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 [ NDS ]

oct 24, 2007My Sims [ NDS ]   Submitted

mysims walkthrough


Secret - What 2 do on my sims ds:

Get off the boat, decide what u wont 2 look lyk then talk 2 everyone giving pressies and do tasks if peeps tel u 2! just go thru talking 2 evry1! Find furniture shop owner in a suit of armour, earn the cake shop, buy all stuff in clothes shop and then he gives you loads of different stuff, play racquetball by talking to timmy (spaz wearing a dog outfit), playparagliding by talking to girl in forest, go fishing by talking to fisherman who lives in da house by the beach! go to island after playing 4 a few days by talking 2 Niki by the docks then elizabeth on the island and buy the house she offers you!

just have fun!