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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness Cheats :

This page contains Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 17 cheats in our list, which includes 1 easter egg, 16 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Bachelor- Pierre (Description and Gifts)

by PikaHero2 Sep 18, 2008

This youthful-looking, cooking enthusiast travels to the island in search of rare and exotic cooking ingredients. Part of his gourmet man training is to locate such things, so he spend a lot of time outdoors looking around.

Pierre's house is full of cooking utensils and ingredients. You can't learn any cooking recipes from him, although he considers himself a human cookbook.

Birthday: Spring 13

Moves in: Upgrade your house to medium size, have 20 to 25 sub-villagers, then give food items to the upgraded Diner and/or Cafe. Once you have learned 5 cooking recipes, he should move in.

Moves out: Ignore and don't cook anything for 30 days.


Most Favorite Gift: Finest Curry

Likes: All cooked dishes and any size of fish

Dislikes: Everything unedible and medicines

Hates: Failed dish

Absolutely HATES: Toadstools

*Toadstools are poisonous, don't EVER try to eat them.

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by animeprincess2 Sep 20, 2010

OKAY, this dude is a farm stock dealer, His b-day spring 13 and comes spring 16(meh birthday) he leaves on wensdays, and comes back Thursday. okay, lets get started




Milk, shittake, makushate, hot milk, grilled mushrooms, grape soda.

Really like=

Pirate Treasure, Fodder, Yarn, Fish Fossil, Eggs, Cheese, Chocolate, Bird Feed, Butter, Pet Food, Mayonnaise, Yarn, Yogurt, Edamame

Ice Cream, Apple Pie, Strawberry Milk, Omelet Rice, Omelet, Orange Marmalade, Spa-Boiled Egg, Bodigizer XL, Hungerizer XL, Mushroom Rice, Foiled Mushroom, Cream Croquette, Corn Flakes, Jam Bread, Spaghetti, Egg Over Rice, Egg Soup, Cheese Cake, Cheese Fondue, Bodigizer, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Fondue, Tofu Steak, Toast, Donuts, Pineapple Pie, Dinner Roll, Hungerizer, Banana Juice, Bread, Bread Crumbs, Pizza, Grape Jam, Grape Juice, Raisen Bread, Pudding, Fruit Smoothie, French Toast, Pancake, Hot Chocolate, Popcorn, Matsutake Rice, Mixed Smoothie, Fried Egg, Peach Juice, Baked Apple, Boiled Egg, Lassi, Apple Jam, Apple Juice

Dislikes =

Red Magic Flower, Blue Magic Flower(who hates flowers?), Fall Sun, Adamantite, Oil, Amethyst, Alexandrite, Emerald, Golden Lumber, Orichalc, Turnip, Pumpkin, Cabbage, Cucumber, Gold Ore, Silver Ore, Junk Ore, Mythic Stone, Fish (S), Yam, sandrose, Material Stone, Fish (L), Diamond, Onion, Fish (M), Toy Flower, Copper Ore, Topaz, Summer Sun, Spring Sun, Pinkcat Flower, Pink Diamond, Winter Sun, Peridot, Spinach, Flourite, Mystrile, Moonstone, Moondrop Flower, Agate, Lumber, Ruby

Yam Rice, Onion Soup, Boiled Spinach, Rice Cake, Carpaccio, Pickled Turnip, Steamed Turnip, Insalata di Caprese, Cooked Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pudding, Pickled Cucumber, Sweet Yam Dumpling, Herb Soup, Corn Soup, Boiled Fish, Salad Spaghetti, Yam Pudding, Buckwheat Chips, Mountain Stew, Soy Milk, Natto, Spring Roll, Rice and Beans, Marinated Fish, Baked Yam, Roasted Rice Cake, Vegetable Smoothie, Tofu Skin, Stuffed Cabbage( this dude needs veggies)

NEVER EVER EVER GIVE HIM CARROTS!!! unless you dont like him. but this dude is nutz i love carrots

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HoW To Get Wonderfuls

by Snowbells Jan 19, 2009

Here are some ways to get wonderfuls:
1. Win them at festivals.
2. Every odd numbered time you get 2 the last floor of the mine, the Harvest Goddess will give you a wonderful based on your farming degree.
3. You could buy wonderfuls at Chen's Shop in the winter.

The date matters when Chen's selling wonderfuls:
Winter 1-6 = Red Wonderful for 2000 Gold
Winter 7 = Indigo Wonderful for 50000 Gold
Winter 8-13 = Yellow Wonderful for 3,000 Gold
Winter 14-19 = Blue Wonderful for 2000 Gold
Winter 20-22 = Green Wonderful for 3000 Gold
Winter 23-25 = Orange Wonderful for 5000 Gold
Winter 26 - 30 Purple Wonderful 2,000 Gold

The rank of wonderful from worst to best: Blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, indigo.

Anymore questions, just ask!

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by fayor Apr 20, 2009

To get a dog, befriend Mirabelle. On a rainy day enter the forest from the town entrance. Mirabelle will find a dog in the cold and ask you to keep it on your ranch.

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LoTs of Events

by TERRORS_R_US Aug 31, 2009

The Goddess Festival is on Spring 8 but it will not be available in the first season in the game. In order to activate the festival, you will need Nathan and Alisa on the island. Visit the Church during the Winter season between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm. You also need to unlock all of the other Main characters except for your child and the Mineral Town visitors.

Inside the Church you'll find several villagers talking about putting on a festival for the Goddess. You only have to trigger this event once. The Goddess Festival will involve dancing and food.

In order to fully participate in the Goddess Festival, you will need to invite someone to go with you on the 7th of Spring. Walk around to any of the marriage candidates with a Green or higher heart color (except for Shea and Witch) and invite them to go to the festival with you.

The next morning the person will arrive at your front door. It seems that the preparations are not ready yet for the festival, so he/she would like to hang out in your house until you have finished with your farm work for the day. You are free to leave your house to take care of your crops and livestock.

If you get to working on your farm like a good farmer should, make sure you return to your house before 6:00 pm! If you leave your date waiting for you all day then you will take about a full color (10,000 FP) negative hit to the person's heart color!

When you have finished with your work, go back into your house and talk to your date to go to the festival. At the Meadow, talk with Alisa to start the party. The bachelorettes in attendance will do a little dance to celebrate the Harvest Goddess' birthday.
If you can't get a date:

You can still attend the festival by visiting the Meadow between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. A shorter celebration dance routine occurs, and it is not as romantic compared to actually bringing a date with you.

To activate the Goddess Festival, you need to have Nathan and Alisa unlocked. Visit the church during the winter season and you'll view a scene where Alisa gets an idea to celebrate the Goddess' birthday with a festival.

Behind Shea and Wada's house is a mysterious tower. Access to the building is restricted by a statue blocking the doorway inside of their house. To permanently remove the statue, give Wada gifts until he reaches at least 7 hearts. You also need to be in your 3rd year of the... 

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Bachelor - Vaughn (Description and Girfts)

by PikaHero2 Sep 08, 2008

A livestock dealer, Vaughn travels to the island in order to supply Mirabelle with animals for her shop. He only appears inside her shop on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and hardly ever socializes with the other residents. Vaughn prefers to keep to himself and his business.

Since he only stays on the island 2 days out of the week, Vaughn will take a little longer to court than the other boys. If you do marry him, Vaughn will permanently live on the island. He leaves on Wednesdays but always returns Thursday morning.

Birthday: Spring 3

Moves in: Spring 16

Moves out: Never permanently leaves.

I will only put the ones that I used... There are way too many items in the game to list all of them. And I will usually only put raw items (items that don't need to be cooked).


Most Favorite Gift: Porridge

Likes: Milk, chocolate

Dislikes: Most crops, things found from the mine, and fish

Hates: Wild grasses (Blue, indigo, purple etc.) and any waste (Empty can, rubber boot etc.)

Absolutely HATES: Carrots

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HaVing A Baby After Getting Married

by Wolf-Wing Dec 09, 2010

You can upgrade your house to "XL" the day after you get married (as long as the day after your wedding is not sunday, because Gannon does not work on sundays)
The kids bed will be available to be bought at Chen's shop, exactly one (1) season after you're married. i
married Vaughn on the 4th of fall, the kid's bed was on sale the 4th of winter. and the day
after i bought the bed, 'the big news' event happened when i woke up. thats the event
where they tell u(or ur wife if ur playing as a boy) that u/their pregnant.
Also, your baby will be born two (2) seasons after 'the big news' event, on the first non-event
day. if a festival falls on the day your kid was sposta be born, then your kid will be
born the day after the festival.
hope this helps you :)

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HaVing trouble with Vaughn or The Witch Princess? :)

by Wolf-Wing Dec 06, 2010

Purple Heart Event
When: 9 am to 5 pm, not raining
Where: East Town
1. I don't get your attitude (Go to Blue Heart Event #2)
2. I'll look for it with you! (Go to Blue Heart Event #1)
Notes: It can be any day and Denny must be living
on the island.
Blue Heart Event #1
When: Wednesday, 9 am to 5 pm, not raining
Where: Beach
1. Don't worry about it (Go to Yellow Heart Event #2)
2. You could smile more
A. But people won't like you (Go to Yellow Heart Event #2)
B. I'd like you to see you smile (Go to Yellow Heart Event #1)
Blue Heart Event #2
When: Wednesday. On Clear days: 6 am to 9 am if you have the diner;
if you have NO diner, it's from 6 am to 11 pm.
On Rainy days: 6 am to 6pm
Where: Walk from the Beach to the West Town.
1. Throw it away (Go to Yellow Heart Event #4)
2. Fix it (Go to Yellow Heart Event #3)
Yellow Heart Event #1
When: Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm
Where: The Forest (Enter from the Mountain)
1. Let's play with them (Best answer)
2. I'm scared!
Yellow Heart Event #2
When: Wednesday or Thursday, 6am to 9am, not raining
Where: The Meadow
1. I'm glad you like it here (Best answer)
2. I like the city better
Yellow Heart Event #3
When: 5 pm to 9 pm, any weather, Wednesday
Where: Diner
1. Maybe you should try fish! (Best answer)
2. Yeah, Vaughn! Eat them!
Yellow Heart Event #4
When: On Wednesday, 9 am to 12 pm, not raining. On Thursday, 6 pm
to 11 pm, not raining.
Where: Beach
Choices: None. (Go to Orange Heart Event)
Notes: Denny must be on the island
Orange Heart Event
When: 9 am to 3 pm, any day, not raining
Where: Animal Shop
Choices: None.
Notes: All areas unlocked.

******* i couldnt get the "leader of the pack" event to trigger no matter how many times i tried, so i tried the 2nd heart event and teleported to the meadow as soon as i woke up on a thursday. it was the day right after the fireworks thingy, but i dont think that matters. anyway, i told Vaughn that i was glad he liked it here, and then the rest of the event played out. as soon as the event was over, i went to Mirabelle's animal shop, spoke to Vaughn, gave him an S rank milk, then offered the blue feather and he accepted********
if you're playing as a boy, and having trouble with The witch Princess, this will help:

Purple Heart Event
When: 12 pm to 5 pm, raining or snowing.
Where: Witch's House
Question 1:
1. She's pretty
2. She's ugly
Question 2:
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HoW to marry Natalie in 2 years or less!

by Peacee Jul 16, 2009

When you first start the game, Natalie is the only girl on the island you can marry,wich means she is the easiest to marry.if you dont have much money, try to give her Toyflowers(Spring)Magic blue flowers (Fall) and Pinkcat flowers (summer).Since you start in Spring, you will probably have enough money to by about thirty chocolate bars 4 winter. Give a flower or a chocolate bar 2 her every day and her heart will be red in about 2 years!

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EaSy Money

by angad479 Mar 09, 2009

Go to the beach and make sure it is summer.then there will be a 50% chance of you getting pirate treasure by fishing.And in fall go to the beach and there will be a chance of getting fish fossils.
PIRATE tresure value:30 thousand
Fish Fossils value:12 thousand

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chIlds b day

by Unregistered Mar 24, 2009

if u wait til 6pm on your childs b day you will hav a heart event type of event the fisrt answer is "im finished with my work" then "what ever your chids name is"

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Bachelor - Denny (Description and Gifts)

by PikaHero2 Sep 16, 2008

This fisherman has traveled to the island with his bird, Kuu, in search of large fish. Denny keeps to the fisherman's code and spends every day out on the ocean trying to catch the big one.

In the mornings Denny goes out in his fishing boat, so you usually won't see him on the island until he returns at 9am. On rainy day the ocean is too dangerous and so he stays on land.

Birthday: Fall 26

Moves in: Catch at least 50 things (fish, boots, etc.) when fishing, and have the east part of town unlocked.

Moves out: Ignore for 30 days and ship no fish for 30 days.


Most Favorite Gift: Sashimi

Likes: All fish (even fish bones), curry (not curry powder), and noodles

Dislikes: All junk (weeds, empty cans, failed dish etc.)

Hates: Everything from the mine

Absolutely HATES: Junk ores

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GeTting Married

by bff_maci Jun 22, 2009

Here are the requirments (spelling) To be Wed

1. All main villagers must be living on Island (Not Including Mineral Towners)
2. Church Must be unlocked
3. House is biggest available
4. Have Husband/Wife Bed
5. Must see ALL heart events
6. Heart Color must be higher than Yellow
7. Finally, purchase a blue feather from Chen, and give it to the one you love.....<3
If you need any further help go to:


To see heart event schedules, go to event headline, then click on heart events, and find your spouse.

To see what your future spouse likes, Click on the Villagers Headline, then click on future spouse

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ElLiot-likes and dislikes-how to marry

by kittykat2204 Dec 02, 2011

ok I've married Elliot so i no how 2 marry him. ok, I'll give u steps on how to marry him:

1. He comes at the start so give him a gift everyday and talk 2 him alot

2. If ur lucky, you will see the heart events, if u need help go to www.fogu.com/h7 for more info.

3. get a blue feather from Chen and hopefully, he'll accept!

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ShEa Likes and Dislikes

by HarvestMoonFanGirl Jan 07, 2009

Birthday: Winter 2

Moves in: Hire Gannon to build the bridge from E.Town to the Jungle

Moves out: Never

Shea's heart color is invisible :(

Fish (L)

Fish (S), Fish (M), Red Grass, Orange Grass, Yellow Grass, Green Grass, Blue Grass (there's more but Im not so sure if i can put it)

Blue Magic Flower, Red Magic Flower, Yarn, Toy Flower, Pinkcat Flower, Moondrop Flower, Wool

Empty Can

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by fayor May 27, 2009

Gannon comes at the begininng of the game. He builds a house in the town and removes the rock blocking the entrance to the east side of town. He will upgrade household items and buildings. He will even upgrade roads on the island for 10,000 G. After you ask Gannon to upgrade your house, his daughter, Eliza, will move into town.

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