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New Super Mario Bros. Cheats :

This page contains New Super Mario Bros. cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 33 cheats in our list, which includes 9 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 20 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing New Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

99 lives

by dpad Nov 17, 2009

At the end of world 1-1, there is a red koopa on the platform, jump on it and carry it towards the steps.

when your at the steps, go a few steps up (make sure your holding the down button so you don't get hit by the koopa)

then, when the koopa has come out of it's shell, jump on it and press "A" straight after, then you will keep bouncing and getting 1ups. this is the quickest way to get 99 lives ;)

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InFinite 1 ups world 7

by basketballboy Jun 17, 2010

First, beat the world 5 boss as mini. Then you will unlock world 7. Beat the levels until you get to the three levels in a square. Go to the one with a patch of grass under it. Go through the level until you see a bunch of Bullet Bill cannons. On the left side there should be three, and on the right side 2. Go back and jump on the red koopa troopa. DON'T double jump. Pick up the shell and hold it. Get on top of the Left Cannons and throw the shell. then get on the bricks and wait and you will get infinite 1-ups!

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OrIginal Mario Bros theme and fireworks

by dgmm7797 Sep 15, 2008

If you beat a level with a time left of x11, x22, x33, x44 etc you get fireworks and the original mario level completion song will play.

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InFinite 1UPs

by cupman Dec 02, 2009

At the pipe right at the end of World 1-4, kick a koopa shell and it'll keep sliding back and forth between the pipe to the right and the wall to the left. If you jump every time the shell comes your way, the shell will kill the enemies that constantly appear, eventually giving you you 1UP

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MuShroom houses at start of each world

by dgmm7797 Sep 15, 2008

The mushroom houses at the start of each world (the point with an arrow at the start) differ determining on the time you get on a stage.

If you get x11, x22, x33 on the timer, a Red Mushroom house appears, which generates items.
If you get x44, x55, x66 on the timer, a Green Mushroom house appears, which is a 1up minigame.
If you get x77, x88, x99 on the timer, a Orange Mushroom house appears, which lets you gain a Mega Mushroom into your inventory, thus overriding anything in it.

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plAy as luigi

by weasel567 Jul 31, 2008

when loading a profile hold left and right triggers[located on back of DS.]if you have done this right you will here luigi say his name.

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InFanite 1-ups!

by pokemonmasterjustin Feb 03, 2009

Go to W2-4 or W2-5 ( I forget which one ) and at the end you should see a koopa on the staircase to the flag, then when he comes down, jump on him and then VERY QUICKLY jump on him again. And again. And again, and then just keep jumping on him until the 1-ups start showing at the top, then keep repeating until you have 99 lives.

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paSs bowser's ultimate castle (a little bit risky)

by dgmm7797 Jul 30, 2008

get to the end of the bowser's palace as fire mario
then throw fire balls to bowser jr. and then throw them to mega bowser
the mega bowser will die

and u won the game without waiting for it to jump

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HoW to make a Double Kill in a Koopa

by dgmm7797 Oct 03, 2008

in castle #6 find a Koopa and u must got fire mario to throw fire balls. throw a fire ball on a Koopa and he falls on lava. that is a Double Kill.

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