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Mario Kart DS Review :

A good racing game special edition number 3

by ziko Oct 01, 2010

Welcome back to special edition for peashooter. Some credit goes to pea shooter for this. This game is yet another well done ds game from mario company. It is not disappointing at any aspect of play. It is actually one of the best. The selection of cars is 32 cars per person and some cheats only cars. The courses are kindoff hard to unlock to so the prises are not easy to get. The graphics are fair enough. The sounds are also pretty good with some new sounds. So in my own words it is one of the best in ds. You can use ds download with it as well which expands multi player use. The mutli player mode does not use all stages well all of them execpt cheat stages. So here is the rest of my special addition review.

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2Story line
There is no story mode so i can not say anything about it so yet again something from my special addition.
The graphics are fairly good and thank god have no fuzzy parts whatsoever.On multi plyer the graphics become slightly better so that is good at least
The sound is really good with new songs and nice beats to songs and others so it mounts up to somthing great.
The gameplay is nice. But it is better on the wii becauseyou have a wheel and it just feels like if your really driving but still good.
10Lasting Appeal
All and all a good game.It really makes a thumbs up for the mario addition of games from mario series. Nice game.This has been another special review for operation pea and zak.
(Out of 10)


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