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My Sims Cheats :

This page contains My Sims cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 99 cheats in our list, which includes 6 cheats codes, 1 password, 13 unlockables, 10 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 65 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing My Sims on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Mini-games

by Benjji Nov 13, 2007

Here are some mini-games and other cool stuff and how to unlock it.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
FishingTalk to Joseph and make him happy. He'll give you a fishing rod!
Paragliding-HighlandsKeep talking to Tracy and she'll let you use an old paraglider.
Paragliding-MountainsMake Tracy happy and she'll let you try pargliding with her paraglider.
Dowsing (Digging)Tracy will give you a shovel to rent when you make her happy.
Scuba-DivingUse the boat that travells to the entertainment centre a lot and eventuly you will unlock scuba-diving (I don't think night time trips count, but I'm not entirely sure yet!) :o
Furniture DesigningKeep talking to the Baker everyday and eventually he will tell you that Sophie is looking for you. Go to her and she will let you design your own furniture!
Sky DivingWhen you reach star level 5, the Mayor will tell you that there is someone feeling bad in the entertaiment centre. Go there and a guy at the airport will tell you he needs to repair his plane. 4or5 days after this, go to him and he will let you skydive!
Statue MakingGet more points from Dowsing and exchange them for a head and a body from Tracy. Then go to the Mayor and she'll make a staue for the town symbol. You can change this statue any time you like!
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Secret - What to wear?!?

by Unregistered Feb 04, 2008

Once you unlock Elizabeth's fashion review, she's REAL picky and annoying. She insults pretty much everything you try on, but I discover what she wants to see. In the entertainment area, there's a house by the casino that has a bunch of clothes on display, and those are the clothes to wear!! To help you remember what they are, try taking a picture by them, it helped me. I don't know if it matters what hairdo/headgear you wear, but I usually keep it simple. I've actually got her to like my outfits a few times, and she's given me a rare item, like you can buy from Tracy and the casino. It also matters what you wear in what area, but you'll have to experiment!
I hope this helps!!! ~*~ :) brandflakes :) ~*~

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Secret - What to wear to Elizabeth Fashion Review

by helpfulpal90 Jul 28, 2009

Port Area-Blue T-shirt
White sm. flower skirt

Forest-Green hooded jacket
Orange pants

Mountain-Orange training jacket
Green pants

Entertainment Area-Pink polo shirt
Pink pants

Town-Red T-shirt
Blue checked skirt

Highland-White T-shirt
Black pleanted skirt

All these clothes can be purched at Taylors shop which is in the town area.

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Secret - Guide To Finish The Game

by jencheats1024 Apr 01, 2009

To The 1st Star:
Find Tim and convince him to come home
Make Tyler and Ewan Happy
Plant flowers for Ashly

To The 2nd Star:
Find the first tourist and make him/her happy
Talk to Ashly in the morning
Rescue Olivia from the knight suit in Olivia's shop
Talk to Joseph in the morning
Meet Sophie in the furniture store
If you have enough timetalk to Tim
Return to Ashly in the afternoon to make leis
Talk to Joseph again in the afternoon
Talk to Ewan and take a picture of the Symbol Tree
Visit Tyler in the clothing shop
Talk to Joseph in the evening

To The 3rd Star:
Meet Charlie and buy 5 cakes
Meet Marie and decorate the Highlands
Play raquetball 5 times and Tim will talk to you
Go to Sophie's store before the evening and help her name the store
Go to Marie in the morning to test her paraglider

To The 4th Star:
Meet Foster and help decorate the Forest
Buy 5 pieces of furniture from Sophie to get new furniture
Meet Nikki and go to the Entertainment Area
Meet Elizabeth and buy her pet house(if you want)
Help Marie improve the Highlands
Make 5 small leis for Ashly
Make 5 regular leis for Ashly
Visit Sophie the next day and buy 5 pieces of furniture
Visit Sophie the next day after getting new furniture and she will let you design furniture

To The 5th Star:
Meet Tracy and dig up tresure
Keep digging for gems until you have enough points for a head and body
Take the parts to the mayor
Return to Tracy the next day and test her paraglider
Go to Foster's to make animal feed
Help Foster decorate the Forest after making animal feed
Help Marie improve the Highlands
If you need more pointslook for more events

And Your Done!

Good luck!

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Secret - A bakers truthful word.

by Benjji Nov 13, 2007

Charlie the baker always has some interesting news.
Everyday, go to the cake shop and by as many cakes as you like. He will usually tell you that someone is feeling sad or happy. If he says a shop owner is happy or is looking for you then it should mean that he/she will have new furniture/products in the shop the next day. Sometimes hae will say "Hmm, no news today. Is no news good news?" Well, that obviously means that there is no gossip.

Make sure you keep in touch with Charlie!

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Secret - Casino Chips for CASH!

by Unregistered Mar 31, 2008

There are some great walkthroughs on here for earning 99999999$ at the Casino. But what if you want to swap the chips for real cash to spend in your town.

The answer is simple.

buy Buy BUY 100's of mansions from the 'Exchange for Prize' machine in the Casino. Each mansion will cost you $10000, but don't despair. Take them to Olivia and sell them - you'll get $5000 back for each one!

I've earned nearly $2m so far. The only problem is there isn't much to spend your dosh on in Town once you've completed Star level 5!!! :(

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Unlockable - A second house [ds]

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2008

meet elizabeth
star lv.3
10000 money
my sims-ds;
is what you need!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Your second house!Talk to Elizabeth.She is selling a house for 10000.Use it, and ta-da!Your second, bigger, house!i'm saving up!
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Unlockable - Fashin Review (Port Area)

by candyninja12 Jul 03, 2008

if Elizabeth holds a fashion reveiw in the port area, here is what to do. go to a closet and put on the lt. 'blue camisole' and the 'yellow pleated skirt'.
let Elizabeth critique your clothes. she should approve and give you a special item. i got a fish hat(it's weird) if you get a clothing item, you can try it on at your closet.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
fish hat/ special itemget a good reviw from elizabeth in the port area
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Secret - How to know which cakes to give to what Sim

by WinterChocolatt Dec 14, 2009

Now if you'd paid any attention before talking to a Sim, you'd notice that you can give cakes as a present to a Sim. I figured out which cakes to give to what Sim, so here goes. The cakes you give are based on the colors a Sim wears. It's mostly based on their hair color and pants/shorts/skirts. Never go by the eyes, skin color, shirts, or shoes as they don't work out. Even if a certain Sim were to wear a lot of one color, don't go by that but rather the small details. For example, if there's any colored lining, stripes, or buttons/buckles on their jeans.
Shortcakes are good with anyone wearing red or pink.
Cheesecakes go with anyone wearing yellow.
Chocolate cakes are for Sims who wear brown.
Mont Blancs are for those who have black, silver/gray, and/or wear white on themselves. Mont Blancs are also good when a Sim wheres a lot of blue.
Chinese cakes are a risk, as if you give them to a Sim that doesn't like them, they instantly get angry at you.
If a Sim doesn't wear any of those above mentioned colors, I recommend giving them a lei, bouquet of flowers, or nothing. It's good to a lei or bouquet give any Sim wearing flower prints on their clothes as you don't want to waste your cakes either! =D

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Secret - Finding Alligators

by candyninja12 Jul 11, 2008

yes you can find alligators on the mountain pond. just go there at night and when your bobber is in, lour the biggest fish shadow. i caught one. if you dont see a big fish shadow, cast again

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Glitch - Casino Coins

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2007

An easy way to earn money and rare items found at the Casino, this cheat may not work in the first time, so save your game before doing it. Buy 10 coins at the Casino, and them save the game. Go to the Tic Tac Trump game, and bet 6 coins. Do not double, and lose. After you lose, keep playing ( you HAVE to lose, if you win, restart the game). The game may let you bet 6 coins, even if you have only 4. If it doesn't happens, restart the game. Now bet the 6 coins and you should have -2 coins. Now win a game and you'll have 9999999 coins, or something like that. Buy all the items there, and as many Videogame Companies you can. Go to Olivia's store and sell each Videogame company for 5000 Simoleons. You can do this selling other items instead of the Company, but it's the fastest way. I hope it helped :)

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Secret - Why you should buy Charlie's cakes!

by WinterChocolatt Dec 14, 2009

You may think you might not need to get cakes, but I suggest you do. When you buy cakes from Charlie, he tells you if anyone needs to talk to you. If there is no one, he says there is 'no news'. Though don't despair, there's more to it. You actually EARN more simoleons if you buy the cakes and give them to other Sims! Sims pay you for talking with them. So if you bought a Shortcake for 80 simoleons 4 example, you get a couple hundreds more simoleons in return! I buy 5 of each cake, shortcake, cheesecake, chocolate cake, and mont blanc. I don't buy the Chinese cakes bcuz if you give them 2 the wrong Sim and they don't like it, they get completely mad at you. Anyway, it may seem like all those cakes are expensive, but I get 3,000 more simoleons than I started with BEFORE I bought the cakes. So in other words, you really do get more in return. C=

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Secret - What 2 choose when conversing with Sims!! 4 real, rly. =D

by WinterChocolatt Dec 07, 2009

These are the best options I remember for every Sim feeling different emotions. The ones I've included r the ones that wuld raise the happiness meter the most. The ones listed after wuld also work, but they aren't worth as much, and are also in the order they wuld add to the joy meter/bar. Listed after r wat u shuld NOT do for various Sims. =]

[If the 1st option isn't available, choose the emotions after in this order.]
Angry - Comfort [Helps a lot!], Cry, Laugh [ Dunno why laughing works when they're angry, but it does by some amount. =D ]
Sad - Encourage, Cry, Angry
Content - Encourage, Listen, Speak, Comfort
Happy - Laugh, Listen, Speak, Encourage [ Rly little, encourage only increases the bar a tiny portion when a Sim is happy. It works better when a Sim iz content. =D ], Comfort

DON'T Pick:
Angry - Angry, Encourage
Sad - Speak, Listen, Laugh, Comfort
Content - Cry, Angry, Laugh [Makes them upset. D:]
Happy - Cry, Angry

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Secret - Question marked items = Not useless!

by WinterChocolatt Dec 22, 2009

If u got any miscellaneous items from fishing and/or @ night from the glimmering sparkles, save them! There will b times where a Sim will ask u if they can have a Tatherella clam, anchor, and/or plug. So dun get rid of all of them in ur inventory.

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Easter Egg - Anomolacarid

by fayor Apr 14, 2009

The Anamolacarid is a very rare fish found on this game. When given to Joseph, he will give you $1000 for it. Anomolacarid is found in the Entertainment Area. They are found at night by making a slow figure 8 pattern.

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Secret - Ok

by Unregistered Oct 18, 2007

you go to the funturie store and when she is asleep keep bthing her then she will ask you
do you want chance the name then change and it will put you at the third star

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Secret - DO NOT Go to the Disco

by WinterChocolatt Dec 14, 2009

If you haven't already noticed, you don't get any simoleons from the dancing Sims after paying the $500 fee. All u get from the place is how the Sims don't like, dislike, or hear complaints about which areas they don't like. Though I find this untrue and misleading, as even if u did everything for a place and Ewan the cop says 'This place is booming!', meaning u did almost all u culd or already everything, they ALWAYS complain or say the place was 'okay', or 'decent'. So don't even bother going, it's totally useless. >: |

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Unlockable - Fashion Prizes

by Unregistered Aug 04, 2011

We all know who Elizibeth is. And we've all heard of her fashion reviews, but have we heard about the rewards you achieve?

No? Well let me tell you a little something.

Listen to what she needs to say, the colors she suggests you wear to win the fashion review. It should give you a slight idea what to do and wear. After you win, you get a different accessory to wear from every fashion review you win (Different parts of your map)

Tip : Listen well and be fast, if the time of the day changes, she'll move to another part of your map, with a new contest. So hurry on fellow Sims!

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Secret - Talk to Ewan

by WinterChocolatt Dec 14, 2009

If u have ever talked to Ewan, u wuld know that he tells you if the place he is in can be improved or not. This is what it means...
'Booming' - You've done almost or all you could in the area.
'Pretty Lively' - There is something more you can do.
The other things he says would mean that you still have do some things and activities before the area reaches its full potential. =D

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Secret - Buy 5

by jencheats1024 Apr 07, 2009

Almost every store restocks new things if you buy 5 stuff.Buy 5 things from each store,and almost every one of the store owners will say to you that they are gonna add new stuff.Use this to get new things fast!(This would almost certainly work!)

Good luck!

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Unlockable - How 2 make a marriage ring

by ragheeb May 12, 2011

go diggin, get a gem and visit olivia every day until a "special thing" happens

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Secret - Casino money boost

by Unregistered Oct 05, 2007

Buy the least amount of chips-(money) and play blackjack (exactly 21) and/or bet the most win 10 times in a row to get bet increase oppurtunity once done lose on pupose and then bet 20 (if you have ten for example) to go in to debt mode bet twice in debt mode and then win to get 999999999 Chips-(money).

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Unlockable - Easy Money

by sdan12 Dec 22, 2011

A really easy way to get money is to play mini games! I found that I can earn a lot of money in racquet ball. If you play Target 1 (racquet ball stage) with the medal racquet and get in the right position, you can earn a thousand dollars a game. When you use the metal racquet, get up to the middle line and take a step back. Once you hear two squeaks from the ball bouncing, hit it again. This is an easy repition to follow and will earn you money in no time.

$1,000+Play Racquet Ball: Target 1 w/ Heavy Raacquet
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Easter Egg - List of all the fish you can catch

by maliha Aug 29, 2011

These are the fish you can catch:

Black Bass
Brook Trout
Horse Mackerel
Sea Bream
Sea Bass
Pacific Saury
Rainbow Trout
King Salmon

To fill your fish book you need to get i think atleast 5 of each

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Password - The Secret To helping tourists

by mairoandnook Apr 11, 2011


Level 1-Angry

The best option is to comfort them

The second best is to be angry

The third best is to cry

Level 2-Ok

The best option is to encourage (you won't get to level three until you encourage)

The second best option is to hear

The third best option is to speak

Level 3-happy

The best option is to laugh

The second best option is to hear

The third best option is to speak


Level 1-sad

The best option is to encourage

The second best option is to get angry

The third best option is to cry

Level 2-Ok

The best option is to encourage (you won't get to level three until you encourage)

The second best option is to hear

The third best option is to speak

Level 3-happy

The best option is to laugh

The second best option is to hear

The third best option is to speak


Level 1-Ok

The best option is to encourage (you won't get to level three until you encourage)

The second best option is to hear

The third best option is to speak

Level 2-happy

The best option is to laugh

The second best option is to hear

The third best option is to speak

I hope you find this useful as it certainly works for me!!

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