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Kid Icarus Uprising Cheats :

This cheat for Kid Icarus Uprising [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 29 Mar 2012 by Skype and is called "Palutena's Treasure Hunt Unlockables". Also 1 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Skype and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 9 other cheats for Kid Icarus Uprising, look them as soon as possible!

Unlockable - Palutena's Treasure Hunt Unlockables

by Skype Mar 29, 2012

By completing certain goals in the game, you'll unlock additional idols, powers, hearts, music, and other features. They can be viewed in the Treasure Hunt section of the menu between chapters.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
100 HeartsUse a Power.
100 HeartsOpen a Treasure Box.
100 HeartsAcquire an idol.
100 Hearts.Die once.
3,000 HeartsGet finished 20 times.
300 HeartsSuccessfully perform a melee attack while riding a grind rail.
300 HeartsPlay Free-For-All.
300 HeartsAcquire a club.
300 HeartsUse Fuse Weapons to create a weapon.
5,000 HeartsUse Fuse Weapons to create 20 weapons.
500 HeartsClear 5 chapters.
500 HeartsAchieve a high score of 100,000.
500 HeartsUse 10 items.
FeatherHave 5,000 Hearts in your posession.
FeatherPlay for more than 10 hours.
Idol: Boom SpearAcquire a total score of 500,000.
Idol: Brawler ClawsAcquire 20 weapons.
Idol: Collin & PhilDefeat 5 enemies with the Aether Ring shield before disembarking
Idol: GrenadeAcquire a staff.
Idol: Light FighterPlay Light Vs. Dark.
Idol: MonolithDefeat your first Souflee.
Idol: PitAchieve victory in Light Vs. Dark.
Idol: Shock OrbitarsAcquire a bow.
Idol: SnongHave a weapon stolen by a Pluton.
Idol: Somewhat StaffPlay Together mode.
Idol: Space Pirate CaptainDefeat the Kraken with the Bullet Blade.
Idol: That First TownAcquire a palm.
Idol: Volcano ArmPerform a total of 50 dodges.
Idol: Wrecking BallAcquire a cannon.
Item: Capture CircleDefeat an opponent in Together mode.
Item: Eggplant BombGet turned into an eggplant.
Music: At the Safloor Palace (Ch.7)Clear chapter 7 within 18 minutes
Music: Boss Fight 1Defeat your first boss.
Music: Ch.8: The Space-Pirate ShipClear chapter 8 with a score of 180,000 or higher
Music: Into The LabyrinthClear Chapter 5 within 18 minutes.
Music: Magnus's ThemeOn Intensity 5 or higher, defeat Gaol without letting Magnus get taken down.
Music: Underworld GatekeeperIn Chapter 9, destroy the Underworld Gatekeeper's guns and clear the chapter.
Power: Autoreticle Lv. 1Clear Chapter 1 within 7 minutes,
Power: Celestial Firework Lv. 1Perform an Idol toss.
Power: Confuse Attack Lv. 1In Chapter 5, defeat Pandora without letting Dark Pit get taken down.
Power: Counter Lv. 1Use the Centurion Assist item.
Power: Effect Recovery Lv. 1Play Far Away in Together Mode.
Power: Eggplant AttackGet turned into an eggplant 5 times.
Power: Health Recovery Lv. 2Clear Chapter 5 within 15 minutes.
Power: Homing Boost Lv. 1Acquire an arm.
Power: Land Mine Lv. 1In Chapter 1, destroy 100 enemies and clear the chapter.
Power: Lightweight Lv. 1Clear Chapter 2 within 13 minutes.
Power: Mega Laser Lv. 1Acquire 5 different blades.
Power: Paralyze Attack Lv. 1Acquire 15 different weapons.
Power: Poison Attack Lv. 1Defeat 500 enemies.
Power: Quick Charge Lv. 1Acquire orbitars.
Power: Sky Jump Lv. 1Perform 100 melee attacks.
Stage: Forgotten Cityecover onto your feet from a knockback 10 times.
Stage: Rail TempleBecome an angel in Light Vs. Dark.
Stage: Spiral TowerAcquire 10 powers.
Stage: Twilight StratospherePlay free-for-all 10 times
Weapon: Angel BowCollect over 10,000 hearts.
Weapon: Darkness BowFire a total of 1,000 shots.
Weapon: Eyetrack OrbitarsClear Chapter 2 using orbitars.
Weapon: Fairy OrbitarsPut over 10,000 hearts into the Fiend's Cauldron.
Weapon: Fortune BowClear Chapter 2 within 10 minutes.
Weapon: Leo CannonFind the Leo Zodiac Chamber and take its treasure.
Weapon: Poseidon CannonClear Chapter 8 in under 20 minutes
Weapon: Predator CannonOn intensity 5 or higher, clear chapter 5 without dying
Weapon: Somewhat StaffOn Intensity 2.0 or higher, clear Chapter 5 using a staff.
Weapon: Thanatos StaffDefeat Thanatos with the Volcano Arm
2,000 HeartsClear Chapter 17 having defeated 280 enemies in this Chapter
4,000 HeartsDefeat your first Rare Treasurefish.
FeatherClear 50 Chapters
FeatherAcquire a blade with a weakening modifier
Idol: Three Sacred TreasuresPerform 300 melee attacks.
Item: Tempura BombGet turned into a tempura.
Power: Freeze Attack Lv. 2Acquire 5 different bows.
Power: Heart Booster Lv. 2Acquire 50 different weapons.
Power: Heavenly Light Lv. 2Acquire 5 different claws.
Power: Heavenly Light Lv. 2Acquire 5 different claws
Power: Instant Death AttackDefeat 3,000 enemies.
Power: Invisible Shots Lv. 1Execute 500 dodges
Power: Invisible Shots Lv. 2Acquire 5 different clubs.
Power: Item Vacuum Lv. 2Clear Chapter 21 within 17 minutes
Power: Playing Dead Lv. 1Acquire 5 different staffs.
Power: Power Thief Lv. 1Collect 100 different Idols
Power: Quick Charge Lv. 3Acquire 5 different cannons.
Power: Reflect Barrier Lv. 2Use powers 50 times
Power: Trade-offDefeat 50 bosses.
Power: Transparency Lv. 2Acquire 5 different arms.
Power: Weak-Point Reticle Lv. 2Acquire 5 different orbitars.
Weapon: Artillery ClawsAcquire claws with a shot-defense modifier.
Weapon: Atlas ClubDefeat 20 Souflees.
Weapon: Babel ClubDefeat 25 bosses.
Weapon: Boom OrbitarsClear Chapter 25 within 15 minutes.
Weapon: Crusader BladeRecover on yout feet from a knockback 50 times.
Weapon: Electroshock ArmOpen 50 treasure boxes.
Weapon: Hedgehog ClawsHave more than 50,000 hearts in your possession.
Weapon: Viridi PalmAcquire 5 different palms.
Aquarius BladeCh. 23: When you get to your first grind rail that you have to jump, take it back in the opposite direction and ride it to the Chamber.
Aries Armor (Power)Ch. 18: At the Hot Spring area with the Souflee, go to the left.
Cancer ClawsCh. 8: In the constellation storage room, after defeating the Snong, don't take the Jump Pad. Take the dead end path to the right and jump down.
Capricorn ClubCh. 20: When you get to the area that needs a key, go inside and take a right. Open the jail cell in the back left and go through the hidden wall.
Gemini OrbitarsCh. 6: If you're lucky enough to fight Dark Pit in the underground temple, go check the temple's corners after defeating him.
Leo CannonCh. 10: After sinking the pedestal into the lava (or jumping over it completely) go into the next room and follow the left wall.
Libra Sponge (Power)Ch. 14: Once you get to the boss door, go in the opposite direction and you'll find an electric door. Get up close to the door and dodge through.
Pisces Heal (Power)Ch. 24: When you take your first elevator to begin the trials, go down the other flight of stairs to find the Chamber.
Sagittarius BowCh. 2: When you go down the ramp (Right before you meet Magnus), there is a tapestry decorating one of the bends. Run through it.
Scorpio StaffCh. 16: When you get the Aether Ring and float down an opening, look for an opening. Shoot the switch in that opening and you'll be able to enter.
Taurus ArmCh. 4: In the room with the narrow path and two scythes, drop down to the Clubberskull pit. One of the holes is glowing. Jump into that hole.
Virgo PalmCh. 12: There's an area that gives you an elevator after killing some monsters. Look towards it. A second elevator is behind you. Take that elevator.
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