Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Cheats

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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Cheats :

This page contains Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 4 cheats in our list, which includes 4 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

HoW to unlock Bowser Jr. and Metal Sonic in Story mode

by mysteryofsky101 Feb 12, 2010

You unlock both of them at the came time but it is VERY hard to unlock them!! Anyway:

~after completing story mode, you will see green mission signs instead of the usual red
~these missions are in all of the cities and if you want to see where the heck these are go to them menu and see how many missions you have completed out of how many there are total
~after you complete most of these missions they will join up with you
~if you want to complete the story mode you have to defeat eggman and bowser (again) but with metal sonic and bowser jr.

I HIGHLY suggest that you use metal sonic for snowboard cross because of his speed and jumping, and if you use metal sonic, it won't be all that hard.


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by jackster Oct 04, 2011

Here are some emblems you can unlock.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Aerial Ace EmblemBroke the 2000.000m record in Rocket Ski Jumping
Amy EmblemComplete 10 missions with Amy
Backcountry EmblemFinish Cross Country in 14:00.00 or less.
Blaze EmblemComplete 10 missions with Blaze
Blizland EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Blizland missions.
Blizza EmblemRescued Blizza the snow spirit
Bowser EmblemComplete 10 missions with Bowser
Bowser Jr. EmblemComplete 10 mssions with Bowser Jr.
Broom Master EmblemGet three points or more in one end in Curling.
Collaborative EmblemPlayed as all characters
Cuby EmblemRescued Cuby the snow spirit
Cubyrinth EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Cubyrinth missions
Daisy EmblemComplete 10 missions with Daisy
DK EmblemComplete 10 missions with DK
Dr. Eggman EmblemComplete 10 missions with Dr. Eggman
Dream Dancer EmblemGot more than 3000pts in Ultimate Firgure Skating
Drift Boarder EmblemFinish Snowboard Cross in 55.00 seconds or less.
Drift Monster EmblemFinish Extreme Snowboarding in under 3:00.00.
Explorer EmblemComplete Adventure Tours
Express EmblemFinish Bobsleigh in 57.00 seconds or less.
Friendship EmblemPlayed in Single Card play or Multi Card play mode.
Frost EmblemRescued Frosty the snow spirit
Frostown EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Frostown missions.
Full Play EmblemPlayed all events
Gate Master EmblemFinish Alpine Skiing Gs in 50.00 seconds or less.
Ghost Fighter EmblemDefeat all Level 2 Ghosts.
Goal Hunter EmblemScored more than 100pts in Fever Hockey
Good Evening EmblemStarted the game between 6:00PM and 6:30PM
Good Morning EmblemStarted the game between 6:00AM and 6:30AM
Ground Search EmblemFound a Whitestone in the ground
High Speed EmblemFinished Luge in 00:57.000 or less
High Speed EmblemFinish Luge in 50.00 seconds or less.
Ice Rink Dancer EmblemGot more than 100.000 pts in Figure Skating
Ice Warrior EmblemWon in Ice Hockey by a 10-point margin
Icepeak EmblemGet gold/silver stars on all Icepeak missions.
Icy EmblemRescued Icy the snow spirit
Item Collector EmblemCollected all Items
King of Skiers EmblemFinish Nordic Combined in 14:30.00 or less.
Knuckles EmblemComplete 10 missions with Knuckles
Long Jump EmblemJumped Beyond 133.000m in Ski Jumping LH
Luigi EmblemComplete 10 missions with Luigi
Mario EmblemComplete 10 missions with mario
Metal Sonic EmblemComplete 10 missions with Metal Sonic
Mini-Master EmblemCompleted all minigames in minigame play
Network EmblemConnected to Nintendo WFC Rankings
Non Stop EmblemFinished Skeleton in 00:57.000 or... 

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HoW to unlock some emblems

by pokeguru1 Jul 12, 2010

I'll tell you some unlockables about Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Peach EmblemDo 10 Missions With Peach in Story Mode
Sonic EmblemDo 10 Missions With Sonic in Story Mode
Mario EmblemDo 10 Missions With Mario in Story Mode
Express EmblemFinish Bobsleigh in 00:57:000 or less
Tails EmblemDo 10 Missions With Tails in Story Mode
Aerial Ace EmblemBrake the 2000.00m Record in Rocket Ski Jump
Dream Dancer EmblemGet more than 3000pts in Ultimate Figure Skating
Goal Hunter EmblemScore more than 100 points in Fever Hockey
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SoMe ways to improve event scores

by rocko23 Jan 07, 2010

These are ways to improve event scores. Just do what they say, sometimes straying from the plan will cost you.

Figure skating/ultimate figure skatingDon't be afraid to go back and collect the things you missed, it will improve your score. Also, to get better on step, you can follow the beat of the song. It may help to stomp your foot while playing.
Deluxe HalfpipeIf you need a good score, you need to experiment. Try to have a good balance between coins and jumps.
Extreme SnowboardingThere is a secret passage, but it's blocked by cones that will stop you and make you fall in the chasm that is inside. There are 2 ways to get past the cones. 1. use a shield. You won't even have to put any effort into it. Howeverm you will lose your shield 2. Special dash. You can special dash the cones at no risk of your shield, but you have to stop quick if you want your points
Bobsleigh/ Blazing bobsleighI suggest using power types, they work the best. My best team was Wario and Vector
Ski jumping LHI suggest a character with either high technique, or speed, however, I had great success with metal sonic. Be sure to get the starting dash, and slide your stylus fast
Nordic CombinedJumping and stamina, two polar oppisites. There's only one character that fulfills both of these condidtions, and that would be Metal Sonic. He can get great jumps, and ski great.
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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Cheats


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