Kirby Super Star Ultra Review

 [ NDS ]

Kirby Super Star Ultra Review :

The Super-Tough-Pink-Puff!

by skyp Nov 15, 2010

Gamer1: This is the best Kirby game yet!

Gamer2: That's an understatement!

In conclusion, KIRBY IS AN AWESOME GAME!!!

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, you play as Kirby. Defeat villians with Kirby and a helper. You can create a hlper by geting a power and hitting X!

The Levels:

There's Spring Breeze, Great Cave Offensive, Gourmet Race, The Arena, Meta Knight's Revenge, Milky Way Wishes, and Dynablade, from the original Kirby Super Star. There are about 5 mini games to play. And there's Meta Knight Ultra, Revenge of The King, Helper To Hero, and The TRUE Arena, which are exclusive to Kirby Super Star Ultra.

In the level Meta Knightmare Ultra, you play as Meta Knight. You defeat enamies and earn points. Then, use those points to do extra actions in a level. Also, play certain levels as Meta Knight, such as Dyna Blade.

The new modes are pretty much just more difficult versions of the old modes but they add their own unique twists to keep the game interesting. For instance, Meta Knightmare Ultra is pretty much the entire game played as Meta Knightmare using a unique 'sword points' system. It's one of the cooler parts of the game, even though it is pretty much just the same game with MK instead of the Kirbster.

In addition to all this, certain modes can be beaten, but not beaten 100%. For example, you could go through Great Cave Offensive just trying to beat it or you could go through Great Cave Offensive and try to get all of the treasures. Trying to beat the game 100% is a much bigger challenge in KSSU, than in any other Kirby game. But, if you have the time, I recommend that you do so.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
8Story line
You play as Kirby and you can choose and defeat a variaty of levels! Also, ain most levels, you can turn your power into a helper. Also, play with others over Wireless Connection.
THE GRAPHICS ARE AWESOME! Have you seen a clip of after or before a level? It is awesome 3D! I rate them 10/10! Superb.
The sound is pretty great. The sound verifies by going to a differant room or by challenging a boss. Great.
Most Kirby games are really short. Short to 100% and REALLY short to beat. While Kirby Super Star Ultra isn't the longest game in the world, it takes care of this problem pretty nicely.
10Lasting Appeal
A SUPERB game. When I got it, I was playing it all day and all night just to beat villians such as King Dedede.
(Out of 10)


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