Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Review

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Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming Review :

Not like the others.

by Goldgary123 Jul 26, 2011

Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming isn't an ordinary Harvest Moon game. Instead of being more of an RPG game, Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming is the second ever Harvest Moon Puzzle Game. With a plot different that other Harvest games. One Day, a mysterious thing happens on the island. The island is flooded with Crops everywhere, waiting to be picked. but once the Plants are Harvest, they grow right back! Every one of the 12 Characters try to get to the bottom of this and find out why this is happening.

What you do in the game is Harvest Crops, Until Time is up or the score is achieved. Each Character has a special ability to help them With the Harvesting. Even if there is twelve characters. Not all of them include the answer to the islands problem. Some of them think it has to do with a mysterious glowing tower in the distance. As you finish one characters story, you unlock another's until you find the real reason why the plants are growing out of control.

Over all, the game helps teach strategy, and gives you something good to play for a while. This game isn't all easy though...

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9Story line
The story line all takes place in one day. With 12 play-able characters, this game has those 12 characters point of view of that day. The puzzle in the game isn't solved in every point of veiw. you'll have to keep unlocking characters to find the answer.
For a puzzle game, the graphics are not that bad. The background scenarios are well drawn. The only flaw is that the characters look like a flat peice of paper...
The sounds are too much for just a puzzle game. The sound changes with the characters emotions and scene. The song also becomes speed up when the player is close to "Game Over".
This game does get a little boring at times. Not just that, it also gets really difficult! This game needs strategy, planning out and fast hands! You'll also need good eyes to spot the Vegetable in need.
9Lasting Appeal
You'll spend a lot of time playing this game in the beginning as it is fun and easy. Towards the end you will gain a lot of strategies and ways to beat levels faster to! (Of course after all that frustration....)
(Out of 10)


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