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My Sims Review :

Nothing New

by sdan12 Dec 21, 2011

This game isn't very interesting. It can appeal you for a few days (or hours). The storyline is pretty normal. All your doing is trying to fix up a little old resort town. Nothing too original. The characters aren't too normal but they arn't that interesting either. The most interesting is probably Olivia because she laughs a lot. Even when she says "There arn't any customers" she make a wierd laugh. She's the most interseting Sim there is. There are a lot of minigames, like raquet ball. but you can't play them at night. Speaking of night, there are stages of the day too. The first is moring, then there is afternoon, evening, and finally night. Sometimes it feels like the time of day is going by too fast and sometimes it seems that the time of day is going by too fast. But I wouldn't waste too much time on this game. It's too easy.

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8Story line
The basic storyline is that your a new Sim moving to an old resort town. You have to get star points by helping citizens and reach new star levels. This helps the town get more tourists. I give it an eight because it's not the most interesting or original storyline.
The graphics are pretty good. And the sims have an original look to them. Their not a look that I have seen before. So i'll give them a nine.
The sounds are kinda annoying. I don't think that there are many diffrent music types to it. So i'm going to give it a seven.
The gameplay isn't that good. When you're walking, you're slow, when you're running, you're slow. But there is a bus to take you to other parts of the island. The gameplay is good but isn't good enough.
8Lasting Appeal
The game just seems too typical to me. I think the age range for this game could probably be from seven to ten. It's really easy and it isn't that appealing. I got bored really fast.
(Out of 10)


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