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Mario Kart DS Cheats :

This page contains Mario Kart DS cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 33 cheats in our list, which includes 1 easter egg, 5 glitches, 27 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mario Kart DS on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

suPer fast item chooser

by oozingpus Jul 21, 2008

as soon as you retrieve an item box rapidly press x and u will obtain the item way faster and somtimes if u want u dont have to press x right from when u get the item box u can press it while the items are slowing down, this will make it possible for u too choose an item. heaps fun and way cool!

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AvOiding Red Shells and Spinies

by Lugia27 Dec 19, 2007

You have to be EXTREAMLY GOOD at drifting. When someone sends one to you, start to drif, even if you're not at a turn (it would be easier if you where...) And when it's closing in on you, release the drift into another direction. This works well with Red Shells, and sometimes with Spinies. =)

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LeVel 4 boss battle, collect 50 coins while avoiding King Boo.

by dpad Jan 07, 2010

I thought I'd make a contribution for this mission, because it took me a while to figure how to do it.

Ok, so when you start, drive around the stage and collect as many coins as you can, you need 50 to complete the mission. After a few seconds, king boo will come at you. There is no way to dodge him, so don't waste time trying. When he hits you, you will lose most, or all of your coins. And the screen will go dark. Then, you have to chase king boo and drive into him, then you will get the coins back that he took off you. Once you have them back, drive around the stage and get more coins. Keep doing this until you get 50 coins.

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TuRbo Boost After Lakitu Retrieval

by dgmm7797 Jun 29, 2009

If you fall off the track or get stuck underwater for more than a couple moments, Lakitu comes to pull you out and place you on the track again. When he picks you up, wait until you're dropped onto the track again, then press the acceleration at that exact moment and you'll get a turbo boost if you timed it correctly.

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TiCk Tock Clock

by smexidanny Apr 18, 2011

When you get to the black tire thing what moves well ride over it its awsome!


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SeCret of the DK Pass

by pokemonmasterjustin May 21, 2009

WARNING: You will need to use the Dry Bomber to do so.

First, pick anyone with the Dry Bomber and then go to the DK Pass. Once you get past the falling snowball, go up the small snow hill, you will see a block there. Hit the block, and you will get Triple Mushrooms or a Star! You will even get Triple Mushrooms and Stars when you are in First Place! This secret is useful to get back into the game, or just to get very far ahead of all the other racers.

I hope this trick helps!

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DoN't quit a race online...

by XMario95 Aug 10, 2011

Nobody has yet been aware of this, but when you quit a race online ether shutting down the DS system or not doing anything for 30 seconds and be automatically disconnected off of Nintendo WiFi Connection. This will automatically add 4 losses on your records. If you don't disconnect and you lose 1 race and won 3 races on the round, you'll receive 1 loss and 3 wins on the record bulletin. This also goes for sore losers, every sore loser that quits in a middle of a race online, they receive 4 losses per disconnection in a middle of a race. Good luck and don't give up,

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SpEcial cup : Bowser Castle

by guyzer Jul 01, 2009

In the race Bowser Castle there is a place were the floor starts turning. Then you see the path were all the other cars go but don't fallow them. If you keep turning around the corner there is a secret passege were there is a shortcut that helps alot. But the only thing is that there is a moving rock that can hit your car. But you should be able to get around the rock. Good Luck:)

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Mario Kart- Snaking

by Blastoisedude Nov 20, 2008

Snaking is the process of getting mini speed boosts throughout a race. To snake you have to hold R on a turn and you should swerve. Then press the left and right arrows really fast. Blue flames should fly up by your tires and then red flames. To get the speed boost release. If you need a visual of how to snake. Go here:

P.S. This is not me. All rights of this video goes to RanoNL.

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DeLvino Square

by dowsabelle Aug 27, 2007

When u are nearly at the raindow bidge on Delfino (spelling?) Square, there is a little shortcut that cuts across a corner. hope this helps.

P.S. u can rely on me cuz I have finished all of Mariokart DS except the Time Trials and Missions even though I'm a girl. All requests welcome.

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spEed boost every time!

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

when you start a race you know how it goes 3 2 1 well when it starts hold the a button let go when it gets to two once you let go of the button hold it down on two then let go and press and hold one 1 until race starts

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QuIck turn

by bislas789 Jul 19, 2010

Ok so when you need to turn fast to get an item box and to defend yourself like in balloon battle you can press A and B at the same time while pressing left or right to turn around real fast (takes some time to slow down though)

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maRio kart cheat

by pr0_m4n Nov 07, 2011

well you start by going on balloon battle then you click on the ds level from the re. go to the edge of the ds then reverse down it,then keep tapping the button A causing you to glide up the side of the ds. thats all for now :)

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InFinite laps

by perkinatorgamemaster Sep 23, 2011

On most tracks if you go backwards a few laps then turn around then you can get infinite laps, it works for me anyway

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by Unregistered Sep 28, 2009

I have a tip for snaking. It isn't always beast to snake all the time like at Cheep Cheep Beach before the end of a lap where it zigzags. If you do you will likely hit the wall. Also at Delfino square it is unwise to cut through the mud without a mushroom. It only takes a good snake to even out the gain earned using the shortcut. These are just some helpful snaking tips.

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MiNi Turbo

by jencheats1024 May 04, 2009

When you get to any turn, press R. You see smoke coming out, right To make a mini turbo boost, you have to press left and right continuously until you see a red spark. Let go of the R button and then keep pressing the direction you're going. You will make a small boost! This is mostly used for some missions.

Good Luck!

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Hint - During in a download play with a one who has a Mario Kart

by Unregistered Nov 05, 2007

When you are the one using down load you play you will use shy guy in his standard kart.(He is also a rare character). :)

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BlOck red shells!

by pokemonmasterjustin May 21, 2009

It is fairlly easy to block red shells! The trick is, all you have to do is get a banana, a green shell, or a red shell. Then just drag it behind you, the red shell will hit one of these iteams and block the red shell attack!

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2 Shortcuts on delfino square

by war-reaper36 Aug 02, 2010

First when you see thee part when the to paths of stares are atdont keep going strait you will see a dark pathby the gate and wall go in it than you will see 2 trees go to the edge use a mushroom and than land on the docks its not very useful if you did keep going strait you turn thn see 2 craates go around them and there will be a path of dirt use a mushroomand there you go those are my 2 shortcuts.

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BaLoon Battle Strategy

by jakobd39 Sep 21, 2009

You all know the Twlight House in Mario Kart in Battle Mode right Here's a hard trick I've mastered(Always worked when i battle friends and gave me a 21 win-3 loss record) is the double baloon loss in this area. There are squares at the edges right Wait near them with a red shell and when an enemy goes by to pick up the box in the middle of the small square, hit him with the shell. Thats minus 1 baloon, then when he tumbles after that hit, he falls! He's sure to be eliminated if he only had 2 baloons, which most players keep at a time! It's hard cause you have to master your timing. You have to hit him/her right when she/he's making the turn to the item box. NOTE: THIS WON'T WORK IF YOUR ENEMY DOES NOT LIKE TO GO THERE, LIKE ME, BECAUSE IT'S HARD TO TURN YOUR KART AFTER GETTING THE BOX. BUT IF HE MASTERED IT, THEN HE'D GO THERE AND YOU CAN USE THIS STRATEGY.

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Walkthrough - Karts of the characters

by monkey_man214 May 30, 2008

Mario-B Dasher,Standard MR,Shooting Star
Luigi-Poltergust 4000,Standard LG,Streamliner
Peach-Royale,Standard PC,Light Tripper
Yoshi-Egg 1,Standard YS,Cucumber
Toad-Mushmellow,Standard TD,4-Wheel Cradle
Donkey Kong-Rambi Rider,Standard DK,Wildlife
Wario-Brute,Standard WR,Dragonfly
Bowser-Tyrant,Standard BW,Hurricane
Daisy-Power Flower,Standard DS,Light Dancer
Dry Bones-Banisher,Standard DB,Dry Bomber
Waluigi-Gold Mantis,Standard WL,Zipper

If you beat the game,you can use all of the karts for each character.

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On Top Of The World Sarchastic

by Unregistered Jan 14, 2008

Go 2 Luigi Circuit when you get 2 the part where are a couple boosts and keep going up and you will be on top of the boosts lol

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by PINGUINO Jan 15, 2008

Be last place and get items till u get the one u like ;) i do it everytime its cool

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ThRowing items forward/backward

by ps2knowitall Dec 21, 2009

To throw an item forward/backword(such as green shells, fake boxes, bannana peels,etc.) have the item in the box up on the top left corner of the screen. Then when you press L to use it hold up on the direction pad to throwit forward and down on the direction pad to throw it backwards.

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by crobat33 May 19, 2010

Ya know the R trigger on the ds?! Well you can use it to drift and jump like an inch off the ground and this can be VERY,VERY helpful in a mission where you are Peach (LAME!!) and have to go through the gates in order you can use the mini jump to go between the clouds and if you can press the trigger at the right time going off a jump you jump higher and farther (LOL) it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy. Sorry if you don't think this a secret then 1.SHUT UP!!!! 2.This is my first thing I've submited and 3.I've beaten the game three times,so yeah PLZ comment

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