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Kirby Super Star Ultra Review :


by ziko Nov 05, 2010

Okay this is one of my favorite all time games!It is not disapointing in any way. The forms are nice the scenary is nice and the bosses are okay. Some are easy and some are tough but this game is absoluetly satisfiing! I have an r4 so i will be posting more reviews as i download. So this game has two story modes. One for kirby and one for metal knight. Both are pretty challenging getting harder as you go through more levels. So this game is a must buy. Sure it is alot like the gameboy versions but the metal knight has special moves like match tornado and knight call. So if you are a kirby fan then this game will probably be a really good game.For the other parts i think it will be much less brief at most points but hey i am just giving advice take the choice from here if you want to download it.

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10Story line
There are two stories here. One for kirby and one for metal knight. They both are a pain to finish but they are pretty fun.
The graphics fit everything what i call perfect graphics. So besides saying awesome graphics that is pretty much it for graphics.
The sound is great and the tunes are very catchy and they have a music box to listen to the tunes you unlocked.So the sound is the best.
The gameplay is the same as the others but it has a ds touch to it making it really nice to play.Good!
10Lasting Appeal
All and all the best game i have ever played. Oh an besides the game i would like you to post some comments or come to my chat to chat about stuff(send private message first) and reviews. Oh and if you have an r4 here are two good sites to download roms from: sorry (space
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