba Jun 09, 2011

Ok. Now this may seem *** but think about it if you a quick buck sell all the weeds in the vally. They are only worth 1G but there are hundreds of them around. Not only does it make you some money but it makes the town cleaner. Another good thing is if you have the little feids cleaned off the more Yellow/Orange/ect grasses grow. Here is ANOTHER great thing about selling the weeds- They count on your shipping list so it helps you sell 1000 items to get a horse.

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Red-Animal team- And where to find

by lillybabecutee Jun 09, 2010

Unlockable:How to unlock:
LeaderRed ribbon-Have 10 Adult cows and sheep
LaineShip at least 500 milk, eggs and wool
EssaShip at least 1,000 milk, eggs and wool
BettyUse the touch glove for wool 100 times
ChamyUse the touch glove for wool 300 times
OleUse the touch glove for wool 700 times
WoolyShip at least 300 milk, eggs and wool
SueUse touch gloves for milk 100 times
MagicUse the touch gloves for milk 300 times
BeliUse the touch gloves 700 times for milk
MickHave a total of 10 chickens and ducks
WoohooHae a total of 20 chickens and ducks
Thanks for readingHope this helped
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Mineral Town Characters -- Unlock them all!

by Starrimaela Jul 01, 2009

Just insert both your [M]FoTM game and your DS:cute game into your Nintendo DS and play DS:Cute as normal. Nothing will happen right away. You will have to play around and wait. Eventually, you will see Gray in the mine or Cliff in the Inn or any of the other Mineral Town characters. Nothing happens in your [M]FoMT game, however.

For a full list of who appears when on terms of bachelors, go here: http://www.fogu.com/hm6/forgirl_marriage.php and scroll down to mineral town boys, and click on the one you have your eye on, or all of them. :3

to see who appears what day, go here: http://www.fogu.com/hm6/chan1/gbaconnecting.php

all of those links are from fogu.com/hm :3

Hope this helped! I put this up because lots of people answered my question incorrectly or with more questions XD so...I figured it out...so why not put it here =D

here is a link to my question:



See characters from mineral townput in both GBA [M]FoMT and DS:Cute games into your DS and wait for characters to appear
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ReCipe list

by blackfox168 May 27, 2009

General recipes

Apple Souffle -Apple
Cornflakes -Corn + Milk
Croquette -Potato + Onion + Egg + Flour + Oil
Curry Bread -Bread + Curry Powder + Oil
Doughnut -Egg + Milk + Butter + Flour + Oil
Dry Curry -Riceballs + Curry Powder
French Fries -Potato + Oil
French Toast -Egg + Bread + Oil
Fried Noodles -Buckwheat Noodles + Oil
Fried Rice -Riceballs + Oil + Egg
Fried Thick Noodles -Noodles + Oil
Grilled Fish -Medium Fish
Happy Eggplant -Eggplant
Omelet -Egg + Milk + Oil
Omelet Rice -Egg + Milk + Oil + Riceballs
Pancake -Egg + Milk + Flour + Oil
Popcorn -Corn
Pot Sticker -Cabbage + Onion + Flour + Oil
Risotto -Tomato + Onion + Riceballs + Oil
Savory Pancake -Cabbage + Flour + Egg + Oil
Scrambled Eggs -Egg + Oil
Stir Fry -Oil + Cabbage
Tempura -Egg + Flour + Oil
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Harvest Moon DS Cute Cheats


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