Need For Speed Most Wanted Review

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Need For Speed Most Wanted Review :

a racing game duh

by ziko Sep 21, 2010

This is of course a racing game. Being a racing gives it a nice name but the game isn't all that splendid and needs some fixing and i will go deep in the game to advise you but i have cheats so it is easy for me,The story is a short one and not do to cheats. The graphics really need some major work and the sound is okay and the gameplay is okay to. But it would have been nice to have wifi features to play around the world for more fun. The selection of cars is very small and they should have all the cars in the world to be a bit more fun so it needs to be better in the next game and it better be if they want better results

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5Story line
the story is small really small especially with a cheat code.So the story mode is not for people who want really good story modes i wish it was better so i could enjoy as much as the others
The graphics are bad really bad on an r4 it is even worse so the grahics ismessed up to so again nothing special
At least the sound is good the first thing good in the game unique songs and tunes make the player comfortaoble great.
balanced it is balanced but thank god not somthing bad if that was this game would get a terrible rating
9Lasting Appeal
All and all of course not the best game in the world bu t im sure thay where busy.See ya till next review
(Out of 10)


devoncc1    wrote on sep 16, 2011 9:54 am

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