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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Cheats :

This page contains Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 26 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 10 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 2 glitches, 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Action Replay, US

by cGub Sep 30, 2009

NOTE: The following codes work only when used with an
Action Replay device. These codes WILL NOT WORK without this

Game ID: CLJE-AE1362E1

Infinite Coins
12056400 0000270f

All Abilities
02056038 ffffffef
NOTE: Do not use until Plack Beach.

MARIO & LUIGI: Quick Level Up
120f8e28 0000270f
NOTE: Do not use until Plack Beach.

BOWSWER: Quick Level Up
120f8e2a 0000270f
NOTE: Do not use until Plack Beach.

NOTE: Do not use until Plack Beach.

Max HP
1205637e 000003e7

Full HP (Out of Battle)
12056380 000003e7

Max SP
12056382 000003e7

Full SP (Out of Battle)
12056384 000003e7

12056386 000003e7

12056388 000003e7

1205638a 000003e7

1205638c 000003e7

NOTE: Do not use until Plack Beach.

Max HP
120563ae 000003e7

Full HP (Out of Battle)
120563b0 000003e7

Max SP
120563b2 000003e7

Full SP (Out of Battle)
120563b4 000003e7

120563b6 000003e7

120563b8 000003e7

120563ba 000003e7

120563bc 000003e7

NOTE: Do not use until Plack Beach.

Max HP
120563de 000003e7

Full HP (Out of Battle)
120563e0 000003e7

Max SP
120563e2 000003e7

Full SP (Out of Battle)
120563e4 000003e7

120563e6 000003e7

120563e8 000003e7

120563ea 000003e7

120563ec 000003e7


99x All Items (Press L+R)
94000130 fcff0000
d5000000 00000063
c0000000 00000012
d8000000 02056406
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fcff0000
d5000000 00000063
c0000000 00000003
d8000000 0205641a
d2000000 00000000

99x Mushrooms
22056406 00000063

99x Super Mushrooms
22056407 00000063

99x Ultra Mushrooms
22056408 00000063

99x Max Mushrooms
22056409 00000063

99x Hot Drumsticks
2205640a 00000063

99x Fiery Drumsticks
2205640b 00000063

99x TNT Drumsticks
2205640c 00000063

99x Nuts
2205640d 00000063

99x Super Nuts
2205640e 00000063

99x Ultra Nuts
2205640f 00000063

99x Max Nuts
22056410 00000063

99x Syrup Jars
22056411 00000063

99x Supersyrup Jars
22056412 00000063

99x Ultrasyrup Jars
22056413 00000063

99x Max Syrup Jars
22056414 00000063

99x Star Candies
22056415 00000063

99x 1-Up Mushrooms
22056416 00000063

99x 1-Up Deluxes
22056417 00000063

99x Refreshing Herbs
22056418 00000063

99x Heart Beans
2205641a 00000063

99x Special Beans

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Code - More Battle Pieces

by DarkCharizard Sep 09, 2010

Okay if you all know plack beach then you should know that there is, like a house that looks like a brain, and a brain then if you go into that house then you should see a turtle, and that turtle will ask you to find some pieces of puzzle, and when he says that then you should go to each place were he said, and then when you bring him back then you put them back together, and when you put together his house then he will award you with some battle pieces.

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Glitch - Stuck In The Wrong Wall

by Bramblefang Mar 01, 2010

This glitch could take you by surprise, because it is (to me) easy to find. You need to Spike Ball ability to do this glitch.

First, you have to go to a certain area of Dimble Woods.

(Made by me)

This area is at the top left corner area of Dimble Woods.

Once you are there, use Bowser's Spike Ball ability and roll onto the wall. You want to get onto this area of the wall.

(Also made by me)

Now, roll up toward the brown part of the wall, which you shouldn't be able to roll on. The arrow just directs you where exactly you have to go. Of course you know this is a glitch so when you do this, your shell does latch onto the wall and you can get out of your Spike Ball Shape by pressing X. However, you don't fall to the ground but instead, you stay standing in midair!

You can move slightly to the right, but if you go to far, you'll far back to the ground. When doing the body slam, Bowser will just be jumping a little but can't body slam at all.

Just maneuver yourself away from the wall or to the left or right to fall off of it.

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Secret - Bowser's Cold Storage Room

by Bramblefang Feb 25, 2010

When you are able to use Mario and Luigi to go to Bowser's Castle, go to the room with the 3 switches you have seen before when you used Bowser. (This is while Bowser is stuck in the safe. You need to gain access to the pipes that lead to Bowser's Body. One pipe will open up the way to the pipe which leads to Bowser's Castle)

The three switches need to be hit with the hammer in the following order and the amount of time.

Square Switch 2 Times
Circle Switch 2 Times
Triangle Switch 3 Times
Door Switch

When you are about to go into the room, Starlow will warn you and tell you to restore your SP and HP. Do this. When you go into the room, hit the red switch.

3 Shroobs will appear out of the melted ice. Mario and Luigi will freak out and Mario explains to Starlow the events of how the Shroobs recently invaded the Mushroom Kingdom in the past. This is a main part in the plot of Mario & Luigi Partners In Time.

Starlow then suspects that Bowser grabbed some survivors and frozen them. Apparently one escaped because you do see one in the audience of Fawful's Show.


"The little bastards. They stick their tongue out at you."

Role: Optional Boss
HP:500+ (Each)
Win Reward: 300 Coins + Star Candy

I really recommend to get your level around maybe 25+

When I did this, I was at level 22 and you get hit hard. In just 2 hits you could get KO'ed.

They have two basic moves. One is when a Shroob signals another Shroob and both will wak up and shoot Mario & Luigi at the same time with their lasers. The other attack is a solo atttack for them. The Shroob will walk up to the Bro. and pirouette. If it pirouettes Counter Clock Wise, it's going to hit Mario. If it pirouettes Clock Wise, it will hit Luigi.

The background of the fighting area shows Shroob-ish figures which I think are some of the Shroob enemies of the last game.

You get 900 Exp. Points for defeating them.

The Shroobs will disappear and you'll get 10 Attack Pieces! You get the New Special Attack Magic Window.

Here is the conversation after the battle...

Starlow: Whew... That was pretty scary. Alien invasions are no fun!

Starlow: What I can't believe is that you defeated those things as a baby! Only you could do that, Mario!

Luigi: (Jumps)

Mario: (Says something to Starlow)

Starlow: Hm Luigi fought hard as well

Luigi: Yah! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Starlow: Heehee! Did you attack them with some ferocious crying

Luigi: (Starts to look sad)

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Code - Larger Stat Bonus

by DarkCharizard Sep 10, 2010

Okay well you know when you level up, then you are able to pick one other one to level up,Okay if you want the power to go up higher then you have to pick the defense a couple of times, and then click on the power on the 5th level up, and you should get a 5-9 level up bonus.

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Glitch - One man show

by DarkCharizard May 24, 2010

If you go to the toad square in bowsers body and let luigi go to the bottom and when luigi is close to the mushy stuff at the bottom of the toad square and then jump both matio and luigi and when mario jumps through mario will be all by himself

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Unlockable - The attaks know now: mario and luigi

by sonic25523 May 23, 2011
green shelltrash pit
fire flowerpump works
jump helmetfab zone
yoo hoo cannontoad town
super bouncerenege zone
snack backetdimbal wood
mighty meteordocters in toad town
spin pipeplack beach
magic windowbowser casel(after u defeat the srooms)
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Unlockable - Level ranks

by arceus501 Mar 01, 2010

Okay these are the levels that will get you certian ranks with mario and luigi plus bowser

shell ranklv.6
silver boss ranklv.10
flower ranklv.12
gold boss ranklv.20
shine ranklv.18
star ranklv.20
platinum boss ranklv.50
rainbow ranklv.40
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Unlockable - Cholesteroad Unlockable Items

by cGub Oct 15, 2009

Get "A" rank in challenges to unlock items.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Advice PatchGet "A" rank in Spin Pipe
Bro SocksGet "A" rank in Yoo Who Cannon
Challenge MedalGet "A" rank in Green Shell
Daredevil BootsGet "A" rank in Jump Helmet
Dizzy BootsGet "A" rank in Super Bouncer
Master WearGet "A" rank in all challenges
Siphon GlovesGet "A" rank in Magic Window
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Unlockable - Extra Vacuum Block Power

by Jake Ferbrache May 31, 2011

If you can't seem to *** up a enemy that can be sucked up just repeatably press X and Y instead of just repeatably pressing X. Also when you do it the Power of the move will be doubled.

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Easter Egg - Face-Stuff Challenge(carrot-eating challenge)

by Unregistered Apr 04, 2011

To beat this challenge, look for enzymes inside the carrot pieces that fall into Bowser's Gut Check. To find the enzymes, listen for flashes when the carrot pieces fall down. Then break the carrot piece up that fell during the flash. There will be a red, blue, or yellow enzyme inside it. If you touch a red one, all carrot pieces that fell will be broken up. If it is yellow, they will be broken up into medium sized pieces. If blue, tiny sized pieces. You have 1 min. . Break up the entire carrot and you WIN!

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Easter Egg - Blue Virus Appearance

by Bramblefang Mar 01, 2010

The Blue Virus from the Dr. Mario games makes an appearance in Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story.

A Blue Virus is of course the blue one in the picture above. (Thanks to Mariowiki for pic)

The first place you can find it is in the building where Dr.Toadley is in, located in Toad Town. It's called the Toadley Clinic. Inside the building, a poster above some books shows a "Blue Virus" in a circle with a line through it...of course they don't want sickness to spread.

The second place you find them is on Plack Beach. Go near a Toothy, but don't get into a battle with it. You'll see that it will open its mouth a little. Then, it will spit a "Blue Virus" out at you so you will get into a battle with it. That's not good for your teeth...

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Secret - Shroob Appearance

by Bramblefang Feb 23, 2010

Shroobs are one of the main enemies Mario and Luigi battled against in the last game "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time"

When you are about to see Lord Fawful's show in Bowser's Castle, check around and look for a purple colored mushroom head monster. (Should be seen to the bottom right of the room) That is one of the the Shroobs.

It's only answer when you talk to it is "..."

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Unlockable - Alternate Ending

by cGub Oct 13, 2009

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Alternate EndingBeat the game with Mario, Luigi, and Bowser all being at least Level 40
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Unlockable - Lv.40 Rewards

by Bramblefang Mar 01, 2010

Besides getting an alternate ending when reaching Lv.40 with Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, you get rewards for reaching Lv.40. These are good items (excluding the Excellent!! Badge's bad effect) so be sure to equip them when you get them.

Intruder Fangs - Allows Bowser to take two actions per turn

Excellent!! Badge - Excellent Strikes boost meter by a lot. If the move was not Excellent result, the meter will be emptied out and you have to start over again. (Luigi's side)

Intruder FangsBowser Reaches Lv.40
Excellent!! BadgeMario & Luigi Reaches Lv.40
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Secret - Secret Level

by EVILANGEL Jul 05, 2010

Okay you know how mario & luigi reach new levels through the game,yeah when you win the game the ghost thing that lets you travel anywhere you been,he shows that you need one more level to reach. (dont need to get last level) You can reach the new level in about 9 to 12 levels then you will hit the last level of Mario & luigi,Bowser also has a last level also,but his is kinda hard to reach.Since he only has three levels you might have to battle alot of foes to get to the last level of bowser.
Try to get to the last level.

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Secret - Blittie trick to get dog

by DarkCharizard May 31, 2010

Well if you collect all the blitties and you talk to the guy and give them to him he'll let you barrow his little dog to hit all the enimies with you so you dont lose lives that quick

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Code - Hint about bowser x

by gabeboy Oct 05, 2011

When you use a special move on Bowser x (the final boss in the boss rush) Bowser will steal the move item from you for a while. If you need to use special moves, make Mario or Luigi start at the top of of the special moves list, and the other bro start on the bottom, the next turn, the bro who started on the top goes down, and the one who started on the bottom goes up. try to be at about level 40, and learn the power star move, and the magic window move. (the one you get from beating the monsters in the freezer at Bowser castle)

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Secret - Things you need to know before beating the junker

by jayden123 Sep 16, 2011

before trying to beat the junker you need to have all of the badges all of the speical moves and need to be a high rank and high level to beat the junker ps have to be fully recharegd :(hp and sp have to be high and restored before battling if you dont result is lose all your hard work if you dont save your progress before battling and game over if you dont have any retry clocks) if you have any questions post them in the coments i will go over them every 2 or 3 or 4 days depending on my scedual

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Secret - Things you need to know before battling the junker

by jayden123 Sep 16, 2011

have to be high rank ,high level,and hp and sp have to be fully recharged. you have to have all of the speical attacks (if you havent got the all attack pieces in the energy hold your out of luck) all of the badges that you can get and alot of 1-ups/1-up deluxes max mushrooms or any kind of mushrooms and if you get the bye bye gloves from one of the towers in peaches castle you can free luigi from the junker can with one perfect hit of a hammer. you have any question post them in the commets of this secret and i might check it withen 1-4 days depending on my scheedual.

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Unlockable - Walking through a Toad

by kingle Jun 14, 2011

For this glitch, you need to be the Mario Bros.. Get out of Bowser's body and go to a place with at least one Toad (Toad Town works best). Now position the bros. so that Mario is facing the Toad, and get as close as you can without changing Mario's action mark to 'speech'. Now Mario must jump over it. If you did it correctly Luigi should walk through the Toad!

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Code - Massage Parlor Items

by katman7 May 31, 2011

Earning an A rank in the following Massage Parlor Challenges awards you some pretty useful pieces of gear.Rewards are as follows:

Bone FangsEarn at least an A rank in the Koopa Corps Parlor Challenge
Furry BandEarn at least an A rank in the Bob-omb Parlor Challenge
Heroic RingEarn at least an A rank in the Magikoopa Parlor Challenge
Treasure RingEarn at least an A rank in the Goomba Storm Parlor Challenge
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Unlockable - Boss Rush Mode & Bowser X

by badboy4ever10 May 31, 2011

In order to unlock Boss Rush Mode, and a special Bowser X battle, you must beat all of the Gauntlet Bosses in the Challenge Hall.

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Unlockable - Chakron warp

by Jack Sparrow May 31, 2011

After beating Chakron and being launched to Toad Town, you can go back to his location to be launched to Toad Town again.

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Unlockable - Bowser's attaks I know now

by sonic25523 May 23, 2011
Goomba Stormdimbal wood
Shy Guy Squadsome where colsed to bower casel
Cooper Corpsbubble lake
Bob-om Blitzbowser casel
Magikoopa Mobpeches casel
Boggy Bonkerwhen you get all the blittes
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