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Mario Kart DS Review :

Racin' to Win!

by skyp Nov 10, 2010

Is it me or is the new generation of handheld game systems the best thing ever? Here I am away from my controller, away from my console, and nowhere near a TV screen and yet I am able to steal my friend's star and beat him to the finish line. He is nowhere in the room. There are no free power outlets, or any wires connecting our game experiance.

That is the beauty of wireless, handheld gaming that's as powerful as the last generation of game consoles. With their new, N64-caliber system, Nintendo was able to realize the dream of putting a real Mario Kart game in the palm of our hands. They were also able to do something that was not possible before: take the game online.

Finally, after more than a decade of bringing joyful addiction to gamers' homes, Mario Kart could now be played at any time and at any location. Go somewhere with a WiFi connection (McDonald's is the most common, but other restaurants like Panera Bread offer WiFi as well) and you can play against gamers from all over the world. It's not like online gaming on a console where getting into a game is as easy as clicking an open race or starting your own. But it's a start, and it's got thousands of gamers hanging out at the Golden Arches – with or without the urge for a Big Mac.

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9Story line
There really is no story line. You just race and play battles! While doing Grand Prix's, you might even win a new charactor.
Poor graphics. You can look at a Goomba from all differant dirrections and it will always face you looking the same.
Great sounds. If you crash into a wall, your DS will make noise. My favorites is when you areon Rainbow Road and Bowser's Castle.
With WI-FI, you can battle and race with people, WORLD-WIDE. With that, It never gets old. Race people all day, all over the world.
10Lasting Appeal
Over all, this is a wonderful game. I would play this all day and all night if I could. Start playing Mario Kart DS (and Mario Kart WII, Its more advanced).
(Out of 10)


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