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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Cheats :

This page contains Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 15 cheats in our list, which includes 3 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 3 glitches, 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Princess Shroob Warning

by fayor Jun 17, 2009

Princess Shroob is the last boss of the game. This is a warning. After you defeat Princess Shroob you will have to defeat her twin sister. Between these two bosses, there is no save block. So if you lose on her twin, you have to defeat Princess Shroob all over again.

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Easter Egg - Santa Clause Reference

by Bramblefang Dec 23, 2009

You should notice this right away. When you go to Holli Jolli Village on your first visit with Mario and Luigi, go to the Mayor's House. You'll see that the Mayor is stuck in the chimney. Jump and hit him out of the chimney. He'll look like Santa when you see him and he'll say "Ho, Ho!"

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Glitch - Fan Meter never runs out

by dgmm7797 Sep 11, 2008

In any area where you have to keep spinning a cog to keep a fan going, just spin it once and go to a place where you can't see the meter. As long as the meter is not visible onscreen, it will never run out.

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Secret - Smash Egg Items

by KiraGirl2 Jul 20, 2009

When you use a smash egg without it bouncing off the screen, I will go up and break. Sometimes the egg gives you items.

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Glitch - Infinite number of coins in Thwomp Volcano Inside

by dgmm7797 Oct 15, 2008

Inside the Thwomp Volcano, there are two tall rooms where you must use the Baby Spin move to fly down while gathering coins. Grab all the coins you can get, then switch to adult Mario and Luigi to go into the previous room and use the warp pipe to bring back the babies. Use the Baby Spin move again in the next room - all the coins will still be there, allowing you to do this numerous times to gain as much coins as you want.

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Secret - How to got Pocket Chomp and Trampoline how Bros. Items

by dgmm7797 Aug 29, 2008

in Peach's castle go to castle's shop and appears next buy now this items later its a SUPER DUPER for Mario and Luigi and babbies are a MEGA sport!

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Glitch - Cool glitch

by hbk1980 Oct 18, 2007

Ok i had to do this a while but i figured it out. When u r at the part where the giant yoshi eats u talk to all the yoshis u find in him. They will join your party if u give them all fruits it works try it

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Secret - Infinitve coins in thwomp valcano

by mudkipmaster Jul 06, 2009

Want free moolah inside twomp valcano go to the tall rooms where you use the baby spin move to fly down while snathing up coins, grab all the coins you can get then switch out to adult mario and luigi to go into the previous room and use the wrap pipe to bring back the babies. use the baby spin move again in the next room-all the coins ill still be there, allowing you to do this numerous times to gain as much coinage as you need not ever go hungry again.

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Secret - Anger Yoob

by Bramblefang Dec 23, 2009

When you get swallowed up by Yoob, forget Mario and Luigi and use Baby Mario and Luigi. Make sure you can see Yoob on the top screen. Use the baby's Baby Drill. Move around and look at Yoob on the top screen. He will be in pain and there will be steam blowing out of his nostrils!

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Unlockable - All the shards of the Cobalt Star

by dgmm7797 Jul 03, 2009

Get all the 6 shards:

Shard #1Discover a treasure that appears when you almost finished Bowser's Castle mission
Shard #2Beat Swiggler in Vim Factory
Shard #3Beat Petey in Gritzy Desert Theater Underground
Shard #4Find it in a round window steping on a four-people-weight balance in Star Hills
Shard #5Beat the Shroob monster that appears in Star Hills
Final ShardPrincess Peach gives to you at Shroob Castle
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Secret - Easy Coins and Beans

by ninoconker Aug 09, 2010

This is a disclaimer that this is easy but not quick.

Head into Thwomp Volcano. Go to the place with the spinning thing. (Sorry, not sure what it's called) The Thwomp will ask if you want to play for 100 coins. Say yes and go for normal difficulty. Collect as many gems as you can.
Coins: Keep on getting flowers to get 50 coins per spin. Maximum coin gain per game: 200 coins.
Beans: Keep on getting stars for 1 bean. Maximum bean gain per game: 6 beans but -100 coins.
You could get 2 flowers and 4 stars to get your money beack and get beans.

Check out commments to see the order of the symbols.

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Secret - HAMMERS

by Unregistered May 05, 2008

If you are dying to know where to get the hammers for baby mario and baby luigi, you get them when you defeat the hammer head bros in the shroom factory in Toadwood forest!

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Unlockable - Hammers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Unregistered May 05, 2008

To get the hammers for the babies, go to the Shroom Factory inside Toadwood Forest and you need to defeat the Hammer Bros then they will give you the hammers. I suggest you bring alot of ice flowers , bro flowers or at least shells.

From : Mat

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Unlockable - Yoshi

by hbk1980 Oct 18, 2007

If u r at the part where a giant yoshi eats u ull get the yoshis on your team

Unlockable:How to unlock:
green yoshigive fruit
black yoshigive fruit
blue yoshigive fruit
pink yoshigive fruit
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Easter Egg - Eat fudge

by Unregistered Dec 03, 2007

go to the part where you are on yoshi island luigi will give you fudge

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