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nov 25, 2007My Sims [ NDS ]   Submitted

How do you marie a girl. Olivia has made rings for me but they have not helped.


Glitch - Casino Coins:

An easy way to earn money and rare items found at the Casino, this cheat may not work in the first time, so save your game before doing it. Buy 10 coins at the Casino, and them save the game. Go to the Tic Tac Trump game, and bet 6 coins. Do not double, and lose. After you lose, keep playing ( you HAVE to lose, if you win, restart the game). The game may let you bet 6 coins, even if you have only 4. If it doesn't happens, restart the game. Now bet the 6 coins and you should have -2 coins. Now win a game and you'll have 9999999 coins, or something like that. Buy all the items there, and as many Videogame Companies you can. Go to Olivia's store and sell each Videogame company for 5000 Simoleons. You can do this selling other items instead of the Company, but it's the fastest way. I hope it helped :)



Secret - Tyler:

if you talk to tyler alot he'll give you a dezine thing when you dezine things if you color the top of the slve part you have short sleve shirt